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Healthy Life

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“Health is Wealth” , a phrase which forms an impression in our mind every time we hear it from any source .Health is a state of being free from any illness or injury .According to scientists , a healthy mind demands a healthy diet and is a way to healthy living .

Life,  a chain of phases, lead us in a tour of emotional and psychological changes which run alternate to each other .These changes bring joy and happiness in our lives but also brings crises sometimes .One can neutralize these crises by keeping ourselves healthy, which is a strong function of happiness in life also. Some people relate health with money ,thinks that money buys everything ,however money does not solve the problems of unhealthiness in a person. The idea of healthiness depends on physical and mental health mainly ,both of which are important in accomplishing a healthy lifestyle.

Physical well being include complete well being of body parts and organs .Body parts help in mobility and other physical work while involved in internal body functioning. All these functioning cannot be achieved until proper physical health. Mental health is also important factor for a healthy body. It is most important among the two as a healthy body requires a healthy mind. Emotional phases are like sunflowers in a garden. When a ray of opportunities arise , we blossom in that direction and forgets everything .However, when negativity dominates ,we are full of sorrow and sadness .This pendulum of emotion continuously runs back and forth and contribute to aggregate emotions .That is why it is important to invest ourselves in activities that gives us joy to keep our mind healthy which is directly connected to emotional health.

How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Firstly, mental health is an important for making our life healthy. Happiness is one of the factor which can lead our life healthy. It tunes our life and makes it smooth and steady. Happiness comes in every color of a rainbow. The colors in a rainbow represents different wavelengths of happiness which becomes visible after the demise of rainfall .It is a significance to new life with a new beginning which shower us sparkling glitter of joy and jolliness. Being happy is a gift to those who search happiness in small and pity things. These people love to busy themselves in things that matters much to them and goes along with it. They socialize their world around them and neutralize their flaws within it by their own. Love is another factor which mostly infatuates us towards happiness. Sharing emotions, exchanging situations bond us with one another hence increases compatibility. It is an antidote to sorrow, guilt, jealousness etc. Love rebalance ourselves, which was once lost, over the track of life. Love is sometimes confused with external beauty. When Princess Cinderella wearing rugged and untidy clothes found his prince, the prince got attracted towards her inner beauty and not outer.

Grudges, revenge, anxiety etc are factors which pull our personality back to the shadow leading to our downfall. Revenge to assassinate someone or grudges against some pity things not only shovel others happiness but also degrade ours. Other situations such as shaming, abusing fall victim in tears. Famous comedian Ellen DeGeneres when came out of the closet as lesbian had to face harsh reality of life. The people threw abuses on her, her own relatives abandon her which made her think about suicide. These negative emotions had a bad impact on our brain which often leads to anxiety or in severe cases may lead to depression.

Secondly, maintaining physical health including physical activities and taking balanced diet is also important for healthy living. In today’s hectic schedule people are finding hard to take some time for doing  physical activities such as exercises, gym, yoga.30 minutes running in evening or morning improves our blood circulation and prevent heart diseases. However in India states like Punjab has fallen into a trap of drugs and injected substances, all of which does negative impact to our body. All these substances cause major damage to our breathing system which leads to death in a short course of time. These drugs are the major reasons to STDs and other harmful diseases. AWHO and other government public health organizations helped us in near eradication of drugs. In recent years, people have shifted from exercise to yoga which has multifold effects. It not only sooth our mind and body but also uplifts our strength. An international yoga day is celebrated all over the world to create awareness among people and it also demands our pledge to continue it to further generations. Yoga is not only clinched to younger generation but can be practiced by all age groups. In India obesity is a major problem. Obesity is caused due to excessive intake of junk food without doing handful of exercises. It is a hub to many diseases. Yoga and other exercises can help us to come out from such ill health problems.

Ingesting balanced diet can keep our body healthy and fit. It is a three square meal diet which includes all the nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and proteins. It provides deficit nutrients to our body in adequate amount. Transformation from normal diet to balanced diet and keeping latter for prolong time may improve our health.

Thirdly, cleaning our workplace and surrounding can also improves our health. Clean and tidy places prevent the growth of microbes and thereby prevent diseases.

At last but not the least, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A healthy body is a need of an hour and must be managed so that we remain healthy and fit for long time. So wake up and look for health otherwise we will fall in a trap of diseases which left us in a state of illness and will shatter our lives. 


Author BioVIKASH SHARMA, 22 years old from PANTNAGAR. A participant of Monthly Essay Competition, February, 2109 organised by #Monomousumi 





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