How to Write an Essay During a Time Crunch?

By: Flora D'silva

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Quick! You have an essay due in an hour. And you haven’t even thought of a topic yet!
Without a doubt, all of us have gone through this situation at some point in our lives or you could be going through it now.
Either way, this article has your back. An essay is a piece of writing aimed to express one’s interests and opinions. This is precisely why essays are a requirement in almost every educational institution. If you are clueless about how to write an essay during a  time crunch this is the article for you.

Picking the right topic:

Every essay has to be centered around a particular topic. Usually, an essay prompt or topic will be provided prior. In case the responsibility of picking the topic has been left to you these tips will be applicable. 
– brainstorm some ideas and note down your interests.
– shortlist the interests which you are most inclined to and would enjoy writing about.
– if a topic is something you can talk about for hours you’re on the right track.
– the topic doesn’t have to be complex. All you need to make sure is that your topic is in accordance with the theme.
– in case you feel stuck, you are always advised to look for some writing prompt or topics on the internet. The internet provides a plethora of beautiful ideas to choose from. Just pick the one you love and you are good to go.

Research your topic:

A well-researched essay is everything your professor is looking for. The internet has so many articles related to every single topic in existence. 
– While researching look for the what, where, why, and how of the topic. Research possible solutions and outcomes as well.
– honestly, you don’t have to dig deep when you have Wikipedia. Google Scholar and Wikipedia are your best friends for this task.
– take no more than 15 minutes to research. 

Plan your time: 

Since you are on a time crunch you will need to dedicate only a few minutes to each portion of your essay. Timing your every move becomes very crucial depending on how much time you have to submit the essay.
– researching your essay topic should take no longer than 15 minutes. 
– limit yourself to 5 minutes to create a rough outline of your essay.
– give yourself 30 minutes to write the introduction, body, and conclusion with more emphasis on the body.

Outline your essay: 

A good essay needs to have proper structure and flow. In order to achieve this, you will have to map out your essay.
You need to create a rough plan of what you want your essay to look like. This will give you a general picture and help to organize your thoughts easily.
The essay should have the following components:


In this section, you will introduce your topic to the reader. The introduction is the first section the people will read, needs to be attractive. Start off with a light-hearted anecdote or personal experience or a quote to come off as professional. You could also define the problem you are writing about. Keep the introduction short, sweet, and concise.


The body of the essay is the largest section of the essay. The body has to be written in paragraphs. Use all the resources and materials at your disposal to support your topic. The body should contain pros, cons, and your arguments. The evidence and outcomes to support your arguments must be provided here.
– paraphrase all your researched content and put your spin on it. DO NOT JUST COPY!


Lastly, You will need an appealing conclusion to wrap up your essay. In this section try to be straightforward and do not beat around the Bush. The conclusion should summarize and bring attention to all the key points throughout the essay. Give more clarity on your stance throughout the essay. it is always best to incorporate a  satisfying closing sentence to tie everything up.

Editing your essay:

Assuming that until now you have just brain-dumped everything you know about the essay, it’s time to edit it.  Re-reading and editing will give a sense of direction that you are taking in the essay.
– Make sure the essay is not wordy and is engaging throughout. 
– Omit repeated sentences.
– Remove recurring words like ‘actually’ and ‘really’ when not required.
– Try to replace adverbs with stronger verbs.
– Google synonyms of certain words and replace them wherever possible.

Congratulations! You have followed all 5 steps and finished your essay in the shortest time possible. Go through the entire essay and check if you have reached the word limit provided by the organizer.Now all that’s left is to hit that submit button. 

By: Flora D’silva

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