WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ESSAY – Even the strongest man cannot teach you how to be a woman

By: Nisha Yadav

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“Even the strongest man cannot teach you how to be a woman.”

This line is something that I often heard from my mother. I spent most of my childhood learning things from my father that were mostly considered manly in society. He made sure I got proper education and learnt everything that made me nothing less than a man. I would rarely spend time with my mom and everytime I told her about the things dad taught me she would talk about ‘the art of being a girl’ that I still needed to master. She appreciated my strength and knew that difficulties would fear me but that didn’t mean that difficulties won’t come. She knew very well that unlike men, I would face certain challenges to act and show my powers in society. 

The question about women empowerment is bothersome to most of us. They are definitely not any less than men, then what is the reason for their struggle? It is the mentality of most people that makes it harder for them to accept a woman equal to a man. People think that spending money on a girl’s education would be a waste because eventually she would be less than any boy standing next to her. Some think that giving girls freedom would bring shame to the family and it would be hard to control them later. Some think that a girl is fragile even after they are the ones who put the barriers of house and family that she needs to cross in order to be empowered as a woman.  The fact that a girl is considered weak but carries the reputation of the family on her shoulders, the fact that she is considered less intelligent but she is feared for her powers to create a standard out of the reach of the common people, the fact that she faces comments every time she tries to feel confident and beautiful but her beauty is evaluated in front of her family at the time of marriage is something that makes it much more harder for a woman to be a woman. That is why it is said that you can learn to be a man, but it is harder to be a woman in society.

When we talk about women empowerment, we see women living independent life, having equal opportunities as men. It can also include transparency in power and authority given to them. Currently, we are seeing women excelling in every field. The population of working and financially independent women is increasing. In contrast to the time when they were not allowed to vote, they are now taking part in the government. However, they face problems ranging from poor mindset to lack of basic facilities like health and education. The sex ratio has decreased due to continuous female infanticide. Once a girl is born, she is given poor medical treatment when required. Most are forced to bear a child at an early age. Meanwhile, she is not taken care of and is malnourished. Soon, she has to live in an unhygienic environment and is forced to take care of the whole family. In most places, practices like child marriage is still going on and a case of Sati was noted not long ago. Some who are lucky enough to not get married are dropped out of school or not sent to school at all in order to take care of the family. These girls are later taught to obey their husbands as he puts food on the table. Many married women are subjected to domestic violence and widows are often treated poorly. Thus, many talented girls do not get the opportunity they deserve. These unfair treatments towards women should be tackled first in order to take steps towards their empowerment.

Before, many fields were not open for women. They were considered unfit for jobs like the military and sports. However, despite the poor condition of women, their visible growth cannot be neglected. It was possible because women proved themselves in these sectors. They proved that girls are not a liability. This makes the fact clear that, if women get a better path and better opportunities they would ace every field and make a better world for their living. We all know that men and women are equally capable and the only thing differentiating them is the unfair treatment towards women. Thus, women need a kinder treatment.  People, especially girls, should be aware of their rights. They should be treated well by their families, especially their parents in order for them to become strong and independent. They should be taught to differentiate between right and wrong and should be given the rights and support to oppose any misbehavior. Government should ensure proper health facilities for women, especially mothers. All these changes will empower them and give them a pillar to grow and succeed. 

It is ironic that most people dream of a prosperous society over the grave of the empowerment of those who created it. It is hard to understand why the woman who nourished every individual today is considered a threat. The discrimination between a male and a female should stop in order to create a healty infrastructure of the world. Both men and women should be taught about their rights and how they are capable of changing the world together. No one should set a definition for life. Ideas to improve the quality of life should be accepted from both genders and their decisions should not be imposed forcefully on one another. Both men and women should have equal rights and equal law against any discrimination. Women should be allowed to take decisions just like men and should be supported in their journey of empowerment. Together, with mutual understanding, life shall prosper. 

“She shall fight and she shall win the game,

The one who gave life shall flourish the same.”

By: Nisha Yadav

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