Publish With Us

Do you wish to publish your writings in the form of book? Do you wish that the entire world read story? If yes, we are here, to help you in achieving your goals. We at Monomousumi Services, help you to publish your dream book. We offer 100% royalty on your book, which you would pen down. There are various services, which you can avail through us.

  1. Proofreading
  2. Cover Designing
  3. Full book designing
  4. Printing
  5. eBook creation
  6. Kindle book Creation
  7. Ghost Writing
  8. ISBN
  9. Marketing
  10. Press releases
  11. Any other services related to publication

All the above services are customizable, and you can avail any single service or combinations.

USP of Monomousumi Services:

We have an exclusive plan for our registered users, where you can create campaign for your book, confirm a minimum 100 pre-orders (get the order for selling 100 books) and get the book published free of cost (No upfront Cost incurred to you). We shall work for you to get your book published. Your book will be sold on major e-Commerce online platforms like,, Flipkart, etc. for which you will get 100% eligible royalty.

Is this something excites you!! It is neither a FALSE commitment nor an illusion. Just meet your Pre-order goal and get your book without any cost.

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