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Our birth is some  how a wonder on the earth so we need to enjoy the wonder which is the blessing of a unknown power.To line this life very happy without any obstacles like health problems .So we need to live more hygienic and healthy life without illness.So many are dying every day due to illness and   dangerous diseases   like cancer, tumors, heart attacks and several respiratory problems .By following some ways we can control some diseases and can hike in the average life span of a man .

Let us discuss about some of the habits which we need to follow to increase our  life span and help us to stay healthy.

1. YOGA :

  • Yoga is an group of physical mental and spiritual practices and this is originated Bharat (Hindustan) the yoga  give us mental relaxation and helps us to be fit and it also helps us to balance all of our body mentally  and psychologically and helps to cure many breathing problems
  • it increases the flexibility and  strength along the resistance power of body and helps in good circulation of blood in the body It also helps us to reduce our weight and become a balanced person and improve the bone health
  • Mainly it makes you happier and it give you relief from the stress you feel in your daily routine and it may help to defeat many hazardous health problems


  • For maintaining good health taking a balanced diet or healthy diet is very important The diet should contain all the macro micro  nutrients which are essential to our human body

Best diet tips:

  • As per me taking organic food which is cultivated with organic matter like vermin compost and Panchagavya  is good for health rather than taking the normal food which is cultivated with chemical pesticides and  fertilizers because the chemicals harm our body
  • As the eating of polished rice can increase the sugar levels in body more quickly and make the diabetes vulnerable to us so we should eat the alternatives of rice like foxtail millet , KODO millet, BANYARD millet, little millet , brown millet


  • FOXTAIL MILLET: it helps to increase the nerve strength  , mental ability and helps us to defeat many health problems and make  us to be healthy and be fit and strong person
  • KODO MILLET: It purifies the blood and recovers the blood loss and increase the immunity power in our body and helps us to defeat diabetes and helps us to have a good sleep
  • BANYARD MILLET: it helps to increase the immunity of liver, kidney and endocrine glands and helps to decrease the cholesterol  levels in our body
  • LITTLE MILLET :it decrease the sex problems along with polycystic ovary syndrome and so many diseases
  • BROWN MILLET :it helps to clear the digestive problems and iris problems ,blood pressure and thyroid and some other related diseases
  • These millet food also have more contents of fibre and helps to defeat more diseases   
  • We should take these millets in normal quantity and eating it surplus may cause problems and thyroid  patients are not supposed to eat millets as it may increase their disease


  • The eating of coconut oil lowers our cholesterol and the coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats that actually raise HDL cholesterol and lower your risk of heart diseases
  • It helps to decrease our weight and moisturize skin and better brain function
  • It   helps in killing bacteria viruses and fungi   Eating coconut oil helps to burn fat
  • We should take a spoonful   or two spoons of coconut every day to avail the benefits mentioned above the too much of eating coconut   oil may harm you


  • FINGER MILLET is rich in calcium it helps tom increase the bone strength and cool your body and is best for weight loss and it is rich in fibre  and help to control  diabetes and cholesterol it can be eaten as dosa ,  malt,  vermicelli , finger millet balls and roti, 

Some other health tips:

  • Take fruits frequently to have a proper diet it helps to increase the blood percentage and keep us fresh and healthy
  • Eat leafy vegetables which help us to maintain immunity power in our body
  • The eating of leafy vegetables like broccoli helps us to defeat heart problems and decrease the bad cholesterol and maintain blood pressure
  • Drinking milk every day also helps to keep us hygiene and fresh


BY doing physical exercise like walking  we can reduce the risk of getting a heart attack and helps to manage your weight and helps to control the cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of getting cancer and diabetes and helps to control the blood pressure it will make us to feel better

We need to do the physical at least for 30 minutes a  day


  • By having the habits and ideas that I mentioned above we can increase our life span along with our health
  • The health habits help us to have the best  life as a real hygienic person have on this blue planet


Author BioA Mani Deep, 14 years student from Tenali, a participant of International Essay Competition, February, 2019



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