How to optimize Google My business?

Steps to optimize Google for Your Online Business

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Google My Business is costless tool which helps your business to appear on Search and Maps. That comprises of including your business name, location and working hours, controlling and replying to reviews of your customers, adding photos and many more. The initiation of GMB is a great key to constant problem of handling your Google presence. It is actually way of connecting small business with the customers by collecting all information and operating them at one platform. So, this feature lets your consumers find you across Google.

What is the cost of getting inn Google my business?

GMB is totally free of cost. The only requirement is a Google account and an address where the verification code is been sent via Google.

How to optimize Google My Business?

If you have a business and haven’t asserted and confirmed your Google My Business Listing till now, then go for it and do make an account on GMB.

Usually Local businesses just claim their account and stop updating about it. They generally don’t realize that there are many features which can boost up their ranking on Google My Business. So let’s render out the question why you should update your Google My Business listing.

To generate a new page, you must be recognized to manage the business listing. Google will send you a verification notice to confirm the same. Verification is a very an essential phase. A verification code will be generated which would either be verified through postal information. Subsequently, you will be asked to generate your profile page, adding all proper and related information about your business.

Steps for GMB are:

  • Login via the Google account which you want to link up with your business.
  • Open Google my business via search engine page and click on “Start now”.
  • List up or enter your business name.
  • Then enter your business address. Do enter the correct one as verification code is sent by Google on this address.
  • Choose the correct option of services offered like if you go and deliver on your customer’s location instead of having they come on your store, check “I deliver goods and services to my customers”. And if you don’t have a store and work from your home check on “Hide my address” option. And then select your delivery area.

How to verify your Google My business account?

GMB can be verified either by Postcard or Phone number. Generally, it is verified via postcard.

Postcard verification:

  • The verification code is sent on the same address mentioned while you were entering your business address on GMB. Make sure that this business address is correct.
  • Click on “Mail”. The postcard will reach up within 14 days and do not annotate or edit your business name, address or category before the verification process is completed.
  • One the postcard is received, Log into Google My business and verify your address by entering the % digit code written in the postcard. Choose, “Verify now”.
  • Last but not the least, Click on “Submit”.

Phone verification:

Sometimes, Google lets some businesses to get verified via phone. If you are fitted then you may see the “Verify by phone” choice on the screen.

  • Make sure your phone number is correct, and choose “Verify by phone.”
  • Enter the verification code you received via text and verify your account.

Now, you are all set to update your information on Google My Business page so let’s check out what information is required below.

ON Page which is required to boost ranking on of GMB are:

  • Create a listing and verify its address.
  • Add your keyword in business name.
  • Add primary category which is most suitable for your business.
  • One can add more categories later on in the info section.
  • Add keywords in labels
  • Add business description.
  • Always schedule your business timing.
  • Add Reviews
  1. Make sure not to add reviews in your listing via same IP address.
  2. Integrate keywords in your reviews and replies.
  3. Don’t stuff with your replies and reviews with keywords.
  • Always do add Photos regularly to your business listing.
  • Create post/events/offers time to time.

OFF page to enhance your raking on GMB are:

  • Share tour maps on other websites.
  • Embed maps on your websites as well on other websites via embedded code.
  • Create contextual backlinks of your maps.
  • Always create a do follow backlink.

Special note: Share your listing with your friends and relatives via facebook or watsapp to increase CTR. Ask them to review as well.

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