Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social wellbeing for living a full life. The fun fact is that it not only refers to the absence of disease, but also the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.A person must be both mentally and physically healthy, which people nowadays are unable to. They both are interrelated. If a person is mentally unhealthy (i.e. unhappy, upset etc.) it affects him/her physically automatically. Similarly, if a person is physically weak, it naturally affects him mentally. In this contemporary and fast pacing world, health has become a major factor to lead a happy and successful life.

Ways to lead a healthy life:

Life is not an easy game. But we can make itperfect with a perfect lifestyle by following some good habits on a daily basis. Some of them are listed below: –

Good sleep good morning: Wake up at 6.00 AM and sleep at 10.00 PM.after  brushing  teeth, drink one/two glasses of water on empty stomach, this will purifies inner parts of the  body. Go for a walk everyday. A half an hour walk will be enough to endurethe morning   beauty, After the walk, either you can do some yoga, go to gym, or do some exercise at home itself.

Eating and sitting: Have a full breakfast, moderate lunch & small dinner in a day. While eating, do not swallow food. Take time, chew the food and eat. This will help the digestion, and overall body. Mixing saliva with our food will help your body in various ways. Never watch TV or talk while eating. This will let your brain concentrate on eating. If possible, always try to drink water in sitting position for proper passage of water into the stomach. don’t indulge in other activities like crying, laughing etc. while eating. Eat small meals. Take several small meals over huge meals as it evens out your energy distribution to the body and doesn’t over-stretch from digesting a huge volume of food in a go. Try to consume minimum 10 glasses of water a day.  Make sure you sit in 90-degree angle posture while working on your desktop or while sitting for long hours. ensure that you eat homemade food whenever possible.

Happy family – healthy family: Never miss the precious moments with your family for the sake of work. You can never get that time back. Try to interact with your parents or your close ones when you feel stressed, depressed or alone. Trust me,  friends and family are the best remedies for our problems.

Move your body: Do not use lift always, use stairs whenever possible. Walk when possible. It’s essential to alert your brain whenever you can. If something’s within walking distance, make the effort to travel by foot instead of vehicle. When you have time to spare, make it as walking time and increase your step count.  Workout on those exercises that you enjoy. The easiest way is to engage in sports. Popular activities where you can get a good body workout are trekking, hiking, swimming, basketball, badminton etc.  plan small vacations in weekends after a bustling week.

Happiness and health go hand-in-hand: A research revealed that happy people lead more healthy and long life. Don’t let negativity take up your mind’s space. Fill your surroundings with positivity. maintain a positive outlook, define a value system and put it into action. Pick up a new hobby.  Self-love is a vital part of living a healthy life. When you have a negative self-image, it naturally weighs down on your mental outlook and health. Introspect yourself.  never feel discouraged. Always appreciate what you have.

Turn off technology: Do not watch TV, or use your mobile phones, laptops, etc. before you go to bed. Startreducing time for them at least an hour before you go to sleep. Avoid electronic gadgets for long hours. Restrict yourself from using social media sites the whole day. It’s a bit hard to follow these but try your own creative ways to turn them to reality. Make out an hour of your hectic 24-hour day and don’t touch your mobiles, pcs and laptops in that hour. It’s a kind of E- hour and in contrast to the name, avoid E- gadgets in that hour. You can’t believe what all you can do in an hour.

Good night: wake up light: Read any books before going to bed to have a good sleep.Do not think about the day when you are in bed, always try to get some deep sleep and assume that everything happens for a reason.

Rewards repays: always reward yourself with interesting and healthy gifts to follow some annoying good habits which you feel so hard to follow. This way you will definitely follow your health goals and take pride in rewarding yourself. It always works when you feel like giving up.

Some other miscellaneous tips: When you attend a call on your phone, try to use your left hand and left ear, if you are right handed person and vice-versa. Listen to music.  As said – music is the universal language and a free medicine to cure your depression.


Good health is a priceless blessing in life. health has become a diminishing resource today. One must understand the importance of health. A healthy person enjoys all the good things of life. they keep a cheerful temper and goes through life’s journey with joy. They regard life as a solid, pleasant, unique gift of God. There are few remedies which are available free of cost in this world- make use of them to lead a healthy life. They are – laughter, nature, friends and of all – you. Make sure you appreciate each and every day and thank god for what to you have. Smile and let the problems run a mile.

Stay healthy! Stay wealthy!!

Author: Vaishnavi, Hydrabad, Winner of International Essay Contest, Feb-2019



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