How to Write a 5-Page Essay Easily?

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“Words can match Limit with Sufficiency”.

Back in the older days during school time, every student used to write Essays of one or a maximum of two-page essays. We need to do them in Literature subjects as they were part of our curriculum, and the main thing is those essays were long enough to meet sufficiency and word limit. But as we begin with our university life and start as content writers or join article agencies we need to prepare long essays with great content and variation of words with all the pre-requisite that our title needs.

To write a decent essay of 5 pages, one must add all the basic content to it. Following are the most known things that a writer used to add to an essay –

1 A Quote

2 An Introduction to the Title

3 Well-prepared description

4 Research and Managed Data

5 A Story in context to Title

6 May add some conversations

7 Conclusion

Let’s look out the things and talk about them in order.

A Quote

In a way, it is used as a manner to describe to the audience the context a writer is going to present. Now, the quote can be motivational, informative, and introductive. According to many search engines’ data, A maximum percentage of the audience expects the essay to start or end with a proper quote match to the title and those who didn’t expect will never complain about finding one. So as a writer one must have a sharp command of the words to express the title through a quote that can find the attention of our readers.

An Introduction to the Title

The introduction part deals with the Title being put as the meter. It is very basic to go on with the information about happening. The Introduction must be presented in such a way that it can easily highlight the genre of the Essay before going through the Long Explanation part. Suppose someone is writing an Essay on some scientific achievement then the Important dates can be mentioned to start with the Introduction.


The quality of words and structure of the content marks the Essay as good, not bad and bad. This purely depends upon the writer’s quality and how he’ll put his words to fulfill the demand of content and scatter his Imagination directly to the mind of the audience.

To prepare the whole Description it needs deep research, reading about similar content, sharp evidence, and lots of effort with a taste as a reader of your content. We generally see that in essays Description part is a long part as it will print the whole ideology in the mind of our readers. A writer must have a variety of words and he must avoid presenting the same situation again and again throughout the write-up. The description is also termed as main content so it is a must to correlate Introduction and Conclusion with the main content.

Research and Managed Data

A Reader finds it excessively pleasant if there is some data Attached to the content within the essay as they can relate to the attached data. This part may be taken as additional or as per the choice but we must avoid randomness with the number and stats while we are compiling any data, The data must be researched and verified. This step carries a lot of positives as we are conveying actual values to our readers and this majority prevents the data from unusual and wrong stuff.

A Story in context to Title

If the essay is about some fictional content and historical happenings then stories fascinate the reader’s mind to a greater extent. They add the angle of interest through the writer’s imagination and can balance the content between research and imagination. Short stories play a vital role to push the audience’s mind to manage the flow of content and they can sketch out the written words into an imagined world of their body.


If the essay is about childhood memories and actual world stories, we can add some conversation. This conversation can also be added when the Title is reflecting double or more situations to present the actual mentality of different components of society.


The conclusion is also a key part of an essay and it is as important as Introduction and Description. Here, we can avoid the magic of words and it can be presented officially, or in short, we can simply compile our whole content with some facts surrounding the title.

So, to write a 5-page essay we can add the for-mentioned content. Other than these things, one must practice with his writing accent and also must be usual with longer content and have a sense of content management.

By: Aryan Singh

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