Essay vs Research Paper

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Essay on Essay vs Research Paper

A good essay can inspire society to think positively. A good research paper will bring information that can be beneficial to society. Let me discuss the  essay first. There was a world famous essay. It is Francis Bacon’s “Of Studies” His essay is only 500 words long. How to study literature was written in a few words. His essay also includes grammatical ellipsis. That is why, his essay is so concise.

The most famous sentence in the essay is “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. ”A good essay will have these characteristics—

(1) The sentence are compact,

(2) Proper use of grammar and usage in its proper place

(3) Ability to inspire the public.

There are several types of essays, such as – Descriptive Essays, Narrative Essays, Expository Essays, Reflective Essays, Argumentative Essays, Imaginative Essays and Proverbial Essays. School exams often include essay question type. Nowadays, more and more International Essay Competitions are held. By participating in these essay contests, you will gain good writing skills. When you see the winner list, you will notice the essays of the winners. You can also gain new knowledge and ideas from the ideas of others who do not share your views. In this way, you can become a broadminded and mature person. Having a good experience is worth more than winning an essay contest. Students must be proficient in writing a scholarship essay in order to gain admission to a top-ranking university. By participating in essay contests, you will gradually reduce the difficulty of essay writing.

Essay vs Research Paper

Almost everyone has written essay, but only a few have written research paper. At the end of the university year, a research paper is usually submitted to obtain Bachelor or Doctorate. Throughout the ages, there have been research papers that have benefited the community. Some research paper have caused controversy in the community. Let it be! Karl Marx’s DAS KAPITAL (1867) and Marx and Engels ‘THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO (1848). These two papers have highlighted the racial differences in the world. The capitalist class and bloodless class, the norm in capitalism is to increase unemployment. Only Cronies have greatest wealth of the human world. There were be an oversupply of goods. The way to expand the market for surplus goods is to create wars. As the cycle of war and disaster strikes, the poor becomes poorer. Such anomalies of capitalism and the transition to colonialism were exposed. Sir Isaac Newton’s PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA–mathematical representations of the velocity of sound waves were described. Then, Adaptive Calculus, Changing Matters and Flowing Matters. Construction engineer of a skyscraper in New York City, the movement of a car, flight of an aeroplane are all basically a summary of Newton’s mathematical concepts. Albert Einstein’s RELATIVITY ,THE SPECIAL AND GENERAL THEORIES – it is a very difficult research paper to understand. There is a saying that only three or four people in the world understand. Therefore, it can be said that an essay is closer to the public than a research paper. Thomas Malthus’ ESSAY ON THE PRINCIPAL OF POPULATION (1798) It was a controversial paper. At that time, there were religious groups and political groups that strongly condemned him. Argumentative essays will contain controversial sentences and ideas. However, like the author of a controversial research paper, the author of the essay will not be prosecuted. For example, ”Slow and Steady Wins the Race” Someone will write the essay in support of the rabbit and tortoise story. But, another would argue that the rabbit and the tortoise story is an illogical tale and that in all cases, it will not succeed if it is done slowly and at a normal rate. If the essay title is “The Unpleasant Season” , most students will write about a season they do do not like. For example, because summer is hot , because of the wet season, it was difficult to get outside, because winter is frustratingly cold. But a special student will write about the usefulness and pleasant of all seasons and write that there is no unpleasant season. No one will blame them for what they write.

Research Papers: Scientific, Technological, Agricultural, Political, Medical and Business may vary by field of study. Good research papers have such the characteristics (1) Contains accurate informations (2) Benefiting the community. If you are going to write a research paper, you need to do a lot of research. One of the most famous research papers on science is Charles Darwin’s ORIGIN OF SPECIES (1859).He even forgot to publish the paper while observing the interrelationships of species. It was published only after a friend reminded him to publish the paper.

      In conclusions, the same requirement for both essay and research paper is a passion for reading. Yes, to write an essay or a research paper, you need to read and study a lot of good books. An illiterate writer will write a subject without knowing it well. Such an essay or research paper will be of no value to a thoughtful reader. It is difficult to say which of the two, essay or research paper, is more beneficial to society.

By: Khin Myo Satt, Mayanmar

Keywords: Descriptive Essays, Narrative Essays, Expository Essays, Reflective Essays, Argumentative Essays, Imaginative Essays and Proverbial Essays, Essay vs Research Paper

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