Short Story: The Misunderstood Dragon

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Once upon a time in a picturesque village named Dhanakpur, there was a farmer who also had a corn farm and a goat. He lived happily with his wife and a  son named Ravi. The boy was very curious and adventurous.

One evening returning from a farm farmer ran home, terrified. “I saw something terrible,” he cried to his wife and son. “It’s as big as four horses, it has long, sharp claws, a long pointy tail, and shiny blue scales all over his body along with small thorns from head to tail on its back. His son was listening to his father and looked up from his book and said, “that sounds like a Dragon.” His parents got scared but the boy wasn’t. The boy was curious to see the dragon which he has seen or just read in the books. So, next day early morning, the boy  went into the dark forest to explore and took some food along to feed the dragon. There was a dark cave where the boy noticed the dragon and said to dragon, “Hello! Are you hungry, would you like to eat something?”. “He might be friendly”, thought the boy. The dragon was happy, friendly and was thrilled to see the boy’s gesture. The boy smiled and was happy to see and meet the dragon.

The boy sat down and asked the dragon all types of questions. The dragon told  stories of long, long ago. The boy came back every day to hear the stories. They  became good friends. Soon the villagers came to know about the dragon and were so terrified. The boy heard the villagers talking about the dragon so he ran  straight to the dragon and informed him that, “The villagers want to get rid of you!”. “But I would not hurt even a fly”, said the dragon. The boy was sad and  went home to think of some idea to save the dragon. Next day again, the boy heard that even uncle John, a dragon killer was there to fight the dragon. Ravi immediately ran to the dragon and informed the dragon about the uncle John,  the dragon killer who had come along with the longest spear that boy has ever  seen. “But I don’t like fighting. I’ll just hide in my cave until he goes away,” said  the dragon. “You can’t! Everyone wants a fight!”, cried the boy. The Dragon yawned. “I’m sure you’ll think of something,” he said. The boy walked slowly back  into his village. A crowd of villagers was telling about the dangerous dragon. “He  eats ten sheep or goats for breakfast! He burned down small houses and farms”,  roared the villagers. “It’s not true!” said the boy. “The dragon wouldn’t hurt a  fly!” “But everyone wants a fight,” said uncle John. “What can I do?” “Follow me!”  said the boy and took uncle John to meet the dragon. After meeting the dragon,  The dragon said, “No fighting”. So Ravi, uncle John and the dragon decide to  pretend the fight in front of the villagers. The boy asked uncle John to promise  that he will not hurt the dragon. Uncle John said, “But it has to look real”. Dragon asked, “Will there be feast afterwards?” “There will, and you can come,”  said uncle John. Next day, lots of villagers arrive near the cave to watch the fight. The

boy was very nervous. Villagers cheered and waved uncle John. Soon a roar  echoed from the cave and flames of fire had filled the air. Everyone gasped as the huge dragon appeared. His scales sparkled and he breathed out fire. Uncle John  and Dragon pretends to fight and finally after a long fight the dragon slumped to the ground. “Kill the dragon”, shouted the crowd. “I think the dragon has learned his lesson,” uncle John declared. “Let’s invite him to our feast!”. All the villagers agreed and were back to their village. The boy was very happy because the plan worked, the villagers were happy because they have seen a fight, uncle John was happy because he had won but  the dragon was happiest of all. He had lots of new friends and a full tummy. “Jolly  night it’s been, he murmured and began to snore”. “How will I get him home?”  said the boy. “I’ll help”, said uncle John. They all were back to the village and  happy together.

Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover.


Every problem has a solution.

By: Rajveer Doshi

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