What is it Like to Live in Queens, NY?

Live in Queens, NY

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Living in Queens is much like living in a small town or a suburb, but without the boredom. However, it is an escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. It is the largest borough in NYC and the perfect location to escape the busyness of NYC while still remaining nearby. Queens addresses can be tricky as building numbers are hyphenated which makes it confusing to navigate.

A few things you should know about Queens

  1. It is very diverse – there are over 160 languages spoken in Queens which makes it the language capital of the world, according to the World Economic Forum.
  2. Queens has amazing malls – There are many malls in Queens where you can get everything you are looking for in one trip. The biggest malls in Queens are the Rego Centre, Queens Centre and the Shops at Atlas Park.
  3. Beer Gardens – Queens has some of the best beer gardens and bar patios. The well-known spot is the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden however you will find higher end options like Estate Garden Grill and LIC Bar.
  4. Queens is home to the U.S open – Many people may not be aware of this but since 1978 the U.S Open has been played at the USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Centre.
  5. NYC’s second largest Chinatown is in Queens – some of the best Chinese eateries can be found in Queens. It is known for having world-class Indian, Taiwanese and Korean foods.
  6. Queens is the place where NYC’s great Jazz musicians lived – In 1930 Addisleigh Park integrated and became the home to black elites and not just whites as was previously known. It is home to Jackie Robinson, John Coltrane and Joe Lewis
  7. Famous pianos are manufactured in Queens – Steinway and sons has been making pianos since 1870 and was even the largest employer in NYC in the mid-1860s. Pianos are still handmade today and the company allows people to take a factory tour to get a glimpse of the manufacturing process.
  8. Queens hosted the 1964 World’s Fair – Many remnants of the fair still remain today. The 350-ton stainless steel Unisphere is one of the most well-known landmarks in Queens.

Living in Queens

You will find inexpensive rooms in Queens if you are planning to relocate as there are many options available for those living on a budget. Most people prefer finding apartments to share as this gives each person a share in the bills for the month. Included in the price you pay is access to great amenities and a chance to meet lots of new people. It also opens you up to many social events and a chance to see and be seen especially if you are new and are trying to make your mark professionally. Queens is a great option for raising a family and building a career as it is rich in history and diversity. It has also been home to many world renowned people.


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