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Watching sports have always been one of the most popular hobbies in the global nation. Just like music binds people around the world going beyond the divisions of language and countries; likewise, sports are also another emotion that people across the whole globe share. Now we all live in different time zones. So, it is quite common that we often miss live ad exclusive telecasts of sports events. For that, many channels provide free streaming of sports events, in the best quality. Here are the best online streaming free sports channels that will completely provide the best quality of entertainment at any time

It is already reviewed to the best sport streaming site of 2020 simply because of its easiness, robustness and plethora of options. You can watch your choice of sport at your comfort. It guarantees you the best streaming. Apart, it offers to watch free webseries, TV reality shows, cartoons/kids series, and premium/HD movies using the highest quality, virus free streaming sites, which are 100 percent safe to browse.

 If you are a die-hard fan of soccer varieties like baseball, football, and even tennis, rugby, and cricket, this site will provide you satisfaction. It is mainly focused on the sports of cricket and its history. But it also has equal options for providing game nights of baseball, tennis, and many other popular sports. There is one disadvantage to this site. It has some misleading and invasive embedded advertisement videos which will eventually pop up even if you have successfully downloaded the ad blocker. If someone is searching for an age-old cricket video, this is the perfect site to dig in. If you are looking for alternatives of 1Movies TV, for watching movies online for FREE, you need to do a deep research to zero  down a final channel.

This particular sports channel is famous for its unabashed and unlimited free streaming of baseball, football, and basketball videos, in the best quality available; sometimes even better than the original version of it. It has pretty good coverage. But it has one limitation. To play stream the sports games, you need to download the Flash players, and then only it will allow you to run the game. But if you are searching for a rare video, this is the only place to find it. So, it is better to get the Adobe Flash player and enjoy unlimited games.


 if you are looking for a smooth, cost-free sports streaming site, you can go for this site. One of the best facilities of this site is that it collects various videos from different sites and navigates them in an easier interface.SO, here you can find major sports videos like hockey, basketball, football, tennis, and even golf. One constraint of this site is that whenever you click on the video you want to watch, there will be a new window opened that will play the game. If it doesn’t then it would provide you further link to the game video that will be opened in another site.

This is a comprehensive live sports streaming site. It provides you with the sports entertainment programs on Hockey, volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball, and even wrestling. But, it has the same problem of leading to another unwanted site with a click. A good ad-blocker might help to avoid the situation, but not for every game and forever. So, the best way to avoid it is whenever another site pops up; it is best to just click the cross and go to the game page as fast as possible. is a site for professional sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and many more. Now does not directly steam sports, but communities that will provide you links to join the streaming sites. Some of the best for free-sports streams are -r/puckstreams (Hockey), r/MLBstreams (Baseball), and r/NCAAbbstreams for college basketballs. But if you are using, make sure you do have one of the best ad-blockers as almost every video of this site misleads to invasive videos.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Is where you can get anything and everything, no matter how unusual or common the topic is. Specifically, it’s Sports section is something many people follow devotedly, thanks to its detailed and comprehensive way of providing latest news and updates. Not only does it is a legitimate source for news and updates, but it also gives you ways to check standings and scores. Streaming sports on this website it like a piece of cake, and because of the fact it is available on both Android and iOS platforms, your desired sports videos and live feed can be streamed at your convenience.


SportingNews is a quaint little website, where you can find everything related to major sports. Their tagline actually announces ‘One-stop shop for avid fans’ and they have successfully stuck to make this come true on their site. The website is designed in a sophisticated looking pink-white theme, with an interactive slideshow on the homepage, from where you can jump on to the ‘Trending’ News. If you want to stream live videos, this is one of the easier-to-use channels. Along with it, not only it has latest scores and updates, but it also provides some intriguing sports videos. The sports are all divided into proper categories, including NFL, MLB, NBA and Boxing, to name a few, where you can get standings, scores and related news.


ESPN is the ultimate sports stop for fall the sports’ lovers; and they know it too. Derived from the reputed TV channel of the same name, the website as well as the app works just like a digital version of the channel, where broadcasted games can be streamed and updates, news and additional videos can be seen. The sports that this site gives access to are football, hockey, golf, baseball, tennis, golf and cricket, NBA, MMA, to name a few. All you have to do is select the option of ‘watch’ in the menu and just start streaming. Some of the content is restricted, as the site can only show those sports which they have rights on. ESPN has also launched an app for people so that they can access their content comfortably and whenever they want. And though there is a premium version too, you surely get a lot of features in the free account.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv might not be a website primarily related to sports, but there is some quality sporting content you can find in there, including live streaming sports. The sports you can watch here are Cricket, Tennis, NBA, Soccer, WWE and MotoGP, among others. A plus point of this site is that it also has an app for both operating systems, i.e. Android and iOS. Though it is actually restricted in some countries, the rest of the world can benefit a lot from this site, which features highlights, has talk shows, news and other fixtures one can benefit from. In fact, there is an actual live scoreboard on Sony Liv too, which can help you keep yourself updated with the latest updates.


Last, but not at all the least, Hotstar is a live streaming platform, put forth by Star Networks and has a user-base primarily from India only. However, one can actually stream sports, wherever you are on the back of the world. There are a variety of sports you can watch there, including cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, swimming, and also athletics and Kabaddi. If you are from outside of India, you can always take help of VPN. It will, in fact, do you good, as not only is the streaming quality excellent, but also it has a easy and neat user interface for the people. It is available on as smartphone application too, and you don’t have to worry about shooting down pop-up ads – because there are none.


The advancement in technologies has now made it possible to enjoy live sports games that are a continent away sitting on the couch in your living room. Above are the best cost-free live streaming sports channels.

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