Writing is the Art of Presenting your Soul

By: Nisha Yadav

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“Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers.”

Writing is the art of presenting your soul in a way that can show people the potential of your thoughts. Thoughts that originate among the chaos but are processed calmly make a great piece of writing. While writing an essay we discover ourselves in different ways. We come across creative ways in which we can present our thoughts and ideas. However, it requires calmness and composition. All the intense human feelings that build up the stories for a writer require a great deal of focus while presentation. Before sitting down to write an essay a person must be mentally prepared to present the best of his creativity. There should be a desire to influence the reader but before targeting the thoughts one should be prepared with strong points to present. Once that confidence is gained, it becomes a lot easier to focus and continue the flow of writing. 

Before starting an essay one should set a deadline or a specific time period in which the essay needs to be completed. A longer duration might result in laziness or distraction. One of the major problems that comes with easy deadlines is procrastination which can be fatal for the focus of the writer. Everybody starts with enthusiasm but it slowly fades by the time the end arrives. This results in a weak conclusion and the lack of excitement to finish the essay. That is why a writer must understand the topic and draw a strong conclusion. While striving to reach a strong conclusion, facts are easily achieved in the process.

Once the deadline is set. The person should go on to understand the topic. Understanding the topic is necessary as it becomes easy to evaluate the amount of knowledge we have and how much work needs to be put in order to create the best piece of essay. It should also be done to explain the topics precisely and effectively. Also, it is important to be familiar with the topic in order to avoid anxiety and rush to finish the essay. Once the topic is understood, the person must go on to do a thorough study. Knowledge about the given subject is extremely important to present an effective evaluation. Studying helps in gaining confidence and helps us to dive in a pool of ideas. Upon getting the ideas it becomes harder for the writer to break the focus as he or she is overwhelmed by the facts that could be written. One of the main reasons why the writer stays focused is because writing becomes a fun process while  searching for creative ways to present the ideas. Overall, a writer can achieve a desired focus by getting rid of the worry of writing about an unfamiliar topic. 

There are different resources and studies that can be used while studying. The best thing about the essay is that we discover, learn, analyze and write. There are various ideas present on a particular matter. While writing an essay one should explore the ideas and then analyze them. Once this analysis is completed it becomes a lot easier to achieve that particular flow of writing and increase the focus. The analysis should present a new source of study for the readers and thus, should be engaging. In order to do so a person should keep in consideration the features that he would want while studying about that topic. This churning of thoughts makes it nearly impossible for the writer to break the concentration. 

Thoughts can occur anytime or anywhere. There are points that can occur at the most unexpected moments and they can help a lot while writing an essay. A person should immediately note down these thoughts as soon as they arrive. This creates a habit of writing and ensures consistent practice. Before long, it can be noticed that a lot of ideas are already available and they just need to be recalled from the notebook. This confidence can be used alot in increasing the focus and concentration. A habit of writing and reading should be adopted. Reading magazines or newspapers on a daily basis increases the sophistication of a writer while writing. Apart from that, writing something like a journal or even a small essay can prove beneficial in the long run. 

Focus comes alot from the inside of a writer. A healthy body and mind is very important to develop strong ideas. Proper health care should be taken to avoid the blanking of thoughts or tiredness while writing. Enjoying the process is very important in order to concentrate. A happy mind and healthy body plays a key role to increase the focus. Habits like staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet and exercising should be adopted. Meditating, taking proper sleep and practicing breathing can do wonders. Writing an essay with focus also requires a certain type of motivation. Thus, choosing a better workplace is equally important. If possible, a favorable time should be chosen while writing. To maintain the focus all the distractions should be avoided. 

Essay writing is more than just explaining a topic to someone. It is about learning new things in this process. It should not be taken as a burden and should be enjoyed. If a writer is eager to learn, he or she will definitely be focused. Essays open doors for new ways and methods which can be used in further writings. They can be used as a way to practice presenting ideas briefly. Focus is something that is required while making any task effective and essay is used to create effective ideas about the topic. Both can be combined and once this is done unimaginable distances can be explored. 

“Chaos of the world adored with calmness of words,

Emerged between the battles after nothing was heard.”

By: Nisha Yadav

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