What are the top psychology disciplines you can explore as an aspiring psychologist?

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Unlike popular lore, every psychology graduate does not end up in a therapy setting counselling patients lying on a couch. Psychology is such a vast subject that its sub-disciplines widely vary from each other.

If you are worried about the career prospects in psychology as you research psychology courses in Dublin, you can be pleasantly surprised. The immense career diversity in the field is the reason behind psychology being the third most popular college major across the world.

While a general psychology programme might cover several disciplines in a single course timeline, many advanced psychology programmes might allow you to specialise in a single subject.

Nevertheless, as an aspiring psychologist, it can be important to be aware of other psychological disciplines even if you don’t intend to practice them. Let’s do a deep dive into some of the most popular psychology disciplines prevalent today.

What are the top psychological fields in 2022?

Psychology is a rapidly evolving field. Hence, the total number and nature of its disciplines change every few years. While some disciplines become obsolete, newer disciplines emerge with technological developments in medicine and healthcare.

Here is a short list of the top psychological disciplines that are relevant today.

  1. Clinical psychology: This subject deals with the identification, study, and treatment of psychological conditions in a clinical setting.
  2. General psychology: This subject delves into the basic principles of psychology as a whole and assesses multiple perspectives in terms of research, practice and theory.
  3. Counselling psychology: It is more of a practical discipline and involves working with people of all ages to help them improve their mental health and psychological well-being.
  4. Forensic psychology: Forensic psychology features a cross-section between psychology and forensics or criminology. It delves into topics like criminal behaviour, correctional therapy and the public view of criminals.
  5. Business/ Corporate psychology: This subject deals with the study of human behaviour and psychological tendencies in a corporate workplace. Business psychologists ensure that employees can perform at optimum productivity and efficiency within a corporate setup.
  6. Educational/ student psychology: This refers to the study of psychological behaviours among students or individuals in an educational setting like school or college. The subject also delves into exploring different technologies to combat the psychological impact of learning formats.

Other intriguing psychology disciplines include social psychology, IT psychology and anthropological psychology. A few more psychology streams include school psychology, applied behavioural analysis and international psychology.

How can you learn about all these psychology disciplines in a single place?

If you are new to this field and feel overwhelmed by the vast majority of subject specialisations in psychology, it is best to start with a generic programme. A diploma in psychology can provide you with a broad overview of these subjects and allow you to understand which subject you should focus on later in your career.

Start looking for suitable psychology diploma programmes from reputed institutes in Ireland today to become an established psychology expert.

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