Short Story: The Giant Pumpkin

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In a beautiful village there lived a farmer. His name was Hari. He was very wise and honest. Hari was very dedicated and hardworking. He always used to take good care of his crops. He was very fond of growing crops, plants and vegetables. He had many different seeds and he used to grow them as per the seasons. He had many crops in his farm. Soon arrived a season of pumpkins. It was time to grow pumpkins.

        Farmer Hari was very excited. He always used to grow the best pumpkins.Everyone in the village loved his pumpkins. As it was very tasty pumpkins and people made delicious recipes out of it. Everyone used to wait for his pumpkins. Farmer Hari used to take good care of his pumpkins. Halloween was coming near so pumpkins were in huge demand. Farmer Hari was very elated that this year he had grown good crops. So, he thought that he will sell it and earn lots of money. One fine morning he was working in his farm and suddenly he goes in the backyard and is very shocked and surprised to see a big giant pumpkin. Looking at the pumpkin he said, “Oh, My God! such a big pumpkin”. I have never seen a pumpkin as large as this. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? It’s very extraordinary. He was on cloud nine. It was probably the biggest he had ever seen or grown. It was so big, huge and gigantic that he can’t put his arms around it. It was so tall that he can’t look over it. It was hanging by a stalk. He started panicking and wondered how he was going to lug it to the market. He even wondered who is going to buy such a big giant pumpkin. If no one buys it then how he will make money? Suddenly an idea struck his mind. He plans to call the local news guy. Farmer Hari told the local news guy that he will give some share of money which he earns showcasing the pumpkin. The local news guy agreed and tried spreading the news that Farmer Hari has a giant pumpkin ever and he is going to exhibit it for the people. News of farmer’s giant pumpkin spread like a fire in the woods. Listening this news people from all over the village flooded Farmer Hari’s house to see the gigantic and extraordinary pumpkin. He gave tickets and charged money to let people enter the house and see the giant pumpkin. Soon, the news flooded and Farmer Hari’s pumpkin became very popular. His pumpkin was also shown on the T.V. It spread all over the world. Farmer Hari also got an award for the “World Largest Pumpkin Ever”. Farmer Hari became very popular and rich. He thought someone will steal my pumpkin so he hires some guards to protect it. This news of pumpkin reached the ears of a rich man. It was Halloween coming nearby so the rich man thought that if he buys the pumpkin he can flaunt and boast about it in his Halloween party and make everyone jealous. Rich man was very proudy and always like to show off. The rich man plans to call Farmer Hari and asked him about his idea of selling pumpkin and its price. Farmer Hari thought now he had already earned a lot of money and also became very popular from it. He had earned and gained more than what he had thought. Now he can sell it off to the rich man and earned a money for the last time. Farmer Hari agreed to sell the pumpkin to the rich man. He informed the pumpkin cost rupees fifty thousand. The rich man comes and collect the giant pumpkin. The giant pumpkin is finally sold. The rich man takes the giant pumpkin home to show off in his Halloween party. After the party is over he asked his wife to make delicious recipes out of it.

Finally, the rich man and his wife relished the dishes happily made out of pumpkin. The rich man became regular buyer of pumpkin from Farmer Hari.

By: Rajveer Doshi, Age: 10 yrs

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