Open Letter to the Participants


We are happy to announce the result. It was a tedious task to judge so many good essays. We congratulate all the participants.

The reviews done in three layers

1.       Screening:

Here, screenings of all the essays are done with respect to guidelines and plagiarism.  

2.       Review

Review of the SCREENED essays are done through 5 reviewers who give marks to each essays

With respect to specific parameters such as

a.       Originality of ideas

b.      Writing skill

c.       Structure of the essay

d.      Innovative facts

e.      Grammatical mistakes etc.

3.       Judgment

Judgments is done by the signatory members on the basis of marks obtained by the candidates.

No argument related to the judgment process will be entertained. Please refrain mailing us asking why you are not the winner. We just can convey that the process is very transparent.

Important points and ANNOUNCEMENTS:

·         The physical prize for above 14 years old category: First (Trophy/Medal and a book), second (three customized mobile cases worth 450INR each, sponsored by, Third (10 coupons of 300INR -[Two coupons of 150INR] offered by Below 14 years category: First (Trophy/medal and Travel Box), Second and third will get password of paid ebook.

  • Participation certificate will be provided only to the eligible participants

·         If you are not getting the certificate this time, please do not dishearten. It is a monthly contest. You are encouraged to participate again after following all the guidelines and improved essays. There is nothing to lose in this platform. There is plethora of opportunities. Just you need to open your eyes.

·         If you do not receive the participation certificate before 25th September, please mail us (only after 25th September)

·         Please directly contact the sponsors for the queries related to the gift coupons. We do not have any role in this. We only sponsor trophies and books along with certificates. If you are not happy with the coupons, we cannot help you. Please try to understand. This is not a platform to make money or earn. This is a platform to engage in writing. There is no hidden agenda.

·         Reviews are done mostly by different reviewers in different months.

·         We received many very good essays, so we have decided to create a series of ebooks/printed books, which will be available on our website, amazon and kindle.

·         The ebook will be given free to all the authors

·         Also, we are in the process of devising a method where all the participants can publish their essay on their own once approved.  It will help them to publish their own good essays on our platform and show to the world.

·         We are an almost optimized publication of Weaver-a Digital Magazine every month.  So, all are invited to submit their essay, stories, poems etc. Please check this link for more details.

This platform is made for writers like you and it will be grown by writers like you. we are just a medium. Many past participants joined the team voluntarily and doing excellent to promote creative writing in their spare time. You are welcome.


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