My Pursuit of Happiness: My Mother


Maa, mumma, mom, mummy,amma…..and so on like this many words we call our mother. Each and every one of our lives is incomplete without our mother. Even I also see my life incomplete without my mother. She is like a guide and friend too with whom I can share each and every aspect of life whether good or bad. I love my mother so much. Nobody would like to see their mother sad,alone,crying or indulged with an argument with anyone. Coming on to the main point i.e. “my pursuit of happiness –my mother’’,my mother has been everything to me. In short I can say she is like a whole world,but the whole universe to me .My world starts and end ends with my mother.From childhood, to an adult she’s had always been with me holding my hand. She had been always at that time when others faced their faces back,ignoring my problems. She has always and always will an inspiration to me.

                                  To inspire me and encourage me,she tells me about all her life challenges that she has been through so that, I can also face the tough challenges of life and move ahead. I don’t have that much bonding with my father if I would rate it, out of 100 I would rate it 60, but with my mother I have 95% bonding although that 5% goes on that sweet and  salty arguments that I have with my mother. From the time I was born, the stories my mother tells me how I use to say ‘’MA MA’’ and remembers and tells each and every memories of my naughty childhood.When I was born I was bornthrough vacuum, due to which my mother had uterus problem at that time and I was also under 24 hours observation. My father is an ex-army men so when I was born he was posted in Pune, so through ECHS (Employees contributory health scheme) my mother got her treatment there. She tells me how her treatment was done and I was only 3.5 months with my granny alone .My granny even tells me how I used to look at the gown of my mother hanged over the hanger.

                                   My  mother calls me ‘Raj’ ,the reason behind I don’t know , but sometimes she calls me ‘’bhooro’’,because the colour of my iris is brown. All the memories of Pune, Maharashtra .All my my bringing up when she tells me, makes me happy sometimes, sometimes sad and think how strong my mother is. I have a four year younger sister ,she is a caesarean child ,Actually before my sister was born she had a risky miscarriage which brought her to life to death situation. She shares each and every moment of her life, which is like a roller coaster moment of her life, having many ‘ups and downs’. There are more than 100’s of memories which I can share, like I used to be naughty and fussy child, weak in studies and very careless. Once I didn’t wanted to wear one pant and took a blade,sat on a corner trying to cut one side of the pant,because I didn’t wanted to wear it. Once I even put a chewing gum on a girls head and how my mother handled the situation. Even how with a trick I hided a pencil box of boy in the school bus,she even tells me how I restricted myself from going to school. When she opened the Amirah and took out the school belt and tie, I used to jump on the bed,shouting and crying ‘’I will not go to school’’.Even how during my exam days she plucked out the cable wire from the TV. to fix it to watch cartoon programs.

                                 Also I remember when I was in class two, my school van used to pick and drop me on the roadside, and my mother used to pick me up. I would not come to home until my mother would come to pick me and also buy a chocolate each and every day. The situation was so bad that we had a written account of chocolates bought from the shop. The shopkeeper used to smile me by seeing me getting out out of the van,but my mother never used to say me something or beat me. Once a boy used to tickle pencil on my head, at that time also my mother came forward and handled the situation. My mother has struggled a lot for my bringing up, really I have changed 4 to 5 schools due to our rental homesituations. When I remember this I laugh sometimes, sometimes I feel bad for me that why I was like this? But I feel proud by seeing my mother was I a brave lady.

                         I sometimes feel bad for my mom because she had gone through from both physical and mental stress too. Because she didn’t had good relations with dad’srelatives neither got support from their side. She told me hoe she had to travel from her house to main bank branch 2 to 3 times a week to collect the demand draft money. I also remember when she had her gall bladder operated, because of stone in it,a day before how she went the market to purchase the dress for my sisters inter class folk dance competition. And next day went for her surgery. She has suffered a lot and gone through a lot of pain. I remember how she says when she is troubled too much with the situation, that “I don’t know when god will give me the good times to laugh’’.

I even remember how I went meet her at the hospital with my uncle and at that time also when my sister and I went near her to see her closely she said stay away that showed her concern and love for us.

                                     All my cousins, whenever used to chase me, my mother took my side, and protected me, but keeping all things aside, what I have really learnt from my mother is also important that never think or do bad to others and always do good to others. This will lead you to a good path. Keeping fast, having faith in god, worshipping and things like these keep your heart pure. But one thing definitely I would like to do is going on a picnic one day in a fresh greenery place enjoying with my whole family. This would give her relief from working 24*7 hours a day without any leave. But whether there are happy or sad moments of life I will always love my mother who will always be the pursuit of my happiness.

Author: Mayur Thapa



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