Forest Research Institute, Dehradun


Tourist spot, whenever this comes to my mind I feel overjoyed because it reveals both fun and learning about some place at the same time. Tourist place whether it be historical, related to nature or any culture has its own importance. The main importance of tourist spot is that it gathers the people of different culture, place, and nation, at one place to explore the place and learn something about the place. Now, the best tourist spot near me i.e. my city DehraDun is FRI (Forest Research Institute). Although it is an institute for forestry studies plus it is also known as a tourist spot. The main specialty of a FRI is its opened museums for the tourists. At present, there are 5 opened museums although there are other museums also but they are not opened by the authority now.

Along with the opened museums the main speciality of FRI is its unique greenery. This greenery of plants and flowers all over attracts the people who are in love with the nature. The beauty of the nature also attracts the tourists to visit FRI. When we are talking about the unique speciality of FRI museums, how can we forget about the main speciality of FRI i.e. photography. It is the most popular feature of this tourist place known for. Most of the people visit here to click photos for their Facebook and Whatsapp DP and make videos for their pre wedding shoot, which one of the most popular feature and main speciality of this place. Once again the main speciality of FRI is its opened museums,there are 5 opened museums that attracts tourists all over the world. Even once I met a tourist who came to visit FRI from Chile. The museums attracts the tourists all over the world to see the historical elements preserved till now from the British period.

  In one museum there is a skin of tiger preserved and kept in a glass cage with a tiger dummy. In another there is a big fan having five wings really big. In another we can see the termite homes preserved in a glass cage and also the pictures of British era king and queens of that time. Collection of different species of butterflies, ants, birds ,animals etc. are also shown, There is a lot more more to say about the things kept in the museum that speaks and reminds the history itself and even a person who wants to learn about the historical things must visit FRI.FRI is a mixed tourist place in one word if we can say, as a tourist if you want to learn something you can visit the museum by purchasing the tickets and if you want just have fun and click pictures then also it’s a best place to visit, I have both the experience. I even visited the museum, you can even book a guide if you want to learn about the preserved things in detail otherwise not. I even went FRI recently and had fun with my friends. It was my best experience visiting the place. I even clicked pictures and had fun in the opened ground. The ground is so big that we had seen in 2019, when our PM Modi Ji visited FRI on International yoga day, how it covered that event so nicely with thousands of people doing yoga. FRI, Ah! When I speak this word in front of my friends they say arrange one DSLR camera to click pictures. Well from youngsters to elders FRI has its own importance. Although one of its unique specialty is its nature and greenery with thousands of flowers and plants of different species which make the place looks awesome. One of its unique specialty apart from its greenery is also that many of the films have been shooted here. Like in 2011 student of the year, in 2018 student of the year 2,and many south Indianfilms. Even from these films many film stars like Alia Bhatt,Varun Dhawan ,Siddharth Malhotra ,Tara Sutaria,Ananya Pandey have started their debut in the Hindi cinema.Because of the films being shooted here attracts people around the city to come and have a look at the filmstars and with a hope to get their autographs and have  selfie with them.

 It is because of FRI, Dehra Dun city have also been awarded as one of the most friendly state for film shooting in Indian cinema, which makes us feel proud. Whenever any of my relative or friend living outside Dehra Dun Dehra Dun, and asks me where to visit here, I always suggest them to visit FRI, I would again say this that if you have been to Dehra Dun and not visited FRI then you have missed the “cherry on the cake’’.Even all my friends, classmates suggest FRI as one the best tourist place in Dehra Dun. Whenever our school used to plan any tourist place to visit, all the children even suggested FRI as their first preference. Even you can see all the doonites visit FRI because of its greenery, you can see people residing near it coming here for a morning walk. At last I would conclude by saying that FRI is the “heart of Dehradun’’.and without which Dehradun would be like a puzzle with a missing piece.

Author: Mayur Thapa


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