Invitation for Contribution in Upcoming Book


Topic: “Know-how” about a subject/profession and  respective career opportunities

Please keep these points in mind while framing the write up :

  1. Aim: We are trying to have a complete set of career opportunities present in the different fields in our website for enriching the readers and young generation.
  2. The basic idea is to garner your experiences in your own field. There is no age limit. Anyone can share his or her experiences to make the new generation enriched. The content should not include the ordinary information available in GOOGLE.
  3. You should write about the profession/subject you are expert in. That may be anything. any profession, any business, any subject.
  4. Even if you are working in small company or student or in any profession or housewife, or just doing some business, you must have some specialization or experience to share with. That specialization is only known to you. Our idea is to bring that out in the text form so that the next generation is ready to take up the challenge. You can write in English, Hindi or Bengali. Book will be published in English, but Hindi and Bengali write up will be published online.
  5. Once we have a good numbers of informative articles, we shall combine them in the form of book or magazine with your authorship.
  6. Please be aware that it is not only an opportunity, it is a social cause to make the society better for tomorrow by transferring your knowledge. Again we are pointing, that there is no age limit, no boundation of subject. Just you need to write in the field where your experience lies.
  7. The the flow of the write up should be something like this (not necessarily the same. you are free to innovate yourself as er your wish):

Name of Subject: (e.g. nuclear science, Aerospace engineering, designing, fine arts, automobile, banking, teaching, dancing, software, freelancing, fashion, leather technology, ceramic etc.)

About the subject (Introduction):

Scope of the subject/profession: Syllabus etc.

Why to choose: Some key information,

Who should chose: Trait, strength required etc.

Career opportunities:

Your experience: if you or your friends/relatives have any experiences in this filed, just include as many information as possible for the betterment of readers.

From where you can get the degrees, certification, eligibility criteria etc

Other information about the subject/profession

If you have any queries, please feel free to mail us at



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