Sometimes it reminds us about MATHURA bhai. How nice and humble a man was that! He had everything only for his family and society he lost his life. He had two sons and a beautiful wife.  He was a farmer. with great pain and sadness he made his two sons big. Finally his big son became a doctor and transferred to a foreign country. His youngest son also completed his academic education and after completing his academics he did not want to do government job. He wanted to work with his father, though his father was a farmer he also wanted to be a farmer.

Father explained to his youngest son about the functioning of a farmer and even he told him that the work of a farmer is a very difficult task “You can’t do this you should go for office work as your big brother” father tried many times to convince his son but finally he became failure in convincing. So both father and son worked for land. And the days were well spent.

One day while father and son were working in the field, Suddenly a news came that his big son got married in the foreign country. father was very sad to hear this and his eyes were filled with tears. Though his big son was living far from him, but father blessed his son. Father communicated to his mother the news of her big son’s marriage mother also felt sad and cried much. and blessed to her big son and her daughter in law from far.

After some days both father and mother talked with their youngest son about his marriage

Youngest son refused to marry anyone at all. but after sometimes father could convince his youngest son. At last son agreed to marry and he got married with great joy.

from beginning of the days the youngest daughter in law behaved well with her father in law and mother in law.

It had been a long day! the news of his big son had not been received ,father wrote a letter to his big son…

But big son did not get time to read it.

How difficult is it to work in soil, it is a farmer who knows very well. That’s why MATHURA bhai became old and very weak. The youngest son was loving his father very much so he did not let his father work much in the field.

One day while both father and son were working in the field.

Suddenly youngest son saw a sore at the foot of his father. He took his father to the doctor. the doctor examined his father and told

“His father was  suffering in leprosy disease and it was the primary stage of this disease”

Youngest son felt sad and broke the news of his father disease to his mother and wife. Mother felt very sad and prayed to God for her husband quick relief. But there was no reaction of his youngest daughter in law’s. She was happy. Youngest son wrote letter to his big brother about the condition of father’s health but there was no reply of this letter. According to the doctor’s  advice the youngest son bought some medicines and ointment for his father.

The most important thing that the doctor said to his youngest son was

“Father should not go to the land for soil work” and youngest son remembered it many times

So he did not let his father work in the field at all.

So from now only youngest son was working in the field. So he did not get much time to take care of his father’s health so he told to his wife.

“From today you will take care of father”

And the youngest daughter in law cared and put ointment on her father in law’s legs. But after 5/6 days she refused to her husband and said

“I can’t take care of your father anymore”

By hearing this youngest son got angry on her wife but said nothing. Because he knew that it was no use arguing with her wife so he became silent. But still he was thinking about father. What will be? Who will take care of his father etc. Various questions were going on his mind but yes there was a hope it was his mother who was still there! so youngest son told to his mother-

“Mother from today you will take care of Father” Mother agreed to take care of her religion husband. She cared for two months after that she aslo tried to stay away from her husband day by day. Totally it was an inhuman act even she separated the utensils for him. His wife’s behavior was more than painful from his son and daughter in law. Now MATHURA bhai was very alone both physically and mentally. He was always sitting at the corner of the house and sometimes he went to the village pedal for playing cards.

One day MATHURA bhai was playing cards on the village pedal and that day he totally forgot to return home. It had been 2 to 3 pm! wife waited for an hour at home. And finally she served food in a plate and went near the pendal. And put the food plate on the pendal away from. And she returned home.

MATHURA bhai and some Villagers shocked! by seeing the behavior of his wife’s some villagers asked questions to MATHURA bhai about his disease from distance. But MATHURA bhai said nothing but went away from there.

He could not tolerate his insultings by his wife and the society. After that incident he felt very sad and tried to commit suicide and at last! He placed his head in front of the train.

MORAL OF THIS STORY- The mental pain of a man is more ferocious than the physical pain.


                                                                 THE END



Author Bio:-   ASWINI KUMAR BEHERA, a 12th Standard Science student (MAULAN ABUL KALAM AZAD MULTI PURPOSE COLLEGE) from MANGALA  BAG, CUTTACK, ODISHA .Email-  ASWINIKUMARBEHERA62@GMAIL.COM . A participant of Quaterly Creative Writing Competition (OCT-DEC,2018), organized by #Monomousumi.




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