Top free AI Courses for beginners

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Artificial intelligence is the technology leading us to a bright future. Basic knowledge and understanding of AI and ML give you an edge in the job market. However, when new to the field, you aren’t sure which courses to take and what tools to pick up. Usually, tech courses cost you loads of money, which seems like a huge risk when you don’t know anything about the field. The best way to understand a study and decide whether you want to pursue it further is by taking some free courses.

Free artificial intelligence courses give you an idea of what you might study. So let’s look at the best free courses for artificial intelligence.

7 best free online courses for Artificial Intelligence

There are plenty of popular free courses for AI and ML offered by many well-reputed platforms on the internet. Depending on what you’re looking for in the course, you can choose a free AI course from this list:

1.   Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

Coursera offers a lot of specializations on various topics across industries, and this machine learning course is part of the machine learning specialization. While pursuing the entire specialization will cost you money, this course is free. The best part about this course is that the Stanford university offers it.

Highlights of the Coursera training program:

  • Learn about various machine-learning libraries and how to build models in Python.
  • Set deadlines according to your schedule and meet them at your convenience.
  • Earn a certificate from Standford University once the course is completed.
  • Learn the basics of coding and solidify your math skills.
  • Get peer feedback on your assignments and improve with practice quizzes.

2.   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course

Simplilearn offers you a free course to learn the basics of Artificial intelligence. You will get an opportunity to learn about all the AI concepts and how the workflow goes. This course includes machine learning and deep learning topics that will be taught using comprehensible use cases.

Highlights of the Simplilearn course:

  • This course only takes 2 hours to complete so you can finish it in a day.
  • Get a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and some common topics covered under it.
  • Video-based learning helps understand complex concepts easily.
  • Understand the basics of machine learning and deep learning and get the hang of the workflow.
  • Finally, decode artificial intelligence by learning the different stages of AI.

3.   Intro to Machine Learning

Any beginner trying to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence from the beginning can opt for this course. It is technically a nanodegree in machine learning, and it introduces you to all the basic concepts in the technology. If you are interested in learning ML, this course will introduce you to it.

Highlights of the Udacity course:

  • The course can be finished in approximately a week.
  • Learn interactively through quizzes created by experts in the field.
  • Self-paced learning gives you the flexibility to learn in your own time.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required. You are going to learn ML right from the basics.

4.   Machine Learning With Python: From Linear Models to Deep Learning

Learn artificial intelligence and machine learning through Python projects that not only do a great job of introducing you to machine learning but also give you some hands-on experience. If you dedicate 10-15 hours a week to this course, you will complete the training in 15 weeks.

Highlights of the EdX course:

  • You get live training from an instructor, so you must have your schedule cleared around the course timing.
  • While the course is free, you can pay for an upgrade.
  • It’s an advanced-level course, so you need background knowledge of Python.
  • Understand machine learning principles such as classification, regression, clustering, and reinforcement learning.
  • Learn about various models for various applications.

5.   Introduction to Machine Learning

Another great source of learning is Google for developers. You can learn all the basic AI concepts for free in just a few minutes. Google has various crash courses for users, and you can take one step at a time to master machine learning. This course does a great job explaining the mechanism behind machine learning.

Highlights of the Google crash course:

  • It’s the shortest course you can take on Artificial intelligence.
  • Video-based learning helps you understand the concepts better.
  • You can learn at your own pace, and if you find the lessons confusing, you can refer to the additional information provided.

6.   Intermediate Machine Learning

Learn everything from handling missing values to managing data leakage. The best part of learning with Kaggle is that you can join a discussion panel on the platform and build your connections and interact with fellow learners. Easily communicate with the instructor on one of these discussion panels.

Highlights of the Kaggle course:

  • Each lesson comes with a tutorial and an exercise.
  • Earn a certificate in just 4 hours.
  • Learn various ways to fix a problem in a data model.

7.   Machine Learning Course (SL)

One free source of learning that we all are aware of is YouTube. If you are a visual learner, you can find learning on YouTube much easier than reading notes. The official Simplilearn channel has a full-length course of 10 hours on machine learning that you can learn for absolutely free.

Highlights of the Simplilearn YouTube course:

  • The course is divided into chapters so you can navigate to find the most relevant information.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can watch the video lesson.
  • Download the course and watch it offline on the go.
  • Learn through practical examples on your screen.

If you want to get into the field of artificial intelligence, you need to know everything about machine learning and deep learning. These are some accessible sources that are SkillUp free online course where you can learn about the basics of artificial intelligence and see if you find the industry as interesting as you thought you would.

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