How to Write an Interpretative Essay?

By: Prafull Dwivedi

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The word ‘interpretation’ basically means an expression which is capable of defining the meaning of any word or sentence according to the author. Thus the interpretation is very subjective in nature and it differs from person to person. Interpretation always refers to the inner meaning which the author wants to establish of the subject he is writing on.

As far as interpretative essay is concerned it is an essay which tries to explain the context of the topic and its various implications as per the author. Therefore it can easily be said that an interpretative essay can also widely differ in its expression and tone for the same topic for different authors.Thus it can be said that there is no clear demarcations regarding the interpretation of single topic as different authors can put it into different perspectives.

 Still there are some basic points which need to be followed while writing an interpretative essay which are are as follows-

First is the clarity of the meaning

The meaning of the topic should be clear for the author and then through his interpretation to The Reader. It may happen that the meaning of the topic vary from author to author but it should be clear and to the point for the Readers of the essay. And it is not unlikely that is can only be achieved through clarity of meaning.

Second is the clarity of expression

Since an interpretative essay is all about how you can deal with the meaning of the topic. Therefore it is essential that whatever thoughts author has to share with the public at large of the essay should be clear and easily understandable so as to avoid any controversy related to the double meaning of the topic. Thus it is essential that besides the meaning, the context of the expression should also speak loud and clear so that message can easily be conveyed by the author in a lucid yet interesting manner.

Third is simple yet understandable interpretation

An essay on any literary work depends a lot on the readers, therefore interpretation should be such that it can easily be conveyed to the audience for readers of that literary work. And this can easily be achieved through interpretation in simple yet understandable manner covering various aspects of single topic.

Fourth is is the behaviour pattern of the readers

Any creative work should be undertaken as per the behaviour pattern of the audience or for readers of that literary work. This help us in Understanding the knowledge base and previous exposure of the readers with the same or similar topics. This initiative not only breads greater penetration of the meaning of the essay but at the same time it will also attract a  large reader base.

Fifth is the usage of simple language

It has been said that the ‘simplicity is the utmost sophistication’. Thus any expression which is made in simple yet understandable language is able to attract large number of people as readers and also at the same time prevent the author from being misunderstood on controversial aspects related to the topic. This is one of the most essential BUILDING BLOCKS guiding journey for a successful interpretative essay.

Sixth is the current context of the topic

Although every topic has some interpretation but if current context is also added regarding the extent of the topic and its various dimensions this will definitely make and interpret all the  more appealing and contemporary in nature. Thus in order to understand the entire topic as a whole covering its various dimensions it is very important that the past, present and future aspects related to the topic are so integrated that the entire Crux of the topic can be well understood at the outset of reading that essay.

Seventh is the Awareness of the topic

It is important to understand that topic of an essay can vary as far as the context is concerned and taste of the readers. Thus it is important that the author should have a large and varying knowledge base coupled with Awareness of all the existing dimensions of the essay so that any topic can be dealt with utmost sincerity and confidence.

Thus it can be is the said that if the above things and characteristics are kept in mind by any author while addressing any topic for interpretative essay then definitely an appealing interpretative essay will be the result of adhering to such basics  and such an essay will be worth reading for the audience and readers of any generation.

By: Prafull Dwivedi

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