Changes Which We Need About Change

By: Bora Venkata Dhanunjaya Reddy

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Change is real. We does know that everything changes and even the present world we are living is prone to many changes. What we have to understand is every new moment is a change. Change is a continues, an unending process in the entire mega spectrum. It is the most unacceptable thing for every one of us. We all knew that every moment is a change, and during these series of moments (through time) many things are being happening whether with or without our presence and consent.

Change Required in Human Perception

Now there are few kinds of ideologies of being very blissful. People who live in this state just leave everything to time, that whatever happens, it happens and let it happen and time changes everything. This kind of mentality is the result of continues explorations and observations of many things. They believe everything is illusion, and there is nothing which is real in this unlimited blackness beyond our planet. But what the actual thing is that, they might be right in one context, but not fighting for the required and necessary change and leaving it to time is itself a doom to the ongoing process of civilization. Now the question is, why shouldn’t we try with full determination so that we can become part of it and actually representing time in leading a change.

The very probable work of life is itself to live and evolve. It is the primary objective of it. And when we say there is nothing, it also means there is no truth and lie and neither good nor bad. This kind of Mentality hinders the ongoing process. For life to progress, it itself needs some fundamental principles, morals, thought making, analysis which everyone of us experience and because of this, decision making is possible. With this we can derive all possible effects of every idea and action, so that the survival of life itself is not made impossible. For life to survive it needs to fight for everything. There is no sense that we fought once and can spread our bedsheet. Time changes everything and when circumstances, preferences change it becomes must to lead the required and wanted change. One thing at some particular point of time might be doing good but this might not continue after some period of time and hence flexibility, adaptability to analyze the needs, wants of the people and taking right necessary steps is the most important thing for such a civilized species like us. Throughout the history of evolution, we the humans always thrived for better living. Many kingdoms were established and had fallen with the passage of time, and all these happened changes are the result of love, courage, determination, kindness and on the other hand we give it for hatred, selfishness, cruelty, undesirable wants for being in power, and in the end, we cannot say that there is definitely a purpose for everything which is happening or happened, because tagging a purpose for all the things is not good. There is no purpose for either creation nor destruction, but what we have to understand, and should believe is that life means actual reality within this so-called illusionary creation. Even though life knows nothing, for survival it should learn and live. The primary characteristics of any kind of life is to seek, hope, belief. With these things, life always cherished and we should all feel proud by experiencing this real spirit of it. The reason behind planets life is the geographical features present, and right climate but in the further stage of evolutionary process, when humans began civilizing and became the most intelligent species, purpose became a key factor to mobilize everybody. Such an advanced species like us, we needed something like a backup to actually live in the ongoing process, hence creating and building a purpose to one’s individual life became very important. What we have to understand is that there is no purpose of our birth, but what kind of purpose we set for ourselves for further development in life decides who we are.

Change required in humans’ ideology:

First Ideology

We generally think living life is so hard and many people also believe the same. But the answer is NO; life is not so complicated topic to understand, at least for us (humans). It all depends upon our thought making and ideology. We think life is a race and should run, but it’s not actually the way to view it. When we developed such an extreme ability to seek, explore and observe in the ongoing process of evolution, it’s the primary responsibility of us to sense this as a wonderful opportunity and possibility. Limiting our own capabilities of thoughts which can even reach beyond the horizon is being practiced by falling into the race pit. By these situations, it’s not even possible to attain a kind of self-consciousness and understandability, which in turn makes everything vulnerable, confusing and complicated. People tend to try to accumulate more data and information, so that they can be in a leading position, but what we have to understand is because of the ongoing tremendous technological advancement (artificial intelligence) we can nowhere stand in front of technology in terms of memory, analyzing, processing and deriving output. A machine can perform much more complicated task way better than us in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Hence what machines cannot outweigh humans is in the place of ultimate intelligence called consciousness. Developing this phenomenon is so important. Now there is no meaning for this term, but we can only experience it with our own body when we actually allow it. Everyone’s view of the existence is different. Some people see the world in a very much different way which always makes them calm, peaceful. These kinds of people always try to seek and frame some really exciting answers to the most of the questions. And on the other hand, we have people who always have a narrow vision in viewing the world and the ultimate creation. We generally pass very strong judgements on various things of what we actually see and experience. But our perception of what we are experiencing right now about how and what actually the creation, might not be true. Because an ant or any other kind of insect and animal perception of the existence is entirely different from us, as because we developed an extra dimension and intelligence. And now what if humans can allow themselves to access to much bigger dimension, so that what we actually saw and understood might definitely change. So here the important thing we have to learn is openness, and that seeking quality which always puts us enthusiastic and happier in life no matter what the circumstances are.

Second Ideology

We remark ourselves as the most intelligent and emotional species on this planet right now, and also it is true. But sometimes due to incorrect use of the above-mentioned things, situations tend to change. Suddenly a very close relationship which actually existed through the past suddenly breaks. People gets divided on the basis of caste, religion, language, gender, and even by human drawn national borders. History always been proving that kingdoms might rise and fall, the geography of kingdoms and nations are continuously changing, and this process never stops whether naturally (movements of tectonic plates) or by human actions, but the point is ‘’Culture’’ (beliefs, ideologies, systems, art, knowledge, traditions) which is attributed to one place can never fall except by some terrible situations. Due to political game play and differences of opinions between persons in power, results in a fight between the people residing. We don’t know why people generally understand and confines patriotism only to language, religion, and human drawn borders. Even one centimeter away from the border we feel it’s an enemy place but what needs to be understood very carefully that basically rules and margins are created for convenience, proper ruling, regulation and law enforcement. Importance should always be given to people and culture. Nation means people and its tremendous history of culture. Hence, we cannot mean whatever the things as they are as of now in the world remain exactly the same, even after some decades or centuries. Nothing is permanent. The qualities of love, courage, kindness should become permanent and they are the roots and needs of any kind of culture and holds the same for most people throughout the world. We should love our nation, and rest of the entire world but most importantly showing respect to humans, also in brief giving enough respect to every life around the globe gives us much more dignity and sustainability.

Third Ideology

Every one of us definitely questioned at least one time in any moment, that who is God? What is his purpose? And does he really even exist? Finding answers to these questions, often gives me a clarity, that they have no importance actually unless if we deeply consider it. Truly speaking we don’t know anything about this wonderful creation, and we are some visible particles of life surviving on this tiny planet in comparison. We yet to find many things about our planet itself. We have many things, many conspiracies and issues still remained unsolved on this planet, and now we are bothered about the existence of God. But what we have to understand is, whether some of us believe or do not believe upon his existence, whether we are for or against it, still lying-in same position or discussing about something which we do not know or for which no conclusions can be derived hence bothering about these questions is not needed as it is beyond our intelligence.

Fourth Ideology

We cannot influence changes happening all around the mega spectrum (time) but we can influence the changes of our own world where we live. People should always fight for the justice. The vision of equality always cannot be termed as justice. In our world each animal does possess some unique characteristic (ability) to survive and it is justice given to each particular animal. When everything made equal, in terms of strength, size, color etc. then the true meaning and survival of life itself becomes illusion. Yes, it is important to use the concept of equality in some matters and do remember that equality for every sensible thing is not an opportunity, but justice given becomes our real and true opportunity to lead a better life. Example- Everyone of us need some things to lead the life, one might need a house and other might need a job (work) to do. In matter of equality everyone will not have similar needs and wants and so the justice which makes things to really happen. Change needed in human actions Protecting environment means safeguarding ourselves. In the ongoing process of civilization, we have forgotten the preservation and development of our source (environment) Environmental degradation has become one of the major concerns of this century. When the most important resources such as air, water, soil are being depleted because of human activity, then why should we not spend our time to resolve the issue. Because of our dominance most of the bio-diversity (flora and fauna) had become extinct and we also have a significant list of endangered species. Now it’s our responsibility to make sure that every life has justice. Every life is dependent and the concept of independence is itself imaginary. Knowing all these things we still make blunt mistakes which in turn it is affecting and destroying every possible thing. Our present actions determine the future of this planet, now we should take this as a derived opportunity and biggest responsibility. Nations and corporate giants around the world should pull their hands together to resolve the issue of environmental degradation.

Let us discuss some of the few ways in resolving the issue

1. Cooperation between governments.

2. Common national interest and objectives for developing the situations.

3. Strict regulations regarding activities which degrade the environment.

4. Greater transparency of the ongoing situations.

5. Wide spread information about the occurrence of unforeseen events and it’s possible impact on life’s future survival.

6. Major concerns should be given to fresh water bodies, and air quality as because it effects the people in a much larger way.

7. Reducing the percentage of animal husbandry throughout the world as because of its very high percentage of annual water consumption and waste production.

8. Dumping of wastes into oceans and river bodies should be strictly regulated and if possible, should be prevented.

9. Encouraging organic materials in cultivation, which in turn improves fertility of soil.

10. Preventing overfishing and exploitation of forests throughout the world for human activity.


Change which is positive, is accepted but change which is negative and harmful to the society should be eliminated with greater efforts. Remember if we will not respond to such harmful changes then later consequences must be faced by us all, and also does remember when there is no chance, our good intentions make our actions correct even though they are done in a wrong direction.

By: Bora Venkata Dhanunjaya Reddy

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