Best Mangastream Alternatives You May Be Interested


Everyone is obsessed with manga and why won’t they be? Manga is a Japanese type of comic or even graphic novel, which have stories and scripts illustrated in a pleasing array. On the readers’ demands, there have been a ton of online websites that lets you read the manga for free. Out of the many, Mangastream is one of the famous online scanlation manga comic database, which lets people read these beautiful comics without any charges or fees to be paid for reading them.It offers a collection from different genres, right from action, adventure, comedy, detective, drama, to even romance, sci-fi, fantasy and hentai, i.e. erotica.

However, right now, MangaStream is actually taken down from the World Wide Web, after around more or less ten years of successful service. While a proxy site by the name of is still working and full functional, it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether it is authentic or not. The reason of shutting the site down still remains under the cloak, making manga lovers afraid of their only trusted source of being shut down.

Manga lovers, fret not! Because there are other alternative sites for MangaStream online – and that too, for free. Want to know more about this list? Then read right down below:

Alternative sites to read Manga online:

  1. MangaFreak:

MangaFreak is a perfect and alternative site for MangaStream, and quite underrated too. The website is sorted amazingly well, with the top left corner having categories written, while the right side has a sufficient enough search bar. The site allows the users to download manga comics that are out there – something not all of the sites listed here can provide.

  • MangaPanda:

MangaPanda, out of all these options, is the most similar to the website of MangaStream. If you particularly like the user interface of MangaStream, then you will definitely fall in love with MangaPanda. There is a huge library waiting for you on the website, with around hundreds and thousands of premium quality manga comics. A plus point is that it is accessible not just from your computer, but also from smartphone or tablet.

  • KissManga:

KissManga is a serious deal, with over 1,00,000 manga comics that the readers can take advantage of. Those are not just high-quality scans, but the entire library is revamped and updated just as regularly. Passionate manga lovers can easily get on board with KissManga, which is one of the most user-friendly and efficient websites for Manga to be ever seen.

  • Manganelo:

Manganelo is a perfect online scanlation website, coming with an awesomely more than sufficient database. There are so much comics on this site that you will get lost in the database – and you will be grateful for it.The website is simple, straightforward but perfectly elegant and oh so easy-to-use. Anappealing factor of this site is the vertical scrolling feature, while reading manga, which people love tremendously.

  • MangaOwl:

MangaOwl is a popular manga reader, which is the hot place for reading the WSJ sequence episodes before they are officially released over the internet. The user interface is colored in a white and orange theme and is quite user-friendly and convenient to use. It has an immensely massive manga database, which can benefit the readers a lot.

  • MangaDex:

MangaDex is a much sought-after website and a perfect alternative to MangaStream. There are a whole lot of manga, ranging from coloured version to even fan-fiction, and not to forget, crossover manga series. The website it versatile, providing different language options and has a whole separate community dedicated to the passionate manga lovers.

  • MangaFox:

MangaFox is a great manga reader website, with its popularity reaching the skies – there have been many fake MangaFox created in the face of the original one. The is the original one, where a screen of orange, black and white greets you. It is not only user-friendly, but also comes equipped with adaptive zoom and comfortable reading options.

Manga is growing to be more appealing to the society, with its graphic depiction, innovative stories and overall appeal. And all of the sites mentioned above are not only perfect alternatives to MangaStream, but alsoawesome manga reader in their own way.


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