AN ODE TO VERITY-Experience the Secret to Life in HD

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Welcome to the 20s.  An era where “logophiles” and “bibliophiles” are being typed proudly on Facebook and Instagram bios. Frankly, this is an era where reading is not that big of a ‘deal’ as claiming to be a reader is.  You would see people flaunting their ‘Always’ keychains without having read the first book of Harry Potter. You would see people fighting over ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’ by seeing them on-screen for 25 minutes or so. You would also see people claiming to be avid readers after completing one book of Famous Five. Earlier, it was just financial wealth that was exhibited pompously. Now besides that, it is the size of your library and the quintessence of wordsmithery that determines your social status. Nobody actually cares if you have read all those books or not. If you own an assortment of variegated books, congratulations, you have made it on our list of the elite!In this race of stupid vs puerile, confusion vs farrago and amazing vs supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, the differentiating factor is always the word. So, is it just a small drop of ink spelled ‘wrong’ on your answer sheet?

A word is something that is the foundation behind a life, a feeling, a story. Without words, life would be inanimate; science and literature would desiccate, language would lack significance, and communication would perish. Although, as important as words are, they have also sparked rebellion. Twitter feuds have radicalised to riots and men have slaughtered men. Words are by far man’s best companions which could later turn into your sworn nemesis. But do we realise this?

An Ode to Verity is a collection of 11 poems that will make you realise how important words are. Simple words like hope and faith can harvest dramatically implicit essences. Each word used in these brief compositions sing a ballad, a ballad you would listen to ten times and then mourn for, or vibe to. The poems are a soup of so many unspoken tales, you would box and then unbox them but they won’t end. But most importantly, these poems highlighting real occurrences, Greek myths and everyday happenings weave a fabric of reality; And all those who understand them in their truest sense, have discovered the secret to life.

So hop on-board this train and experience Nirvana in Real-time HD at discounts you would never find on Tata-Sky (because sadly Uncle’s T.V is a box).  We here are presenting before you an ode to life, to words, to reality, and to verity. And as the great Markus Zusak has rightly said, “I have hated the words and I have loved them, but I hope I have made them right.”

About the Authors

Sanya Sinha and Sanvi Sinha are two sisters from Patna, India. Sanya is a freshman in Birla Institute of Technology while Sanvi is in 8th grade, in Notre Dame Academy, Patna. Both of them advanced into writing at tender ages and have penned down over 30 poems and 15 literary compositions as of now. Having won and judged a plethora of Public-speaking events, Mock Parliaments, and Essay-writing contests at National and International levels, the 18- and 13-year-old sisters have now resolved to writing and are hopeful of the success of their first published work.

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