Interview of Anushka Sejal, Co-Founder Truth Spoken


At the time of rumor maniac society, where a small video clip can make the whole country crazy, all of us are looking for a platform that can provide relevant news feeds without any biases. Let’s discuss the need for an authentic and unbiased news portal in the current scenario with Anushka Sejal, Co-Founder, Truth Spoken, a fast growing news feed platform. Anushka Sejal is a young entrepreneur in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is born and brought up in Hazaribag district situated in Jharkhand. We got a chance to have a conversation with Miss Anushka Sejal and we want our readers to accompany us on this journey. Here is what transpired-

Can you elaborate on what Truth Spoken is all about?

Truth Spoken is basically a news website whose main concerns are based on providing news daily. With this website, we want to spread our words to the masses. We want you all to know what is happening in and around the globe. Plus, on this website we strive to present facts only, as this website doesn’t work on rumors. We want you all to know that filling your heads with fake news is not our deal. We will only share those facts which will have bases because truth cannot be altered.

What is the driving force behind the platform?

The company wants to help people know about every minute detail that is happening in the country. Metropolitan news to local news all of them is covered by us.​We as a team want to uncover those important news which is hidden underneath the same monotonous topic. We believe in giving the raw news straight to you. This website will help in removing the dust from all those news which are lying uncovered for a long.

How did this idea strike your mind?

I, (Anushka Sejal) along with Sunny Gayen, who is the co-owner of this platform, manage the work. We started this website in September 2020. The idea of this website came into our head because we wanted important news to be brought into the limelight rather than talking about political and other irrelevant issues.

What are the main focus areas of your platform? 

It is a platform for unbiased news, blogs, and opinions. Also a platform for youth who want to ignite the writing platform with their wordplay. Our main focus is just providing news to the people. The way of delivering is what makes us different. We don’t hang up to any biases, we are neutral in all aspects. We cover facts and not rumors.

            Also in recent times, we find out that all the news channels and newspapers focus more on trending topics. We do focus on them but don’t make it our priority. We cover news from the cities, districts, and some interior parts of the country. We as a team believe that every piece of news holds importance.

Last but not the least, please let us know your future plan.

We are looking forward to expanding this website of ours into something bigger. We want people to understand that behind some vague news, important news is not getting covered. And we as a platform are willing to give our best in providing people with important news. Something which is important for society. 

We believe that it is just the beginning and there are many more milestones to reach. Truth Spoken~ it accords with reality. 


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