Fun Things to do in Logan, Utah


When the thought of Utah crosses your mind, what’s the first thing that you think of? Probably the illustrious sports teams such as Utah jazz, its budding cooking scene and its newfound acceptance in the cultural setting of America. However, lately, the city of Logan, Utah, has cast a new light on the working-class state of Utah. The previously blue-collar state is now a tourist destination and the envy of some wealthier states in the country all thanks to the city of Logan. Without further ado, let’s go into specifics as to why Logan is such a fun place to be.


Parks are quite essential to all age ranges, no one is too old for a good and fashioned theme park, and no child is too young to grasp the beauty of the said park. Logan has an array of camps ranging from fabulous theme parks to unique but abstract amusement parks. Construction work has even begun on a few new ones, but as a tourist, you should certainly check out Adams Park which is most especially awesome if you have your kid along. This park has sweet and well-structured machines and nice attractions that would make your child begging to be left behind, figuratively of course. Merlin Olsen is also a great place for couples to be and get to know each other better while engaging in sweet charter over a delightful bowl of ice cream and culinary delicacies. Let’s not forget the fabulous kid’s themed River Hollow Park with its array of attractions and amazing games that will keep your kid glued to the moment and enjoying every second of it. 


Some tourists love the simpler things and the good things of life without paying a truckload of money to get it. After all, we aren’t in Los Angeles or Paris. A lot of tourists and first-time travellers have loads of fun with the rides and other tourist spots when crossing the border; however, they cannot do without cooking their meals and getting fresh fruits to feast upon. Do not worry as Logan, Utah has numerous cool farmers’ markets to choose from. You could check out the Paradise Market of what’s on your mind is how to get affordable vegetables that are both fresh as well as tasty. You could take a stroll down your apartment street and check out the Wasatch Mason Bess shop for fresh honey and the delights that those little fellas bring. If you still got some gas left in the tank, you’ll love some premium vegetables from the Brigham City Farmers Market.


Not just is Logan an awesome place to raise kids and chill out with peace and quiet. This is also a place that has an array of superb housing and accommodation facilities. Of all these, as a tourist or a first-time traveller, you should certainly check out and lodge in Blue Square Logan, Utah. This is a modern apartment complex that has just about everything. There are restaurants in close proximity as well as an array of fellow travellers that would certainly love some company. This, coupled with their hospitable staff, would make you wish you spent some extra weeks when leaving.


We’ve told you about the amazing farmer’s markets, but you thought we would stop at that? Logan, Utah is known for its farm produce and its industriousness but little did we know that this humble city has cool food pantries that you could check out and get great options in terms of packaged and processed foods are concerned. The prices are good, and the staff is nice, you could get a basket load of quality pantries at an affordable rate, and the smiles you get from the store workers are incredible. Check out LDS Bishop’s Storehouse and Logan, Tremonton Community Food Pantry and Box Elder Community Food Pantry. You will most likely be coming back for more.


Tourists are different, and first-time travellers come in various shapes and sizes. A bunch of them might be into sports while the rest are into the classic arts. Luckily in Logan, Utah most tastes are well catered for. For the classic minded, this city has an array of museums where you can immerse yourself in creativity and come out quite awesome. Logan is home to such museums as the Utah State University Museum of Anthropology. This museum is one for the sociologists and elite. You could also take a cab down to the illustrious ”Daughters of Utah” museum which is kid-friendly and very educational. If you are an automobile junkie, don’t worry, there’s a place for you. You should check out Peach Days Car Show and gaze upon the classic automobiles your dad and uncles keep going on about.


The home of farm produce and a cool destination to hit the deck savour the sunrise and enjoy the sunset with that special someone. Logan, Utah is a sight for gapping eyes and a serene environment to retire for a nice stress-free holiday. To visit Logan, Utah however you need an updated and well-filled ESTA American Visa which will allow you to cross the borders with relative ease and prevent you from being kicked out as soon as you arrive.Filling out an ESTA form is quite easy as all you need to do is visit the official ESTA website and answer all the questions put forward to you in the best way possible. This means that you ensure that you have no errors as regards your age, workplace, address as well as other things that ask for. If everything is in place, you will know your status within two working days, and you will be required to pay the full charge on receipt of the ESTA. Procuring an ESTA Visa is not only smart, but it is the right thing to do. In as much as Logan, Utah is homely and chilled. The security operatives do not tolerate illegal migration and to avoid a premature end to a first time trip, it is strongly advised that you do the needful and get that ESTA!


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