Publish With Us

Do you wish to publish your writings in the form of book? Do you wish that the entire world read your story? If yes, we are here, to help you in achieving your goals. We at Monomousumi Services, help you to publish your dream book. We offer 100% royalty on your book, which you would pen down. Various options are:

Option-1 (eBook with password):

e-Book or digital magazine with password, where you can keep password with you and sell the book at your fixed price and earn from your writing. Total earning is yours. We do not need any percentage of earning accrued from selling of book. The reader will buy the book directly from you.

Example of such book:

Cost: please mail us at for the pricing

Option-2 (eBook without password):

e-Book or digital magazine without password. The book will be available free of cost for readers.

Example of such book:

Cost: Publication cost is FREE*. Please mail for more details.

Option-3 (Printed Book)

You can publish your printed book with us at the lowest price. The publication cost depends on the book size, number of pages, black & white or colour, type of cover or other allied services an author looking for.

Exclusive offers for the winners of our writing contest

We have an exclusive plan for our winners, where their book will be published free of cost without any upfront cost after the review of the manuscript. The author will receive 100% eligible royalty.

For more details, please contact us at