How to write a five page essay?

By: Adishri

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Myself, being a keenly thriving writer my entire life have written innumerable essays and work thus making me worthy of providing my advice on how to fabricate a five-paged essay.

The first and foremost things I suggest you should keep in check are as follows: A good, peaceful environment. Your mind should be free from other thoughts and worries. Keep a favourite pen and a dairy that’s attractive to you for writing all of your essays. These two things will bring out the feel and interest, making you willingly want to work on it and enjoy the process of creation. This is an inexplicable feeling of bliss that us writers and word lovers can relate to.

Though it’s said don’t judge a book by it’s cover, an interesting book with a cover as charming and enchanting in your opinion is always close to your heart making you have a winsome attachment to it. So I apply the same logic to writing because it has always been like that for me. This habit generally develops in childhood, you writing with your favourite pen which has a colour so unique and ravishing, in your favourite diary at your blithsome comfort zone combined with consistency.

When you see the topic for the first time, brainstorm the content in your memory about what points could you possibly be writing. Don’t worry about forgetting important points. Keep cool in the depth of your mind. While writing an essay, our minds generously provide us with good words no matter what. During that period of time, thoughts run around in our brains at exemplary speed but we do not understand for being so engrossed and focused on writing. It can be described as mixing insoluble coco powder in cold milk. This is what our ideas appear to be in our minds while writing.

Write down the topic of the essay as if it’s a part of the essay. That will trick your mind subconsciously into thinking that you have gotten into the flow. When you start writing, don’t jump off to your favourite point directly. I want you to observe and read the topic well. First start off with 2 vague lines. Then explain the meaning of whatsoever before actually starting the essay on that specific thing or saying. You can start with a short and sweet introduction like how I did for this one! Do not write down any of your ideas in the first small paragraph. You have a whole essay after that to write everything. Letting go off worry will make you understand how further your writing capability can go.

One of the most important things is to trust yourself. No one can have a better relationship with you than you. You can and you will. You write like no other. No other writes like you. Your expertise is jaw dropping while talent is flabbergasting.  Your handwriting is pearls. Your typing is harmonious melody to ears. Your reciting and story telling is comparable to Sharazad. There is no one out there like you and there never will be. Your eminence is adored.

When you are loving what you are fabricating and don’t bother about how long or how far do you need to go more, you are more than half way there. How do authors write five hundred-paged novels? How do they make series out of them? How do they continue that with multiple series? Do they sit and agonize over how many words are expected from them? There is a reason there is a positive number of readers and negative number of authors. This art of words, the way we produce, design and document them is a powerful forte not many possess.

It was never about trying to reach the word limit. It’s about when you were trying to write the essay, did you reach the word limit before reaching your almost-potential? If you think you have drained out of ideas and can’t think anymore, stop working on it. Take a break and forget that you were writing an essay. The next day come back and sit for it. You will realise that you have endless ideas and perceptions, how significantly pre-eminent your thought process is. Our brain can never run out and never get filled, nor can overflow. When you think you are done with an essay, that is not where you have finished. You can always add things and correct mistakes.

There is no perfect essay out there and it can be worked upon till infinity. But the perfect essay exists when you feel proud of your brilliance, unable to believe that the auriferous of a masterpiece was born from your intellectual. 

By: Adishri

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