A Beauty That Lies Within


Bantayan Island lies in the Visayan Sea located at the northwestern end of Cebu Island. It is a celebrated spot with its butterfly shaped island composed of three towns, the Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe. Tourists come to swim to its famed beaches, relax and lie underneath a grove of coconut trees. For just a couple of hours away from the city, the island is a peaceful and serene locale.

It was my first time to explore the place together with my boyfriend’s family. Bantayan island is one of my favorite islands to visit. Actually it is in my bucket lists this year and when I got there, wow!, it really didn’t disappoint me. Its crystal clear waters surround the island and the beach’s sands are very fine and white. All of my bitterness in life was blown away as I enjoyed the smooth breeze and the tranquility of the island. The alluring place awakens my senses and my soul seems to be healed by nature’s touch.The beauty of the beach is very pristine, making it ideal for beach lovers and also to those who aren’t.

The locals are living a very simple life, secluded and away from all the noise and pollution in the city. Some of the beaches are totally underdeveloped yet there are still private properties and beach resorts that can accommodate guests and tourists. In our case, we were lucky to have my boyfriend’s relative living there and that is one sort of tip to save a ton of money on accommodation.

Before going back to the busy streets in the city, your Bantayan experience won’t be complete without visiting the most well-known island, The Virgin Island. Virgin Island is a 25- 30 minute boat ride from Bantayan Island. As the boat will jaunt through the waves, you will see its mesmerizing white sand beach and cerulean sky reflects its crystal clear water. There were many exterior decorations like shells dangling down under the trees and informative wooden boards posted about the island. You can also enjoy some of their activities like snorkeling and cliff diving. In reality, it’s not really a cliff, but a man-made bamboo-scaffolding placed on top of the rock. The sunlight hits the right places especially during golden hour. Everyone will look like a supermodel in this instagram worthy magic time.

This remote and peaceful island is a very touristic destination but still has a lot to offer. Bantayan Island is a stunning place and everything else there is perfect. There are many myth about Philippines, which should be overhauled

Author: Meriam C. Gonzales, Cebu City, Philippines


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