There are so many creatures living on this Earth. But is the character and nature for all the same? Never, in the place in which we live, there are hundred other psychos, sadists, and unscrupulous elements living. We all hear news of murders without a skip of day. But even though we are brave enough to travel alone at night. You know why? It is only because of a belief that the person who is associated with the murder will be arrested and soon be punished. But 100 long years have passed and still the one who is behind the mystery is not pinpointed. There is a saying we all would have heard, “THERE IS DEFINITELY A SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS”. But is it really true? Probably not after you hear this “ONE MYSTERY”.


             The mystery originated in a large 100 acres farmland in Germany which is called the Hinterkeifeck farms. In that location all you can see to a maximum extent is farmland but there existed a magnanimous house in which there dwelt a family of six including the maid- Andreas Gruber, Cazilia Gruber, their daughter Victoria(widow who stayed with them), Victoria’s 7-year-old and 2-year-old children and the maid, Maria. On March 31st, 1922, all the six who were living in that house was callously murdered. And the most unbelievable fact is that, Maria, who was the maid of that house, has joined to work on the day they were killed!!!  Yes… she joined to work in the dawn and was murdered in the dusk of the same day. But before this there is said to have happened a strange matter of concern in that house which no one believed except one person. Six months before there was a person who worked in that house as a maid. But she herself stepped down from the work six months before Maria entered. The reason for her resignation is widely claimed that she thought the house was haunted. As the house is huge, a separate room for the maid was provided.  Above the room of the maid was located the attic of the house. One night when the maid was in her room, she heard strange footsteps in the attic which aroused her. So out of curiosity, she climbed up the attic and noticed that the attic was firmly closed as tick. But the footsteps were continuing… when she brought her ears close to the door of the attic, the noise which she heard was terrible. A din of chant and chatter was heard. But she was specific that there was only one person who was chanting in a low voice which was not clear. This strange incident continued for days in the house. The maid also very well knew that there was not even a single soul in that attic. As the attic was closed for years and even if there is someone, they would obviously die of starvation and breathlessness. That is when the maid decided to leave the house on the grounds of believing that the house is haunted. But this incident was considered unsubstantiated by the police who investigated the Hinterkeifeck case.


            When the case was examined from the neighbors, a weird fact came into picture about the Gruber’s family. It is known that none of the person in that house makes conversations much, not even within their family members which was spotted as a weird habit by the neighborhood. Some evidences even expel that the Gruber’s family visit the Church once in a week unfailingly and the widowed daughter, Victoria is noted to have sung a sorrowful carol in the Church on two occasions which made all the people to flow out in tears. So, there was something disturbing the Gruber’s family which was also perceived by the postman who come regularly to that house.


             As the Gruber’s family lived in Germany, most of the people only know the language of German. When Andreas Gruber, the 63-year-old man went to his shed, he identified a newspaper lying. You may ask how can this be a specific detail of the case? That is when we all come to know that the newspaper was in a different language. This was quite bizarre as the language was not only familiar for the family but for the whole town too! So, in that so long-time locked shed, how came there came an abandoned newspaper of unknown language?!


         Once Andreas Gruber has lost the house keys and all of them were looking for the keys for one week straight. Then all of a sudden, the house keys are found after a week of tarry hooting the house. How were the keys lost and from where did it emerge again?! None was answerable to the ‘quest of the keys’


          After a few days of the ‘mystery of the house keys’, when the Gruber’s family was returning home after paying a visit to the Church, they viewed an odd scene. There were scratches and dent marks on the lock of the door. Usually these kinds of marks are only found when the lock is opened using wrong keys. That means was there anyone who tried to open the door without others knowledge?!

INCIDENT 4 (the most important detail)

          In Germany, during the month of march it is winter season where you can see extreme snow literally on the roof, floor and everywhere. As the house of the Gruber’s family is sited in a 100 acres farmland, from the nearby dense forest there were some footmarks which approached the Gruber’s house that was clearly detected on the snow. In addition to it, Gruber once shared that the footmarks are considered to be of larger size than an average man’s foot. But another horrendous matter is that the footsteps which approached the house were seemed to have never returned in any direction around the place! And on the very same day the event which was not bothered by the people was experienced by Andreas Gruber. Yes! He really heard the footsteps in the attic now! 


           A two-day break after the incident 4, Gruber, his wife, his widowed daughter, and the seven-year-old grandchild was seen in their family barn without their heads, killed brutally. Whereas Victoria’s 2-year-old child and Maria, the maid were killed inside the house, on their own beds. If you by now think how dreadful it is to have been killed in a terrible manner. All I want to say is, listen to the climax….


          According to the autopsy report, all the six members of the family died on March 31st, 1922. The next day, on April 1st, there came a letter which was kept in the letter box by the postman. A couple of days later, again a letter came and when the postman opened the letter box, he noticed that the letter which was delivered previously also laid there. So out of suspicion, he went to the house and saw the tragic incident happened and therefore complained to the police. In the first step of investigation, the police examined that the valuable things and money stored in the house was kept in the same manner after the murder. The assets were not stolen by murderer. When the police asked the postman that why didn’t he complaint to the police on April 1st as they all died on March 31st? why April 3rd?  the postman answered that he had noticed smoke coming out of the chimney on April 1st. This answer terrified the police and as further investigation continued, they came to know from the surroundings that for the past 3 days straight the activities of cooking and feeding for the cows and goats in the barns prevailed. So, connecting the dots there is a conclusion that a spirit lived with six headless dead bodies and cooked for three days straight. You may ask that why can’t that be a human? Why are there possibilities of a spirit? The 7-year-old child of Victoria is identified with strands of hair on the hands. The report said that it was the child’s hair wherein because of frustration of seeing something terrorizing, the child pulled the hair. So, there are possibilities of a spirit too!!!

         The headless dead bodies were buried and to clear the history of such tremendous murder, they decided to demolish the house and at present a small shrine is located in that place. So, to wrap up, now we get the thought that they should have listened to the maid six month before itself, right? 

“To whom does the foreign newspaper belong, what was the sound heard from the attic, who was chanting, whose footmarks was that which came from the dense forest” …. 


By Bala Roshini.B


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