What are the detailed requirements and documents to register a business for an FSSAI licence?


FSSAI licences are mandatory for all food-related businesses and people running them, often referred to as, food business operators. These businesses decide the type of licences they have   to apply for based on the scale of their business, expansion plans and annual turnover.

These are the three types of licences an FBO can apply for:

The FSSAI Basic License

Only food business operators running enterprises with an annual turnover of up to 12 lacs can apply for this specific food license. The department then verifies the ‘Know Your Customer’ forms of the FBO, and if all their details match their certificates, they receive their license. The basic license is usually obtained in 3-4 working days.

The FSSAI State License

Only FBOs with an annual turnover between 12 lacs to 20 crores can apply for this licence. These usually comprise manufacturers producing only specific quantities of milk and vegetable oil, 501 litres per day to 50,000 litres per day of milk and two metric tonnes of vegetable oil per day.

Industries processing cereals, grains and pulses, storage units with the capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes or greater, or wholesalers with a turnover up to 30 crores per annum. Transportation companies with 100 vehicles or a turnover up to 30 crores also fall in this category, as do 4-star hotels and below. Unlike basic licences, these take between 30-60 days to get through the application process.

The FSSAI Central License

Only FBOs with an annual turnover above 20 crores fall under this umbrella, the same FBOs in   the previous category only working on a larger scale. Manufacturers, larger dairy producers, and vegetable oil processing companies make their largest chunk. Food processing companies handling cereals, grains and pulses, storage companies with capacities of 50,000 metric tonnes   or larger as well as cold storage units with the capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes or greater.

Wholesalers and transporters with a turnover of up to 30 crores per annum, vending machines between 12 to 100 in one state, and hotels with a rating above 4-stars fall under this category. Furthermore, every FBO planning on importing or exporting any of their products or raw materials from or to India needs a Central License. These can be received in about a month from the start    of the process.

Some of the documents needed for the FSSAI registration:

For FSSAI Registration

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Scanned copy of the owners signature
  • Scanned copy of photographs
  • Details of the business being conducted
  • Business location

For State License

  • Declaration Form mentioning the details of the enterprise
  • Aadhaar card
  • Scanned copy of the  signature
  • Scanned  copy  of photographs
  • Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, or Partnership deed
  • Company GSTN details
  • Business plan and details of the food products
  • NOC from the property owner along with their rental agreement
  • Electricity bills of business, Factory bills or Warehouse bills
  • Transporters applying for an FSSAI license have to provide the registration certificates of their vehicles along with a declaration

All the details being provided have to match the forms, supporting documents and the certificates. Any errors in any of these could reflect on the certificate and a new one would have to be applied for.

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