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Essay on Essay vs Research paper

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In the academic world, paper writing such as essays or research papers is a fundamental practice. Whether for an elementary student or a college student, essay writing is a highly common method to express thoughts or ideas. Essays or other creative writings are the norms in language subjects. Other than the essay, there’s also a research paper that is more formal and informative for paper writing. Since an essay and a research paper are very similar to one another and most students are unable to distinguish between the two, they frequently write research papers instead of essays and vice versa. Learning the differences between essays and research papers is important to know the correct way to do all kinds of assignments.

Start with the essay.

Start with the essay. Writing an essay is one of the very common ways of paper writing. An essay is a written work that expresses the author’s thoughts or ideas in a unified whole. In elementary school, essay writing is done in a short length and basic way. Whereas the higher grades have longer essays but no more than 4 or 5 paragraphs. Essays have more freedom in writing creatively the topic of ideas. In addition, the essay uses language that is easy for readers to accept and understand.

Types of essays

Five types of essays that are commonly encountered in everyday life are narrative, description, exposition, argumentation, and persuasion. Narrative essays must contain an investigation or exposition part. Descriptive essays need to describe the topic in a detailed way. Argumentative essays require a strong thesis statement. Expository essays contain general background, the body presents the details, and the conclusion summarizes the topic presented. The last persuasive essay is a statement to encourage or invite someone to follow the author’s wishes.

Research paper

Next is a research paper. A research paper is characterized as plagiarism-free writing. A research paper or proposal is done as a means of obtaining all the writer’s research needs. It contains a plan of activities to be carried out. The details start from the implementation strategy from start to finish. Quoting Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, a proposal can be defined as a systematic and detailed work plan for a formal activity. Research papers have more formal and systematic writing.

Types of research

There are four types of research papers based on their content, namely literature review research papers, development research papers, qualitative research papers, and quantitative research papers. A literature review is usually carried out to solve a problem that relies on a critical and in-depth study of relevant library materials. The second is development research proposals are used for activities that produce designs or products that can be used to solve actual problems. The qualitative type of research paper is a way to express the symptoms in a holistic-contextual way through collecting data from a natural setting by using the researcher himself as a key instrument. The last, type of proposal for quantitative research uses a deductive-inductive approach.

Difference between a research paper and an essay

The first main difference between a research paper and an essay is that a research paper is usually way longer than an essay. The Word count of the research paper ranges from 3000 to 12, 000. While the word count of essays ranges from 3000 to 5000. The second, purpose of writing a research paper is to carry out and write a report including the unique and detailed form of the research done by the author on some particular topic. Whereas the goal of writing essays is to analyze critically already published work done on some particular topic. The third, the research paper, displays the writer’s actual research on a few topics. This is called the primary literature. Essays lack any real research and contain information from previously published articles. We refer to this as secondary literature. The fourth and the last, in a research paper, each step of research is written, including a hypothesis, literature review, methodology, and conclusions. Essays summarize the various studies and viewpoints on a subject.

Final Words

Writing abilities are very important when navigating academic life. Remember the purpose of writing, how it should be done, and the ideal format when writing a research paper or an essay. There are some similarities between an essay and a research paper that make it difficult to tell them apart. It is crucial to understand the fundamental distinctions between the two types of writing when working in the academic setting to prevent confusion when writing. Research papers frequently have eight pages, making them longer than essays in most cases. Writing a research article requires more effort than writing an essay because of its length.

By: Nurul Widya Tanaya

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