Happy World Environment Day: Save our environment and stay healthy


Environment is the main source for the healthy life. It is the nature, which is contained of water, plants, people, etc. the environment in the present days is getting worse and worse day by day. The advanced technology makes the society get polluted.

The environment which is polluted is caused by the people who live in the society. It is affected by cutting the trees, plants, polluting the river, encroachment of mangroves, clearing mountains, deforestation, etc. The people in the present culture are making the green plant into the dry leaves (dark green leaves into brown and yellow colors). Environment must be in a green way that it must be with beautiful green leaves and green environment which is more important. We have to use the environment in such a way that, it won’t get harm the nature’s beauty.

Because of the deforestation, we are facing the frequent and negative climate changes in the world. If the forest is not love, then deforestation will cause the change of the climate. We must have love, care, handle and secure the life and forestry. Environment is getting polluted because of the industrial pollution that is the air, waste materials, etc. it pollutes the air which is mostly important for every life. The air which is already polluted gets mixed with water and in a cycle, it is also getting polluted.

Our earth is getting polluted because of the heavy industrialization and more over the denial of the environmental rules set by the Government. It is affecting the nature by polluting the air which we breathe; due to which many people in this society is suffering with lungs infection, and many more diseases which are chronical in nature

The ways to stop it is tough but have to follow them lifelong to live happy and as long as you live. The nature is precious, and we have to protect it by growing trees and stopping usage of paper in waste manner. The protection of earth is most important. We have to use the environment intellectually.

This is the day every human need to build awareness in the society about the environmental conditions, climate trouble is also increasing due to cutting of trees. The human being in our society is very selfish that they are not even seeing our existence on the earth. Let’s go green and make our environment clean.

Now-a-days we can see monkeys entering into homes and moreover that we are complaining to the animal trappers and sending them. It is the mistake of human for cutting the trees and breaking the shelters of those animals. For example:- if a person enter into your home and say it my home will you leave your own house in the same way if monkeys or other animals have mouth they would say “who are you to demolish our home and we are staying here since many years” then what can your answer be. So, feel the forests as your home and don’t cut down the trees. Trees wood is only needed for cupboards, paper, fuel and many things. In olden days we used to have many trees. Didn’t you play on trees in the previous years! How memorable it was! Don’t you want to give those memories to your children!

Casually many say not to cut trees and stop examination. But stopping examination is not correct if you cut one tree you must plants two trees if two then four. Then you won’t be the one who have damaged the environment. There will be basic needs with plants but if you place a seed in mud then you can. But don’t cut trees every time. If we have a happy environment, then automatically we get a happy life.

The thing you must teach your children, or the grand children is only that the land which we are living is not ours it is the gift of the creator and this is gifted for us. So, if you are gifted air by trees you have to plant many more and make your twice more that it. And my mother says that if anyone pluck plants are not fit to exist in this world. Everyone, who is living in this world and running for the money should introspect and take necessary step to save our environment.

Author: AMULYA BAVANDLA, a student of 10th grade of THE CAULDRON HIGH SCHOOL


  1. this essay is said to be as the best of the best inspirational essay about our environment…..let’s grow the trees in a large manner and let’s live peacefully…..your essay is too good to read…….understandable….and awesome vocabulary is used…hope you write many more essays in this way…truly very inspiring…hope you may go to the greater stages and win prizes…get good fame for your “parents” and also “THE CAULDRON HIGH SCHOOL” all the best..

  2. Inspirational essay…have written in an effective manner…The cauldron high school’s name will be extolled…write many more essays and get good game amulya Bavandla….bag many prizes…

  3. this is the best essay regarding our earth. you are right Amulya Bavandla this essay wakes every person! if we won’t wake now then in future we need to see animals and many others in pics…good..keep it up high…

  4. thank you everyone who shared this in such a manner…thank you for your flabbergasted comments…thank you for reading this with patience..


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