6 SEO Tips to Convert Visitors to Buyers


SEO is the driving force that draws more customers to your website. However, you may get more traffic but that will not bring you revenue or the return on your investments. If you are going for organic search, it will provide you more conversion to revenue. 

Furthermore, even if you are using both paid and organic searches, sometimes the strategies fail to yield better results. For this reason, you have to know some tips that SEO reseller companies will help you convert visitors to buyers. You can check this article for better assistance. 

Do not depend on brand recognition only: 

Your brand may be a well-known one, and you are content with that fact, that this single thing will bring more customers. But if you check the reality, purchases don’t work that way. People will search for the site, wander around and at last, won’t buy anything and leave. So, this scenario will not help you get better returns. So, you have to try with organic searches. 

This will help you gain an upper hand on the Google page. You can get more conversion rates than before and not without the proper recognition of your business. You have to go for non-branded and branded both categories to draw more attention to your website. 

Highlight promotion on each page: 

Promotions are a good way to convert visitors to buyers. When people see good deals are going on, they get easily attracted to it. If you have checked the big brands follow up with constant promotions in a year, you can try out the same. Along with it, you have to make sure the news of the deal or promotion is on every page a customer lands on. The constant visibility of the same will surely prompt people to take a look at it and if they find it beneficial they will surely buy it. 

You can use rotating banners at the top of the page, that will lead the audiences to the promotion page, or a flag at the corner, and you have to make it visible. This will lead the customers to the page of promotion and they will not just check that out but buy from you. 

Create confidence in buyers: 

This is the age of online shopping, but still, some people are doubtful about the working technique of online websites. For this kind of customer, you have to build confidence in them. You have to build a solid about us page and provide the rules of the site. You have to describe the way cancellation, refunds work, and ensure that they will get 1005 genuine service from your end. 

You have to build your contact us page properly so that people can contact you and get proper help. Also, when you get sales make sure you keep your buyers updated about the product and provide exact tracking details. If you maintain these points, the same customers will come back and you will get more new ones. 

Include product feedback part: 

Companies dread that if they add a review part, what if they get negative responses, if there is no feedback at all, or if they do not have the time to moderate the website. For the first thing, reviewing is always beneficial. No matter if your customers provide the same or not, but if you put that section on the website, you will get better responses from the end of the customers. 

Today’s consumers are not blind and they like to step foot into the pond where they see a profit. You are also looking for more revenues, thus to make it beneficial for both parties, you must put the review section on your website. It may not yield results in the first months, but it will work after your brand is recognized. 

Help your customers to select: 

Most searchers do not have much idea about what site to go for. So, it’s an advantage for your part. You have to bring customers to your company website for them to go through it.  To make their search experience better, you can add a size guide, product comparison chart, help icons, and other important features to your website. This will help them choose the best site among so many others. Also, you have to create good content to draw the interest of your audiences. If your site is optimized and is user-friendly, you will surely get converted visitors. 

Post product demo videos: 

Selling anything online is challenging as you have to compete with so many other websites. But what would make your website stand out? To answer this question, you can try out posting product demo videos. When you are selling a particular product, you don’t have to think if the customer knows its usage or not, you just have to help them. Posting demo videos on your products will help customers to get engaged with it, and they will get help, which they didn’t find from any other website. 

You can also try things like a custom landing page, post good case studies, and build your brand reputation by using online reputation management services. Lastly, don’t forget the call to the action part, as it will prompt the visitors to buy the product.  


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