Impacts of Social Media


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Social media connecting platform which connects people with people via Laptop, Mobile & others devices . Although ! world is a  small place  due to social media, Because we know others person emotion, who are  far away from us.   It is started in 19th century highly effectively after 20th century. Social media connecting with group of people & individual of people. 


Social media is different of the tradition media. If think about tradition media is like that Newspaper, Magazine & Boarding casting. Social media after existence people negative of traditional media. If think about tradition medial rare to rare people get benefit. Think about of social media everyone connecting with media. The social media revolution possible of internet. Now internet very cheap anyone cane affordable. Now days using about 4.66billon of people of internet.  Social media 1st started plat form called   yahoo messenger in 1999 to  2012 . Other platform like  Orkut started in 2004 to September 2014. Now so many app & web portal developed by several country. Like that Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, twitter etc. 


The people are getting information within less time.  Social media help different person different way. We are get freedom of speech from our constitution right express with in public domain other than prejudice to society.  Nowadays 100% news delivery via Social media, people are influence quickly. Social media express of thought of person to person. Every one right expression without any hurtful & disrespectful to people .Social media necessary people know each other. Its surprise all human generation time like that coming  every one  express & emotion can share, whenever they want. Social media only way easy talking  person to person in society accrue big place care by digital world. . Social-media not bias any gender. It consists of a single page on which everyone interacts and where everyone sees the same thing. Once upon time people are time spent with group of people always not possible of the catch up, now everything of possible of social media. Social media now soft corner everyone enjoys like morning cup of tea, without tea never end of day like that without social media never day end. 

Social media most power most widely out of imagine. Now social media are use for election campaigning, promoting production, education, technology, news. Now people are easily available on digital platform. People have a lot of time to spend on social media. It is one of the communications easily to anyone. People are interacting with anywhere any person through to social media. Social media save time of people because there get information. Social media people get more benefit get idea easily that use for their daily life. Now going on pandemic so special  student are  acquire knowledge through social media.  ONE KEY OPENS ALL THE ROOM.


Is it necessary to protect of data. Our constitution article 21 says that  right to privacy no one can interfere of personal liberty.  Now required to protect of privacy. Social media is not like Blank Sheet so it more effect of society. Everything has Bad or Good like one side Black Shadow to opposite existence Brightness. Social –media break right to live, rig now great time to move of traditional way. Social – media break our relation of the people. Nowadays group people are no time to gossip it turn to family member due to social-media people are spent with social media. Social media bring of new world of the society connecting people of the .Social media now take away full attention for human being. Social media quickly spread of the people. Now social media create new era in the society people are easily connecting there sometime forget about the current situation, whatever going on of the surrounding there not aware of the knowledge.  

Now they’re killing time if people are involved always social media there not get anything .Technology big impact of society, people are anxiety due to social media. Normally people are less talking, there always busy social media,  So normally people are bewaring of the information. People are influence easily whenever there get easily information but there not investigate it, whether is it true or not. Sometime people are blindly believed. It‘s dependable of utilize of the social media. Some person is spread of disinformation to the society that prejudice to society.  Some time Socially media  using  propose of  propaganda. Now our government working on data protection bill which will protect our personal data.



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