Bhimkund | Even Scientists Failed to Figure Out the Mystery

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            ‘ Universe is the greatest mystery which all should accept,
               Thousands of secrets in the womb it has kept.’

                           The term Mystery brings about curiosity, excitement and sometimes even fear along with it. World has always been searching for answers and the correct reason behind these riddles . But to justify them is a very difficult task as most of these have marked their presence hundreds and thousands of year ago, and at present day no one can be assured of what exactly caused them. Everyone is left with the myths and superstitions associated with them which often leads to various misconceptions linked to those things.
                          No doubt consistent researches have been going on to decode their secret by our Scientists and Archaeologists who have even found the scientific answers to some of them, but still many more Mysterious events, places and person are a question mark to entire mankind.

Mysteries in India:

                      India has been a land of diversities. It is diverse in every sense, be it cultures, believes, customs, festivals and even various Mysteries. It is a highly religious nation so automatically a home to numeral myths and superstitions which go hand in hand with the different religions. It even happens that anything which is a so called Mystery to one section of a society may be of no importance to the other. It is not even possible to separate these myths or mysteries from their ancestral mythologies. Many secrets of present time have been mentioned in one Holy book or another. This makes the people believe them blindly as they don’t have much information other than this about these abnormal places or events. And therefore the native of that place always narrate a historic story related to that place which has been inculcated in them by their forefathers. Thus when we talk about Bermuda Triangle, Crooked forests in Poland, Transylvania in Romania, Richat structures in Mauritania etc in the World we can’t forget to mention The Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan, Golconda fort in Hyderabad, Imambada in Lucknow, Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi etc of our country. Actually speaking there are a vast number of such places and one gets to know about them when he visits the native place because only a small number finds it place in Internet.


  As already stated, India is a home to very exciting Enigmas. Out of those, lets bring our focus to one such place which hasn’t yet received so much recognition by the nation and world but is genuinely an exciting topic to research on. Its the BHIMKUND LAKE, A Natural tank located in heart of our nation, Madhya Pradesh. The state is in itself a mystery holder which has so many of these present on its land. The tank is located about 80 kilometers away from Chattarpur city of M.P. near the Bajna village in the Bundelkhand region. It has been the meditation spot for various sages and saints of Hindu culture since ages as they consider it to be very holy and a land of God. The place has various stories and incidence that are narrated for its origin. Tourists and Scientists all around the world are been attracted by the place round the year. Everyone thinks that its simply a small tank and what can be so mysterious and special about it, but really the place has many questions and secrets which are yet to be clarified.


The tank has many unique incidences and events relates to it.
                             The tank is basically in a cave so surrounded on all side by large rocks,  even on the top of it. Thus the light reaching the tank is very less so it looks quite dim but intead of this the view of tank is extremely attractive and eye capturing. The crevices in the rocks above it allows the light to enter in the tank’s water at such an angle that many Rainbows are seen in water. The water looks very shiny and indigo blue in its presence.
The tank is almost daily visited by many people including both the natives as well as the tourists and many of them even bathe in it. In spite of this the tank’s water remains transparent and so clean & clear that the fishes inside it can also be visualized very easily. Not only this it is very well known that standing water after some days give bad odour and the quality of water degrades but this tank remains healthy and fresh all the time. This is in itself an astonishing fact about the place.
                              Normally if any person dies in a waterbody his body rises to the surface after some time but this is not the case with Bhimkund . If anyone dies in its water the body never comes to the surface. Moreover if the body is searched by divers, they couldn’t find it. It is believed that the body disappears on reaching the bottom on this tank. Such type of incidences have occured many times in this tank but not even single dead body could be recovered from it.
                             Another fascinating thing about the mysterious tank is that the locals believe that there is some connection between this tank and the ocean. Important point which should be mentioned here is that Madhya Pradesh is located in the centre of the nation so is hundreds of miles away from any sea or ocean. So what is the reason behind such belief? It is not merely a vague assumption. Whenever any natural calamity like flood or tsunami was set to come in the ocean around Indian subcontinent, heavy disturbances were seen in the tank. The water raised to about 10 feets in it. Thereby providing a warning sign to entire country about an upcoming disaster. These incidences are very weird and no exact mechanism has been established for it.
                          It is very obvious that any water body doesn’t have the exactly same water level throughout the year. The scorching heat of summer decreases the level while the rainfall in monsoon raises the level. But this tank is obviously different from others thats why its level remain constant for entire twelve months. Even the hottest months fail to decline its level. This is again a mystery which once the villagers tried to decode. They tried to empty the tank manually by pump and motors. Even after this attempt , the water didn’t show an inch of variation. It really surprised everyone in the area. And since then no one has tried to doubt its supremacy and uniqueness.

Myths about BHIMKUND

Any event or place which is not normal mostly has a primitive story related to it. This is often referred to as the myth as no one confirms its genuineness. Still the story travels from one generation to other. Similar is the case with the Mighty Bhimkund. It has 2 historic tales associated with it.
                        Firstly, The tank is believed to be existing since the time of Mahabharat. It is said that when the Pandavas were travelling with their wife Draupadi from one forest to another they passed through this place. They all were thirsty and Draupadi was in a serious need of water. It was a dry forest with no waterbody around, Bhim decided to hit the cave with his bludgeon or mace. The weapon made a huge cavity in the ground from which the tank originated and they all drank its water. It’s even said that the shape of tank still looks like if it had been hit by a large weapon

                  Another old time folk related to this place is that once lord Narad (A god in hindu Mythology) was passing above this place from the aerial route and suddenly he saw a couple lying injured on the ground. He went to inspect the situation and found that they were in a critical condition. They said that they can only be cured when a person who has excellence in singing sang some holy hymns  in front of them. As Narad ji was considered as perfect in Music, he sang for them. His singing was so melodious that not only the couple was cured but the entire Heaven went crazy. The various deities started dancing and celebrating. Even the supreme God Lord Vishnu couldn’t resist himself and arose from Bhimkund making it a holy place. Its said that the water of tank is so bluish because of the dark colour imparted by Lord Vishnu. Thereafter the tank is also known by the name of NEELKUND OR NARADKUND.
                       No one knows how much true these tales are but all believe them as the place couldn’t be explained by Scientists till date.

Scientific approach:-

The most curious explorers of past have tried to find what was going on in this tank. Why was the water so clear and clean all the time? Why didn’t the level decline even by artificial practices? Where did the dead bodies disappear? Was it really connected to the oceans? And many more of such queries. Many went there to personally investigate the scenario but got no success. Even the Discovery channel went there to solve these queries. They also tried to assess the depth of a tank. They sent a camera 200 metres deep to find how deep it was. But again it was nothing but failure that they recieved. Divers were sent to go deep inside and expose the reality . The scene they described was even more shocking. They said that there are two wells inside the tank , one from which water filled into the tank and the other thaat drained it. But was was the depth of those wells or of the entire Bhimkund as a whole is still a Mystery for the world. Thus when anything couldn’t be proved by Science it turns to be a source of superstitions and other such stories which the people of the place believe and narrates to everyone who visits it.

                         This was just the description of one such place which do not abide to the normal rules of Nature and presents things which are not readily digestible by man. If someone gets an opportunity, he should never miss to visit such conundrums which will force him to think about them for days. It’s not only a thrilling experience but also a brilliant way to get over our routine boring lives. Finally, lets conclude by hoping that one day in the near future, these unsolved puzzles will be solved and the humans will raise to a position where they can understand the Nature in a better way.




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