Privacy policy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

We hereby declare that we do not disclose any information of any visitors to any third parties. Visitors are safe here. This Policy does not apply to the practices of other companies associated with this platform. We have no control over them.

Collection of personal information

We do not collect any information of our visitors directly or indirectly. Fell safe!


We organize various competitions and rules are given in respective competitions. The decision by us is the final and any queries regarding the decision can be questioned neither through mail or any legal way. Before participating in any competitions, please be aware of the rules/guidelines. If you are not comfortable with the guidelines, please avoid. We do not wish to indulge in any dispute.


We can display online advertisements of various brand of non –nudity as a sponsored Ads. If anyone has any grievances, he/she should contact directly to the party whose AD is displayed. We are not responsible for any false information given in the AD. We cannot be legally asked about any false information. We do not verify any facts given by the advertisers. We cannot compensate anything if you have any problem after using any products given in AD.

Google Adsense

Most of the ads will be served by Google through Adsense and we do not have any control over it.

Affiliate Links or link redirected to other websites.

We do not have any control over the affiliate links. We are not responsible for any problem associated with these links.


The content published on is solely the property of “Monomousumi”. It is subjected to copyright and correct usage laws. Please read the terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing this site, you are bound by the given terms and conditions below. The broken links are taken care of, and so are the problems of ‘not working’ or ‘not connecting’servers.

Cookies and 3rd Party Advertisements

We allow third party companies to collect certain information when you visit our web site. We make sure that the information given is prominently non-personally identifiable information during your visits. There’s usage, therefore, of cookies or third-party web beacon to collect this information by those companies.

Seeking Permission before content use

“MonoMousumi” should be asked for permission in case of you writing something associated with it on your blog. Posting this content on your site without permission is unacceptable, and actions can be taken.

Terms for Content submission

The content that you submit for “Monomousumi” should not be defamatory at all, and should not contain any obscene content. There should not be any offensive, threatening or racist content at all, for the consequences would be borne by the writer and not by Monomousumi Sample Disclaimer.

Correct Usage: Use of Content and Linking

“Monomousumi” has fervently ensured about your secure access, which will be free from all viruses, Trojans and similar destructive software. There is not, however, any warrant of you accessing external website linking to ours would be as secure and as free. There is, under any circumstances, not the possibility of “MonoMousumi” accepting the liability for any damages sustained as a result of your accessing external websites.

Using the Content on printed Publications

If you intend to print the content provided by “Monomousumi”, then it is required, that you take prior authorization. Mention the article URL and heading that you use on the Email. Incorrect or Illegitimate Use of Content Any kind of illegitimate or inaccurate usage of content on “Monomousumi” would not be handled lightly. A complaint would be filed against the offensive party and these parties’ accounts will be suspended infinitesimally.

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise noted, I (Mousumi Kundu, from am the legal copyright holder of all material published on this website and it may not be used, reprinted, modified or published without my written consent.Guest bloggers and other contributors are responsible for their own submitted material on my website and have to ensure that their work complies with national and relevant foreign laws. The opinions expressed by any Third Parties are their own and do not represent the position or beliefs of “Monomousumi”.

Copyright Infringement

In case you intend to get in touch with us regarding any infringement issues about the content in ‘Monomousumi” then you can send an E-Mail to the site administrator “Before Taking any action”. Please contact the Administrator through the Contact us Page.