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Increasing temperature during summer: Aftermath


I knew Her






गर्भ की आवाज



Happy World Environment Day: Save our environment and stay healthy




Congratulations to all the winners.


We are happy to announce that we have completed 1 year of campaign of the International Essay Contest For this milestone, we have decided to announce The Most Popular Article of the Year (not only essay but all the participants  who participated in any of our contests or guests post writers will be eligible). Five participants will get the prize  in the form of Wanderquest’s Travel Box (  ). Also, one Mega Prize in the form of Cash Prize will be awarded. For getting the prize, you must have amazon account. The winner will get the key to buy the travel box FREE.

        If your article is published with us, it means your essay is already shortlisted for getting rewarded among the excellent entries in the last 12 month. In case your article is not published in our website, we can review again and will publish if found publishable by our editors, after revision suggested by us, and so, it would be eligible.
        For getting the winner tag of The Most Popular article of the Year  and winning prizes, you need to get more visitors to your essay/article/story. The winner will be decided by the maximum number of visitors, quality, comments, social media sharing etc. It means that particular article will be the winner, which is liked by maximum numbers of visitors/readers. For this you should share your article link as much as possible through email, whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. you can Tag us as well.
         The five winners will be declared on the basis of number of visitors, likes, comments recorder by 31st July mid night. For the Mega prize the last date of campaign is 31st August. We shall display the individual’s score. Remember that, the IP address used for one visitor will be counted as one.
1. The number of visitors are visible in your article link (as sign of EYE), which is indication of number of visitors. However the winner will be decided by the Record of Google Analytics. The analytics give the unique visitor numbers.
2. You should make your article link as visible as possible for better chance of winning.
3. The campaign is for 17 days from 13th July to 31st July 2019 for winning the five prizes. 
4. However, the campaign will extend to 31st August 2019 for one Mega winner, which will be decided by us.
5. The visits already taken place will be also consider for the calculation.
6. The right to decision is reserved with us. We are not bound to reply any queries related to any grievance for this campaign. However, we assure that the campaign will be fair and transparent.
This page will be updated frequently for new updates.  If you have any query, please feel free to contact us at


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