Five Most Popular Article Award


Do you want your article to be awarded as “The Most Popular Article” in our platform? Here is the opportunity through three months campaign.

We are happy to announce the Top Five articles on the basis of most visits by unique visitors.

To read the article, just click over the title of the articles

The winners are requested to mail us complete postal address for sending the prizes at

Result Announcement for quarter October-December 2020

Name Article Prize
Vijay Kumar INR1000 and Trophy
Abhishek Ghosh Book
Deepak Shenoy Book
Farhah Nadhirah Book
Onish Book

Result Announcement for quarter July-September 2020

Name Article Prize
Tapan Kumar, Delhi Free movies download websites without registration 2020 1000INR, Trophy
June Cherop Lokwee, Nginyang’, Baringo The Kenya Red Cross Society, Kenya 1000INR
Masidd Khalate, Sangli A Complete Guidelines to Prepare IIT JAM Biotechnology Entrance Exam Trophy
Metsongmalem M Chang Strategies and Criteria for UPSC-CSE examination Book
U. Bailey, UK 15 Free Download Sites for Movie, Web Series or TV Shows Book
Shashank Mathur, MP Bhimkund | Even Scientists Failed to Figure Out the Mystery eBook
Adamya Tyagi, Ludhiana No One Killed Shastri Ji : An Unsolved Mystery eBook
Simrat Kaur, Ludhiana (Junior Category) SHOE POLISH – A Short Story eBook

Result Announcement for quarter May-July 2020

Title Author Prize
A Visit to a Historical Place :Taj Mahal Dibyosunder Roy 1000/-, Trophy and Certificate
10 Best Places In Jaipur- The Cultural Heritage Of India Sunil Karmakar Prize worth about 300/- (Book) and certificate
Placidity in the greens Diya Bedi  Prize worth about 300/- (Book) and certificate Mayur Thapa Prize worth about 300/- (Book) and certificate
Free movies download websites without registration 2020  Tapan Kumar Prize worth about 300/- (Book) and certificate


1000 INR cash, a winning Trophy/Medal and e-certificate. 

Additional four winners will be declared on the basis of number of visits, likes, comments recorder by 30th September 2020 mid night and they will be rewarded with gift items worth more than 200 INR.


  1. Actual and unique visits from 1st October 2020 to 31st December 2020 will be considered to decide the “Mot popular Article award”.If your article is published with us, it means you are eligible
  2. All the articles/essay/poem already published or which will be published in this tenure are eligible for the award. The winners of the last quarter are also eligible for this contest again.
  3. The number of visitors are visible in your article link (as sign of EYE), which is indication of number of visitors. However the winner will be decided by the Record of Google Analytics. The analytics give the unique visitor numbers.
  4. Only unique visits will be considered for counting.
  5. The count generated by refreshing the page, or opening the page many times from the same IP address will not be considered.
  6. The actual numbers of visit is determined by Google Analytics.
  7. In case your article is not published in our website, we can review again and will publish if found publishable by our editors.
  8. For getting the winner tag of The Most Popular article” and winning prizes, you need to get more visitors to your essay/article/story. The winner will be decided by the maximum number of visitors, quality, comments, social media sharing etc. It means that particular article will be the winner, which is liked by maximum numbers of visitors/readers.
  9. Good articles in anyway fetch more attention through the google search and our regular viewers.
  10. The campaign is for 3 months 1st October to 31st December 2020 for winning the five prizes. 
  11. Do not just share once and forget. Keep involve and share your good writings to the world. It is a 2 months campaign so pay attention two months.
  12.  The minimum unique visit should be 2500+ for eligible to receive the prize.
This page will be updated frequently for new updates.  If you have any query, please feel free to contact us at



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