How to Contribute to the Nation as a Citizen?


           We have already celebrated the seventy –  third year of our independence and we are looking forward to celebrate many more such glamorous years which is only possible with the performance , co-operation and willingness of our citizens. The conduct , behaviour and interest of the citizen makes a country developed, developing or an under – developed one. If we need to make our future bright and the new generation more logical, hard – working and optimistic we need to contribute for the development and the progress of our nation which is sadly little backward as compared to industrialised countries.  To do so we need to bring very basic changes in our day to day life.

            The first and the most important thing is to segregate the biodegradable and non – biodegradable waste. The biodegradable waste can easily be converted into compost by the action of various micro – organisms and can be used to enhance the fertility of the farms. It is referred to as an organic fertiliser which increases the quality of the products being produced in the agricultural lands. This type of art is referred to as an organic farming. Farmers can practice crop rotation and multiple cropping options to reduce soil erosion. The non – biodegradable waste can be disposed off in the landfills or sanitary landfills. People should follow the policy of 5-R’s that are refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. Refuse means not to purchase useless or unwanted products and it is all about to save money to help the poor or donate it in orphanage or charity. Reduce aims to decrease the consumption of a particular commodity. For example reduction of the use of vehicles can lessen the amount of energy used which would come handy in future and will control pollution. In substitution to that we can walk or ride on a bicycle for smaller distance which will help us in maintaining our health. Reuse signifies to use the commodity again and again or to give to a person who is willing to use it . For example : cloth bag , envelopes. Repurpose means to use particular thing to manufacture a new product. For example: use plastic bottles, cans to make decorative  planters. Recycle is the method of converting waste product into new ones. For example recycling of plastic, paper, cans. To maintain the aesthetic view of an area we should never litter around. This would be the main source to attract tourists which would bring great foreign revenue. 

             To contribute for the growth of the nation we should follow the traffic rules. We should obey and respect the traffic signals. Thoroughly remember the traffic lights which are the devices positioned at the intersection of the roads, footpaths, zebra crossings which actually allow people to cross the road safely. These coloured spotlight traffic lights typically red for stop, yellow for proceed and green for go should be followed by one and all. People should go for various clean fuel options , they should be encouraged to use unleaded petrol, compressed natural gas (CNG), battery operated vehicles, biodiesel, ethanol for transportation. The government of India has promoted various policies and acts to control vehicle emission like they have set emission standards for vehicles. The limit of release of carbon monoxide for petrol car is 2.72, for two wheelers it is 2.00 and for three wheelers it is 4.00. Inspection and certification system is a mandatory  facility. If the government is actively and diligently doing its duties the citizens can at least follow the simple vehicle maintenance- such as regular oil changes, air filter changes and plug replacement can minimise emission. Some of the rules which should be followed by the drivers can serve as a great social influence in nation building. The drivers should drive on the left side of the road, overtaking of other vehicle should be avoided, indicators and hand signal should be given promptly. More and more car pool should be managed by working people, use of bicycles, footpaths should be used for small distances. In some cities green zone which is an automatically enforced low emission zone is being used in the designated geographic areas.

              World Health organization has now said that the participation of the patients and citizens is now regarded as the growth for sustainable health and nation. A nation should have a strong team of doctors, pharmaceuticals, scientists, health workers, for quick, expeditious, swift action and decision making.

            To boost the technology of our nation the citizens should be well educated, they should be motivated to use more online devices and resources. More innovative devices should be made in India to make us independent and reduce imports. Technology should be used in the right manner to gain and feed knowledge rather than get involved in cyber crimes, identity theft, e-banking fraud or social networking traps. People should teach the marginalised  people like sweepers, maids about the new technology and communication facility so that they could earn the benefit from them. The closed – circuit television, remote health monitoring, contactless temperature guns, low emission zone cameras are some of the latest technologies.

           In this pandemic situation of COVID19 we all should wear masks and gloves, wash and sanitise hands regularly, avoid public gathering, do regular exercises, eat healthy food to boost our immunity and most importantly we should stay home and spend quality time with our families. Learn new skills to enhance our capability and abilities. Help the poor people with the essentials   of life. We should never hesitate in showing kindness, affection and empathy towards others. Putting yourself in other person’s shoe is what empathy is all about. The new generation should focus more on their studies and also to find its medicine or vaccine. We should be grateful to all the coronavirus warriors for their endless sacrifice and service. Together we can break the chain of this novel disease. It is difficult but hopefully not an impossible task to check the fertility ride of this virus.

The French playwright, Molière, wrote:

     “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

            Population is a driving force in the progress of a country but excess of everything is bad. People should understand the benefits of having a small family and the disadvantage of having a big , extended one. All the superstitious mythical and illusory beliefs should be abandoned as soon as possible. Modern methods of family planning should be adopted. For this one child legislation policy and women empowerment strategy should be strengthened. Family planning centre provide free counselling to the couple to achieve their future goals. An inverted red triangle is the symbol for these contraception services. Planning is bringing future into present.

           To uplift the economic growth of India it is important to promote swadeshi and boycott foreign goods.  Boycott means to refuse to buy the product of a company of foreign origin. and swadeshi means producing all the necessary items in our own country. This movement was started by Aurobindo Ghosh who is an Indian philosopher. Swadeshi goods will make us self sufficient and eliminate our dependence on foreign countries. Expensive , high branded clothes from big , magnificent brands should be refused and instead of that khaki and hand woven clothes which are generally made from Charkhas should be purchased. This technique to promote our own indigenous brands was started by Mahatma Gandhi.

           India, our motherland is still considered as a developing nation only because of the actions of its citizens. When we become more aware, cautious and acquainted with our responsibility, obedience, duty and obligations we will definitely see a change around us and it will be then a  proud moment for us to address ourselves as a developed country in all aspects whether it will be a strong leadership, well trained and intelligent medical team and good economic influence, powerful military and international alliance, massive export earning through the process of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of goods.

           In short when we put our duties ahead of our rights nothing can stop us!

By Ananya Agarwal, ,16 years, Lucknow



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