Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan |History-Mystery Behind India’s Most Haunted Village

Bhangarh Fort
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Mysteries are always thrilling for anyone, especially the eerie ones. Everyone has a special place in their heart for mysteries, hoping that one day the puzzle would be solved, some brave people even hope that they might be the ones to uncover the mystery. In this essay we are going to see about such a place that shocks everyone and no logical answer has been found about the eeriness surrounding it.The place is none other than the famous Fort of Bhangarh.

About Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of the famous Sariska tiger reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan, a state in India. The ruins of the fort is located on the slope of Aravali Hills; The fort is surrounded by trees and it also has a natural steam that is connected to the pond inside the premises of the fort. The fort was built in the seventeenth century by King Bhagwant Das for his second son Madho Singh. It has four entry points and each entrance has a temple. It is a protected Monument as declared by the archaeological survey of India. The people who had inhabited the boundaries of the fort have moved out making it quite is famous all over India for being ‘Most haunted place in India

Bhangarh Fort Timings

6:00 AM TO 6:00 PM as per ASI’s orders, it is prohibited to visit this fort or area beyond these timings.

Myths of Bhangarh Fort

This fort is known for the supernatural activities that take place after the sun sets. To add much more oddness, the Government of India passed an government order stating that the fort should not be visited after sunset. It is presumed by the locals that the fort is haunted. Local sellers reported to have spotted ghosts, jinns(creatures of smokeless fire) and witches. People who had explored the fort at night times are known to have had freak accidents involving themselves which they have no account of how it had occurred. Girls screaming, unknown people following the visitors and seeing people inside the windows of the fort have also been reported. The most famous incident in recent times goes on like this, a group of college people who thought that the fort’s legend was just a belief of foolish villagers. So in order to prove it, they decided to visit the fort at night. After they entered the fort laughing and enjoying themselves, they encountered a man in a door less room of the fort smirking at them, they ran for their lives and never returned. Another interesting fact about the village nearby the fort is that none of their houses have roofs, the villagers claim that even if a roof is installed it automatically collapses. The fort is also a popular place for practicing black magic and witchcraft, so it is believed by the villagers that sadhus and babas visit the fort at odd hours. Various bangles and torn sarees are said to be shattered around the place.

Until now no ones what actually happens at the night time inside the fort. But interesting theories have been theorised. The first story starts like this, a great sage named Baba Balunath who used to reside in Bhangarh had allowed the building of the fort on the condition that the shadow of the fort should not reach his house or else the whole village will be ruined. But the grandson of King Madho Singh, Ajab Singh (who was crowned as king after Madho Singh) broke the promise by rising the fort to such a height that the shadow touched the sage’s house. As a result of this the whole village was ruined and thus led towards its destruction.

The second legend involves the beautiful princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati and the tantrik(black magician) minister Singhia. The minister Sanghia was attracted to princess Ratnavati and wished to marry her. In order to woo her, he made a love potion using his black magic and gifted it to her. But princess Ratnavati found out his evil intentions and made sure that he was crushed by a rock. Before breathing his last Sanghia placed a curse on the entire land saying that no soul would ever live here peacefully. Since then, Bhangarh is said to have been haunted.

The third theory is somewhat more believable but might also sound silly. It is stated that the visitors are discouraged to visit the fort at night times due to its close proximity to the Sariska tiger reserve. It is feared that any tiger attack may be encountered by the villagers, hence for their safety the night time roaming in this village is said to be discouraged.

So technically one of these may be the possible reason behind the eeriness and mystery surrounding the fort of Bhangarh.

But we might never find the authentic reason of why the place is haunted or maybe we might, there’s always a possibility as long as people who love mystery (like us) are there to ponder over these issues in order to find out the truth. This mystery of the fort has lured many visitors, ghost hunters and tourists to this fort. It is one of the most popular places in the Asian Continent. This fort gained a lot of publicity in recent times and the discovery channel made a documentary based on this fort. It is usually crowded in the weekends swarmed by both the locals and foreigners. It is one of the most visited place by tourists due to its reputation of being haunted. The mystery around it, has made this a very profitable place as compulsary entry passes are issued to everyone who wants to visit the fort. Various reputed organisations and channels have sent their team to make documentaries, movies and researches on this fort. It is extremely popular among the world. Its also carries the name of being Asia’s most haunted place. So in future if anyone unravels the mystery of this fort, it might be life changing for not only archaeologists but also for us mystery lovers. So let us hope that the mystery behind the Bhangarh fort is found as soon as possible.

By Aswin Krishna Kandasamy, Chennai, Tamilnadu


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