Frequently Asked Questions about the Most Popular article award

  1. What is the tenure of the competition?

Currently, articles uploaded from 1st January 2021 to 31st March 2021 will be considered to decide the “Most popular Article award”. The campaign is for 3 months, for winning the five prizes. If your article is published with us, it means you are eligible. All the articles already published or which will be published in this tenure are eligible for the award.

  • How can we see the number of visits for our article?

The number of visitors are visible in your article link (as sign of EYE), which is an indication of number of visitors. But only unique visits will be considered for counting.

  • What does the term unique visit mean?

The number of views will be decided by the Record of Google Analytics. The analytics give the unique visitor numbers. The count generated by refreshing the page, or opening the page many times from the same IP address will not be considered.

  • How is the actual number of visits determined?

The actual numbers of visit is determined by Google Analytics.

  • Can I ask my article to be reviewed again if it isn’t published on the website?

In case your article is not published in our website, we can review it again and will publish it if found publishable by our editors.

  • How can my article win the tag of ‘The most Popular Article’?

For getting the winner tag of The Most Popular article” and winning prizes, you need to get more visitors to your essay/article/story. The winner will be decided by the maximum number of visitors, quality, comments, social media sharing etc. It means that particular article will be the winner, which is liked by maximum numbers of visitors/readers.

  • How to increase the viewership apart from sharing the article?

Good articles in anyway fetch more attention through the Google search and our regular viewers.

  • What should be the minimum unique visit on the article for being eligible?

 The minimum unique visit should be 2500+ for eligible to receive the prize.


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