Why Twitch is Better Than YouTube in Streaming

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One of the biggest markets in gaming is game streaming. Various platforms are dominated by different gamers and they set the gaming tone. These platforms allow fans to watch in the esports tournaments, while playing several games or even just charting. 

Though Twitch has dominated game streaming, other platforms are growing in a bid to break the dominance. There exists a heated debate about YouTube and Twitch here. Other than live game streaming, YouTube dominates all categories of online streaming. If Twitch is your go to platform, you can buy Twitch followers and establish yourself among the big names. With passing time though, YouTube is adding features that will keep it at par with Twitch.

If you are a starter in the game streaming and considering both YouTube and Twitch, you have an array of options at your disposal. In the past, any beginner would automatically choose Twitch. This is not the case now since YouTube is establishing its market share as time goes by. Below are some comparisons between YouTube and Twitch.

1. Features and expansion

While comparing the two platforms, you shouldn’t focus on their history because YouTube is not a platform that is purely dedicated to gaming while Twitch is. Due to this, some features that were used by Twitch streamers weren’t previously available to YouTube streamers. 

Even so, recently, YouTube has added several features which has attracted several streamers to the platform. They have included polls, clips and sub only charts. These are what distinguished YouTube from Twitch streaming. With clips, viewers are able to grab their own segment of the clip while at the same time it provides an option of sharing it with the community. Together with the restricted charts, the platform has established itself as one of the competitors of Twitch.

2. Which one is better for streamers?

Are you a streamer? Have you had any experience of streaming on either of these platforms? Which one would you recommend to a starter? Now if you are like many content creators, you would go to platforms which best serve your interests. For many beginners, Twitch is where to start since it has so many viewers and therefore easy to build a following. Even so, recently YouTube attracted Big names in streaming like Dr Disrespect. 

These streamers have either been given big deals by YouTube or, out of their frustrations with Twitch, they have decided to join YouTube. Even with all these, Twitch is still the best for beginners as it has an inbuilt audience whereas building an organic audience on YouTube requires muscles.

Unless they actively seek it out, few streamers show up on a user’s home page .What does this mean? What is its effect on new users? Now this has an effect of pushing new streamers over to twitch where they establish themselves before making a debut to YouTube.

With all these features, Twitch still has its own downfalls. This has led to dipping of its revenue. The platform has had it rough while trying to enforce content policy as some of the female streamers have had it rough. Though overtly sexual, some content are allowed while gamers are punished for having inappropriate clothing. It has become a dilemma of whether to follow company policies or to be customer friendly enough to consider the needs of individual streamers.

Both YouTube and Twitch have their pros and cons. Keep in mind that YouTube is not very attractive to small streamers while Twitch is attractive to both small and large streamers. YouTube is therefore pushing for more features in game streaming so that they may also establish themselves as the best in this gaming sector.

3. Which one is better for viewers?

It’s very imperative to consider the experience of fans. Platforms that make different features available for the fans to enjoy their experience can have an edge here. Though a big streamer can bring the traffic, the fans will not be sustained if features do not favor the fun base. Even though YouTube is adding different features, it still establishes itself as a video hub rather than a streaming platform. In some cases, even accessing the streams is an uphill task unless you are looking for them.

There are several factors to consider before deciding on whether to go for Twitch or YouTube but most importantly, consider your goals first. Have the factors of importance enumerated then go for the best choice.

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