SHOE POLISH – A Short Story


Characters:  Mohit, Girl, old man, Uncle, Aunt, person.

A child whose age would be 13 years was working as shoe shiner on road. His name was Mohit.
Mohit: Shoe polish! Shoe polish! Uncle ji can I polish your shoes? Your shoes will look like a mirror!
Person: No! no! I do not want to polish my shoes, I am in hurry to go for my work.
Mohit: Uncle your shoes have become dirty, give I will polish your shoes. I will take only 10Rs. I will use cherry polish.
Person: Once I have said na that I don’t want to get my shoes polished now, then why you are asking again and again?
Then, Mohit sits sadly. Then one girl who has wore high heels were passing by.
Mohit: Elder sister, I think your sandals are unpleasant , give I will repair them…
Girl: What happened to my sandals , these are very good. Go! Go! do your work.
Mohit: Sister, I am saying this to do my work only. Your Sandals are going to break. If it breaks your foot will get sprain.
Girl: Say positive! Sprain to my enemies. And you need not to care about my ankle.
Mohit: I am like your small brother, if I will not take care then who will?
Girl: Very sweetly you say! Tell how much money will you take?
Mohit: Not very much, only 20 Rs.
Girl: Think and speak…. 20Rs, leave I do not want my sandals to be repaired.
Mohit: Sister! 20 Rs are very less.. now a days the inflation is going very high!
Girl: If you can take 10 Rs then tell.
One old man who was listening to Mohit and the girl’s talk from much time came to them…
Old man: What happened Child?
Mohit: Nothing Uncle.
Old man: But still there is something happening…
Girl: Wait Uncle, I’ll tell you what happened. He is asking 20Rs for repairing my sandals? Is it Ok?
Mohit: I have asked permissible money from her. Then also… what you say!
Old man: Girl, in this inflation time what money should be taken? Ok, you give him 15 Rs.
Girl: Ok then, Do it nicely.
Old man: Child, you seem to be of a good family. You are doing this work, I didn’t understood. You age is to study.
Mohit: Uncle ji, You said right that my age is study age then also I am doing this job. I am orphan, my parent’s died when I was a kid. My upbringing is done by my uncle and aunt. My Uncle is very good but my aunt is not like him. If I don’t give her some money by my work she does not allow me to go inside the house. That’s why this work…..
Old man: Then, child you life is full of struggle but then also I suggest you to study also.
Mohit: Uncle ji I study in 7th class and I always come first in my class.
Old man: Whole day you work here then at what time do you study?
Mohit: The principal of one school is very kindto me. She teaches me from 1st class onwards. I go from here in evening after doing my work. Then, she teaches me very nicely. She provides me free books.
Girl: ( who was listening to theirs talks from very much time) child, what is your name?
Mohit: My name is Mohit.
Girl: I don’t have any brother. Can I make you my small brother?
Mohit: Elder girl, I have sais you sister first only.
Girl giving money to Mohit for repairing her sandals.
Mohit: On one side you are giving me brother’s love and one side you are giving me money?
Old man: Child, you take it, it is for your hard work.
Mohit’s uncle and aunt comes their.
Old man: ( To Mohit’s aunt) Are you his aunt?
Aunt: Yes, I am his aunt. Tell….
Old man: Nothing, he was telling that he lives with his aunt and uncle.
Old man: I will send you in jail.
Aunt: But how?
Old man: You are saying to this child to work, that is why. I think you don’t know that you cannot force a child whose age is less than 18 years to do work.
Uncle: Sorry! Please leave us. We have done a very big mistake.
Old man: Why are you saying sorry now, why didn’t you thought when you told him to do this work.
Aunt: Sorry!
Old man: You first promise me you will never send Mohit to do this work.
Uncle-Aunt: We promise…
Mohit: Now I have my uncle-aunt as my parents, this girl as my elder sister, uncle as my grand father.
Old man: Now all of you promise that you will not send any destitute child to work as a laborer. All will help destitute child and old people.
Everyone: We promise! We promise! We promise!

By: Simrat Kaur,13 Years, Ludhiana, Punjab


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