The Magical Christmas Tree

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       Once upon a time in a small town in Germany, there lived a family of seven children along with the parents. The family was very poor and finding it very difficult to meet their basic needs. The father worked at the post office and earned very little. The mother however had come from a rich family and saved money wisely. She was kind and looked after her children very well. There was only one problem, she was very stingy. She just did not see the need to buy something if it wasn’t of any use and had made the habit of asking, “What’s the use of it?”

       The seventh and the youngest child Angel, was a sweet, cute and lovable child. She loved to play and dance but her mother’s attitude ways and behavior always made her sad. All the children in the family had grown up to believe in things JUST being useful, all except for the Angel. Soon it was time for Christmas and all the children were very excited and were in the kitchen assisting their mom. Mom was making list of necessary things needed. Angel said,
“I’m mainly excited about the bright and beautiful Christmas tree!” Hearing this all the children became more excited. One of the kid named Joe asked, “Mother mother, when will you get us the Christmas tree.” Mother replied, “What? Oh no, no, this year I thought that there really isn’t any need for a Christmas tree, you know? So we won’t be having one. Father was listening all this and asked his wife, “What do you mean??” Father said, “Dear you can’t be so miserly as this!” We will definitely buy a tree and that is final! He walked out leaving the wife very angry and annoyed. Mother said, “It can be Christmas without a tree. Right children.” She still thought herself to be correct and decided she wouldn’t buy a Christmas tree. Her husband though thought that she must have been joking. Surely, she couldn’t be as harsh as that? He smiled knowing she would get the tree. The children were simply heartbroken at this news; Angel was the most affected by it.

       Over the day, they became more sullen and unhappy as Christmas came closer. Their father was too busy to notice all this. But their mother did and started to feel bad about it and started thinking, “Should I really get the tree?” Uhh… No! it isn’t of any use and in this way she convinced herself and did not think any more of the tree.

       The day before Christmas, Angel was very unhappy. She was returning from school and had really been looking forward to a lovely Christmas tree, full of pretty lights and tinsels. Angel cried and said, “It’s fair.” Well if Mom won’t get the tree, then I will !. and instead of going home, she went to the woods, determined to get the best tree. She soon reached and started looking around for a tree. She saw a tree that had fallen down and tried to pick it up. But she was too small to pick the huge tree. Oh dear! This tree really seems perfect for us. I wish there was someone who could help me. Just then a huge squirrel came out of a tree hole. It looked at Angel, who was surprised. It hopped over to her. Angel asked, “Hello! Mr. squirrel.” Oh! Angel shouted. The squirrel hopped away and offered a nut. Angel asked, “Is that for me?” Why thank you. The squirrel started to laugh and so did Angel. He hehe! Angel laughed and said, “Oh you naughty squirrel!” Listen could you find me someone to help me carry this huge tree. The squirrel looked at her and shook its head. Angel requested, “Oh Please! I’m sure you are a nice squirrel, aren’t you?” The squirrel shook its tail and smiled. It stood on its two legs and called out loudly. Angel asked, “Hey what are you making that sound for?” Dwarves came running and said, “He was calling for us! For us!” Angel was delighted to see so many dwarves. She guessed correctly that the squirrel has called them to help her carry the tree. One of the dwarf said, “Well now, I hope you have some pretty decoration to hang on this tree.” Angel cried and said, “Oh noo..! the one’s we have are broken and Mom did not buy any new ones. Again one of the dwarf said, “Such a SHAME!” Well we can’t have that, now can we? Oher dwarf said, “No, we can’t”. Lets make some for her! Squirrel, “Help us too would you?” Angel watched as the dwarves and the squirrel collected the acorns, pine corns and berries from the wood. They put strings at their ends so they could hang from the tree. Dwarves said, “Now! Let’s carry all this over to your house, shall we?” All dwarves said, yes yes. Angel happily trotted at the side of the dwarves as they carried the heavy tree easily. One of the dwarf asked, “Angel, you are the seventh child and you live on the seventh street right?” Angel was surprised and said, “Oh Yes, how did you know?” Dwarves laughed, Ha HaHa! We know all. We also know that number seven is lucky so that makes you a very lucky child. Do you know what seven times seven is? Angel said, “I don’t know, I only know twice of seven is fourteen!” but…. What is it? We haven’t learnt that in school yet. Dwarves replied that, “Seven times seven is Forty-Nine, remember that as it’s very lucky.” Meanwhile, Angels mother was extremely worried. It was near to dark and Angel still hadn’t come home. Mother thought Oh! She usually goes to her friends house. How silly of me. I guess she will return soon. Angel was happily hopping around as dwarves walked and carried the tree to the forest. All the little wood animals looked out from their hidey holes and waved at the passerby’s. Angel saw them and said, “Aww, so cute” and waved them back. They soon reached her house and by now it was evening. It also started to snow. One of the dwarf said, “well let’s start decorating the tree, shall we?” The squirrel jumped from branch to branch hanging up the pine corns and acorns. The dwarves took the berries and magically turned them into beautiful bright red candles. Angel was very happy and she said, “The tree is looking so beautiful and lovely.” And indeed it was! The dwarves and the squirrel had done a great job and the tree now looked amazing. Dwarves said, “Well we must now go back to our homes”.Listening to this Angel cried and asked, “Must you!” Dwarves said, “It’s going to be Christmas soon and we want to be with our families.” And all the dwarves said bye to Angel hoping to see her again one day. That night the family waited for the father to came home. The children at the home inside was very unhappy since the tree wasn’t there and their mother was more sad seeing her children unhappy. Father came home cheerfully and said, ”I’m back home my loving family.” Father asked why is everyone so unhappy, except for Angel. Father asked to his wife, “Oh dear! what about the Christmas tree?” the mother was over whelmed with guilt after seeing her children so sad and she now completely broke down and said, “Oh! I’m so sorry. I did not get the tree because I did not feel it would be of any use”. I’m so sorry please forgive me. Father was surprised and said what are you talking about, I saw the lovely tree outside. Father said, “Oh! Is this supposed to be a surprise?” very weird one though. Everyone looked at each other and ran out. And was simply amazed to see the magical tree. The pine corns had turned silver and the acorns had turned to small golden bells. The candles were burning bright and there was a little golden star shining at the tip. And there were many gifts, toys and many golden coins. Father said well this is really the most wonderful Christmas ever! Isn’t it. All the kids were happy and shouted yeah it is! Mother said yes it is. The mother did not knew how the tree had come there but was thankful for the Christmas miracle. By looking at her happy husbands and children faces  sherealised the wrong she had done and promised that she would never be miserly again. The next day, the Angel has told all her brothers and sisters about the dwarves and the squirrel. They all went to the woods with a huge cake to thank them but how do we call them asked Angel’s brother. Angel said, “They taught me something that would be lucky!” May be if we say it again and again they will come out. It was seven times seven is forty-nine, the children were confused but said it anyways. They went on and on saying it. The dwarves and squirrel came out. The children happily gave the cake and thanked the dwarves and the naughty squirrel. On kids returning home, the mother hugged all her children and she realised that there is nothing more beautiful than the joy of seeing her family happy. After all Christmas is all about spending time with family, sharing and caring about others.  After all the squirrel taught mother a lesson.

By: Rajveer Doshi, Age: 10 yrs

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