Frequently Asked Questions about the Creative writing contest

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  1. Is the competition still on?

The last event was held from: 1st October 2020 to 31st December 2020. Keep checking the website for further updates

  • What is the eligibility for participation?

 Any writer irrespective of age, profession

  • What are the languages that can be used?

The submissions can be in the languages English, Hindi or Bengali

  • What should be the nationality of the participant?

 A participant of any nationality is welcome to participate.

  • What are the categories of the competition?

There are two categories:

Category-I (Essay, Story, Short story, Script, Letter, Debate, Spiritual contents)

Category-II (Poem)

  • What are the rewards that can be won?

Cash prize of 4000 INR was proportionately distributed to 10 winners as per their scores.

Additional Rewards:

50 numbers of consolation prizes of worth 100 INR to be digitally transferred to the candidates.

All the participants will receive gift coupons sponsored by various corporate houses. 

The most popular article based on the visits will be rewarded with Trophy sponsored by monomousumi.

Selected articles will be featured in the Weaver magazine

  • What is the word limit of the submission?

Poem should be more than 14 lines or minimum 150 words

Other than poem, the word limit is minimum 500 words.

  • Are multiple entries allowed?

Multiple entries are allowed

  • Is co-authorship allowed?

Co-authorship is allowed

  1. Any additional rule to be kept in mind?

No plagiarism, no copy is allowed. SEND UNPUBLISHED WRITING.

Last date of submission is 31st December 2020.

  1. When will the results be announced?

The result will be announced on or before 15th January 2021 and notified through website, social media and email.

  1. Where should I send my entries to?

You have to send your entry through mail to

DON’T FORGET TO MENTION the HEADING “Quarterly CREATIVE Writing Contest’ when you submit directly or send us mail.

  1. Should the submission be typed?

The writeup should be preferably typed in MS word format. However, for those participants, who (only those) does not have access of computer/laptop, they can send handwritten entries.

  1. Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration or registration fee. The contest is totally free and all are invited without registration. You just have to email your creative writing to


The decision of JURY is final. No communication will be entertained, but be assured that the judgment will be unbiased with respect to any criteria.



The copyright of the article will remain with the author. Selected contents will be published in the website with the name, photo and bio of the participants without the need of prior permission.

The writing will be published [AT] Monomousumi or WeaverMag Website, So don’t forget to mention your name and bio with your writing.


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