Frequently Asked Questions About Essay Contest


Anyone can participate with any age or any nationality. There are two age groups below 18 Years old and above 18 years old.

  • Why should I participate in International Essay Contest?

It allows you to judge your writing ability. It gives an opportunity to do research on a given topic. It hones your writing skill. You can receive a certificate which would help in your extracurricular activity or improve your CV. Also, your essay can be published and your writing will be read throughout the words. You can come out with new ideas for the society.

  • How to submit the essay?

Just mail your essay through email at No need to register.

  • Where can I find the topic?

The topic is announced through this link.  

  • Is the age proof mandatory?

No. For the participants, who are above 14 years old, there is no need to send age proof. If any participant does not attach the age proof, we categorize the participants in the above 14 years old group.

  • What type of age proof is required?

We accept any age proof. School ID is also ok. Please be assured that the all the information shared with us will remain confidential.

  • I am not Indian. Can I participate?

Yes, it is an International contest and participants form all the countries are equally eligible.

  • What format should I send the Essay?

You should send MS WORD format (.doc, .docx). Only typed essay will be published withy author name, photograph (if provided). Hand written essays will be considered for contest. However, it will not be published even of it is the winning essay. Handwritten essay is also equally eligible for prize. But other guidelines should be followed.

  • What is the word count required for the essay?

The word count should me minimum 750 words. There is no maximum word count.

  • Is there any specific template to be followed for writing essay?

No. However, we mention some guideline to be followed in the essay. You are free to improvise yourself. The essay should be well researched, well organized, with full of facts, without any factual errors. Essay should have sub-headings, some relevant data and full of information. Write in third person. Avoid using “I”. Essay must have introduction, body (with appropriate sub-heading) and conclusion.

  • Why my essay was rejected?

There may be some potential reason for rejection for your entry, which are:

  1. Your essay is copied/plagiarized/taken fully from internet
  2. Word count of the essay is less than as described in the guideline (750 words minimum)
  3. You have submitted after the deadline.
  4. You have submitted in different language
  5. You have sent hand written essay of only 1-2 pages, which is less in word count.

The rejected essays will not be considered and the participants are not eligible for certificate

  • What type of certificate will I receive?

All the eligible participants will receive e-certificate (no hard copy, but the e-certificate is printable and you can print it at your nearby printing shop) through email. The e-certificate will be signed by Higher Authorities and would immensely help in strengthening your CV.

  • When will I get my certificate?

The e-certificate will be mailed after 20th of every month.

  • What reward I shall get?

The winner (only first prize winner) will receive Trophy and one additional prize which is mentioned in the link.  All the eligible participants will receive e-certificate, discount vouchers offered by various corporate houses. The trophy or prizes are delivered at the postal address of the winners.

  • What is the deadline for submission of essay?

The deadline is up to midnight of 25th of every month.

  • When new topic is announced?

The new topic for any month is announced between 25th to 30 or 30/31st of previous month.

In which language can I write?You can participate in English, Hindi and Bengali

  • From which countries do the participants participate in this contest?

The participation is maximum for India, but substantial numbers (50+) of participants participate from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, UAE, Pakistan, Germany, Japan, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Bhutan, Vietnam,  Cambodia, Zimbabwe, USA, Peru, Philipines and many more.

  • Who are the jury members of this essay contest?

There are more than 5 Jury members every month out of with some are fixed and some are invited every month. All the jury members are highly qualified and worked in renowned organizations. They do the judgments in unbiased way and do it considering their social responsibility.

  • How many participants, participate in this contest?

We can not disclose it. However, remember that it is a highly competitive essay contest with large numbers of participations (several hundred in each group every month).

  • Can I submit multiple essays?

It depends on the topic of the month. If the topic is fixed type, you should send only one essay. However, some topics are such that you can submit multiple essays. We neither encourage nor discourage submission of multiple essays.

  • Can I write essay along with my friends?

Yes co-authorship is allowed. Individual certificate will be provided to both. But the prize will be only one.

  • Can I submit hand written essay?

Yes. Hand written essay is allowed however, it cannot be published.

  • How to submit my essay?

You need to email your essay to No need to register.

  • When and where the result is announced?

The result is announced through facebook ( or instagram ( on or before 7th of each monthand through this link ( after 10th of each month through this page. So you are encouraged to follow/like the facebook/instagram page.

  • How can I join with Monomousumi Team?

You can volunteer us and join as prestigious Student Ambassador or City Ambassador. You will be given certificate for this after completion of induction. It is like a social activity and can be done from anywhere, anytime, without physical presence. If anyone interested, they can send their resume to with subject “Ambassador”. Everyone is eligible for application, however, the selection will be based on some criteria, which can be discussed after the recipet of application. There is no finance involved in any stage. No one should pay any one for this certificate. Some fake are already in the market to lure you to get you ambassador of Monomousumi. Beware of such fraudulent.  Directly contact us.

  • Where can I get the new announcement about any contest or new projects?
  • Where can I find other contests organized by Monomousumi?



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