Women Empowerment Essay

By: Lebogang Polite Nthabaye

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Empowerment means giving a person the authority or power to do something. A woman is when a female through has passed through puberty. Women empowerment is giving women all the power need in order to achieve their goals without any hindrance.

Living in this century women empowerment is important because some women are more learned than man.With the rising of technology woman have or are willing to fully become independent. How women were treated in the late 90s and 80s have resulted in women learning to give in (abuse, polygamous marriage and other things which are not fair to them.) Hence this has killed their confidence and what they are instilling in a girl child is exactly what they have been through.

If the world will not consider empowering women then I am afraid we will have ladies in the later years who are afraid of taking the world in to their own hands. We will have young ladies who are growing just to give into abusive relationships, polygamous marriage. Innovation and creativity will be considered as a totem in women.

I believe in one of the quotes which says “empower a girl child so she can empower a nation”, we as women we are considered mothers and mothers are the first teachers, and their teachings can change how a person thinks. So empowering a woman is more like growing a tree which can survive in all seasons and bear fruits throughout the year. Women empowerment should be considered as the change need in a country.

With what women have suffered in their early years, it is important to show women that a community is incomplete without their ideas and their existence. Women used to have zero rights. Hence this resulted in unhappy families and unwanted relationships because women were forced to give in into wanted marriages.

Women empowerment is important because it leads to happy female lives and good health. Women empowerment helps ladies to take their own decisions which favor and are fair to them. With the rising high women empowerment ladies are able to study unlike in the past where ladies where forced to get married at a very young age. If a girl child was to refuse to get married in order to fulfill her dreams of studying she was considered to be disrespectful. Women empowerment has also helped reduce the number of teen pregnancies since those forced teen marriages were a risk to a girl child’s life. Women were forced to give a hand in their daughter’s marriage without giving consent.

The government should also raise an upper hand in women empowerment, rules and laws should be made regarding child marriage and all girls should be given the right to be educated. Gender equality and equal rights should be given men and women. The community or society should support women who are divorced or who are widows, cultural rules which are not fair to women should be abolished. Communities should be made aware about the importance of women.

Women must be allowed to follow each career path they would like to pursue. Women should not be judged about their religions, choice of clothes or their career path. This is because this will result in better communities resulting in an improved economic growth. Also this will result in better female leadership who are not afraid of taking decisions because of the fear of being judged by the community because they will have the communities or the societies support.

The biggest weapon of a better future is women empowerment.” A girl child should be two things: who and what she wants “said Coco Chanel. This simply means that a girl child should be allowed to do what she wants without being judged. A strong female or lady is made by the ability to choose her own decisions, without any fear of being judged. If we want a community of young, strong and bold females then we need to respect choices made by young girls regarding their career path, religion and choice of clothes.

I wish the future could raise more leaders who are willing to empower our sisters and empowering should the basic culture of any community. There is this song which is my favorite, written in my home language Setswana by the late singer Thuto Ricardo Ramphaleng called Thari ya Sechaba, this song encourages empowerment. I wish everybody could understand this song because it talks about pure empowerment.

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman,” Melinda Gates.

By: Lebogang Polite Nthabaye

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