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A new name in the online world –, launched a ‘One-Stop-Business-Platform’, where the businesses houses can connect easily to other business houses and their respective clients for carrying business support functions. The website is designed extremely simple to navigate and user-friendly which will help the small and medium business to grow leap and bound. Let’s discuss with the Director, tradeTokri to get more insights of the platform.

How did you get motivate to launch this excellent platform?

It starts in year 2014 when we were searching for Finance Advisor and Website Developer. It was a tough task to reach to a good service provider. We consulted numerous people and visited many online platforms for getting link of right one. That bad experience has sparked us to develop a platform where people can find right service providers of their need easily. We thought of developing a platform which can cater the needs related to small and medium service providers which people frequently look after.

How does it work?

tradeTokri works basically in Three Ways- Local Search Engine for Business Owners, through which one can Search as well as Connect with useful and reliable or certified Local Businesses of their needs easily and get the complete information about it. The second way, Local Search Engine for Common People, with enable searching for any Product/Services easily and smoothly through the user friendly website. The third way, tradeTokri works by catering, Customized Business Services to Grow and Market your Business/Product/Brand. Like: Website Solutions, Animated& Branding Videos, Marketing Solutions, Taxation & Accounting, etc.

Mrs. Renu Gupta, Director,, said that “tradeTokri means Business Basket”.  It’s a basket full of all kind of businesses and services. Our Vision is to be a leading business platform where all business related information, services and products can be easily accessed by the common people. With our added services, we are aiming to empower small and medium sized local businesses to achieve success.

Trade Tokri Business Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., a company with physical presence in Uttarakhand, and other part of India; started with a vision of providing EASY Business Searching and Business Support Solutions to Local Businesses and Local People.

What are the advantage of tradeTokri?

We are providing a cost effective and fully informative, online platform which can help your business to grow. The Advantages and Benefits of tradeTokri are:

  1. For Local Businesses: tradeTokri helps Local Businesses to grow by providing affordable Online and Offline Marketing and IT Solutions, within his monthly budget. tradeTokri provides all necessary IT support solutions to Local Small & Medium Businesses to make it FUTURE READY.
  2. For Common People: works as a LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE, where a common people can find and connect with local verified businesses of their need.
  3. For Students: provides a platform for students and working people to show their skill and talent and to grow in their career path. It is providing a platform where different skills get their choice of work. They can work as a freelancer too.

With this, more choices are opened up for the small and medium business, as tradeTokri offers listings for the corporate houses with many added features. Millions of business houses, as well as the client are set to get benefitted from this online portal.

What is your USP ?

  • Single window solution for all your business need.
  • Make your business profile “online” within your comfortable monthly budget
  • The same platform will help you to CREATE and MARKET your Business Profile.
  • Easy to navigate, search and connect with customers and businesses.
Renu Gupta, Director TradeTokri

How do you think that this platform can change the way you see growing medium and small scale business?

  • The biggest challenge of medium and small scale local business are their monhly budget and technical know-how. We can easily see lot many famous businesses are there in our city, serving for more than 15 years, still they are known for limited area only. They can’t scale up. Their product is fantastic, but due to non-presence on online platform, they are unable to reach to New Area and New People. will help local businesses to overcome their issues.

 What are your future plan?

Very soon, tradeTokri is going to launch it’s attractive and user friendly Android App. Our Future Plan is to become a respectable online platform where both Business Owner and Common People can connect easily and feel delighted, by our best-in-class services.

What do you do for society?

We help local organizers to organize various events. We are sponsoring many events to encourage the young minds.


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  2. […] Mrs. Renu Gupta, Director,, mentioned that “tradeTokri means Business Basket”. A basket complete of all sort of businesses and services. Our Vision should be to be a top business platform exactly where all business related info, solutions and solutions could be very easily accessed by the prevalent individuals. With our added solutions, we are aiming to empower small and medium sized local companies to achieve achievement. Get extra details about creative writing comoetition […]


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