War Against COVID-19

Source: ICA Edu skills
Source: ICA Edu skills

Hope we are all united for the war against Corona Virus. Amid this critical situation we have started a chain of creativity to utilize the stay at home creatively.

We are launching a thread to spreed awareness for COVID-19. For this, we are inviting anything creative which you want the world to see/read. Any painting, drawing, (self made), essay, quotes, flow chart, poem, statistics, preventive measures, any social issue, any good/bad gesture in your neighborhood etc. There is no word limit. IT SHOULD NOT BE FORWARDED MESSAGE. IT SHOULD BE ONLY YOUR OWN CREATIVITY. Please mail us at monomousumi@gmail.com. we shall review and post as soon as possible. Please note that we shall not publish any political texts. No rumors. no medical tips. As medical tips only should come from a doctor.

There will be ONE Prize for the best post in this  thread in the form of a “Travel Box” sponsored by www.wanderquest.in. The result will be announced in the first week of MAY. 

Break the Chain..Stay at home

A Humble Appeal

#Monomousumi Appeals to all of our readers to generously donate to ‘Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund)’. 

The PM-CARES Fund accepts micro-donations too, it means you can donate whatever amount you wish or capable of. If your financial condition is not good, you need not donate. Instead, if you need any help, please reach to us, through this blog. We shall try to raise your help through all our resources. 

This is the time we have to unite and this is one of the most appropriate way, we can unite for the benefit of nation, benefit of poor and needy people, benefit of future of India.We shall overcome only with our own help. 

So, do not hesitate to share the screenshots of payment/donation with us to make a chain and to break the chain of dark corona. 

As a simple calculation, if even 1 crore (number will be much higher) of upper and lower middle class citizens donate average 200/- (some may pay as low as 10/- some may pay as high as 5000/- just an example) the total amount accrued will be 200Cr (number would be much higher). We are talking about lower and upper middle class, because we do not expect or ask poor people to donate and the donation of upper class in any-way would be visible through various portals. 

Lets make it a fashion of donation for novel cause. Don’t forget to use the tag #FashionStatementDonation #FashionOfDonation

Again emphasizing, sharing of screenshot is not for showing off, its for encouraging others. Please a part of this and share as much as possible screenshot, proof, your creatives, poems, writings, stories, experiences, and requirement of any help. 

We have just donated our part. 

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An appeal from our respected PM

The details PM Care account


Sketch by Mayur Thapa


Interesting Facts

# Bangladesh transformed its only liquor making factory in to hand-sanitizer making plant to fullfill the demand.

By Bhaskar Rao

The power of a micron:-

The corona virus ( COVID19) , hit the planet in the late 2019. As this virus was discovered in the year 2019, it has got its name as COVID19. This virus first infected the citizens of China, and as days passed by this started to spread throughout the world. And now, the whole planet is under the custody of the micron sized organism; which has shut down the world transactions, transportation and social interaction among the human community.

People all over are advised to protect themselves using the mask, to wash their hands regularly using the sanitizers. As sanitizers act as disinfectant and help to kill the virus. Free treatments have been provided to the infected patients in some regions of the country . Amidst this, treatment and vaccines have been developed to cure the pandemic disease. But still the world count has gone up to 3lakhs as per the present statistical report.

The writing is based on the creative idea which can be implemented on the infected people so that, the virus can be killed inside the body of the human and can be controlled before spreading.

The technique here is simple, there should be use of the biosensors with some electrical activity , which may have the capacity to kill virus in humans. This idea is similar to the mosquito bat which is used in everyone’s home. When the mosquito bat is kept near the mosquito it dies due to the electric shock. Likewise,  the biosensors with electric activation must be implemented to kill the virus .

By: Sudhruti Rao



The sketch depicts that,
In satyayuga, there wasn’t any fear to go out of the house as there was harmony with animals. But now, ie., in kaliyuga, we fear to go out because of Covid-19 which is waiting at our doorsteps to tale our lives.
Sketch by: Bhargavi.K.M.


It all turned scary in the midst of a daily routine,

Everyone were Barrie residing in their bailey.

They had to carry their belongings to not be a Wally,

Stopping all the intermarry and going dollaly 😀

Go corona go!

Moving on with ease accepting the change was an arduous task,

With excepting the fact regarding the disease being contiguous.

Modi intercepting from the promiscuous contamination,

As we know he is consistently getting better in being adept.

Go corona go!

My heart in my mouth looking at routh disasters,

Keeping apart facts getting along brooking from the blaster,

Being smart and looking forward and constructing a raster.

Lived eating a tarte we had to unfortunately plaster our gaster.

Go corona go!

Having faith in doctors is all that matters in the end,

All the proctors had shut their chatters due to the factors.

Going in reach of scattered actors with reactors.

We wear the mask that grins and lies,

It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,

Brides us up with pride asides all the collides,

Glides into us like a monstrous plight.

Go corona go!

Celebrate yourself and sing to yourself,

What the fuck to even do, all by yourself?

Struck in the destruction of blare,

A tuck in the air sounded splendid remained a questionnaire!!

Keep reminding yourself to not lose hope,

Winding everything that comes by your phase.

Diligently putting a stop to the gaze,

By not keeping yourself in a maze.

There could be certain delays as the world lacks in pace,

Do not let the rays of misconception affect you at any case.

Go corona go!

All we had until now is discrimination in race,

But now due to space something grace has given raise.

Let’s join hands and shoo this disgrace away from our place!!

Everyone remain in a misogyny against this virus,

Let’s campaign about this condensed retrovirus.

It’s time to let go off the panicky and being trippy for a while,

And let your sweat off the body wet offset but not a cigarette.

Do anything which makes you forget the gadget,

But play safe staying by the by your magnet.

Go corona go!

All we ask for now is the earth to recover from this game,

And stop this shame which is being mislead in being tamed.

Staying back home is not such a bad rule framed,

Stop with the quarantine named blame!

It’s for your betterment proclaimed.

Enough with the unnamed flame being reclaimed!

Go corona go!

Put an end to rona dona and watch Barcelona instead,

Arizona Verona Pamplona need to be greeted with Ilona!

Krona isn’t the key to stop apocalypse,

It’s high time you be cognizant of this, shona!

Stay asylum, stay snug,

At least until May, lay down in grey, don’t delay.

Do not say anything and just stay this way!

Free from harm, today.

Go corona go!

Stop with the boredom and start working on being productive,

An end to Fordham isn’t an end to everything.

Cells in our brain can be used constructively,

As for instance getting seductive and being reproductive goes hand in hand.

Hobbies could be emphasized in your lobbies,

Dance or doodle or make some noodles.

Give a glance to all the chances in advance,

But never step out, even if you’re pepped.

Go corona go!

Forget the irony and wholly accept it’ll be okay,

Could be slowly, until then have some ravioli and play Holi,

But stay jolly, within your coley.

No goli, but adjust with the rolly and play lowly.

People less privileged than us,

Nevertheless obviously have success but jus don’t know how to impress.

The one’s who don’t have access to information at their fingertips are in stress,

Must be assessed and given significance,

This wouldn’t happen unless we raise ourselves and get into process!!

Go corona go!




Illustrated by: Khushi


If you want to take CARE,
Then always be AWARE,
Overcome your FEAR,
And tell corona don’t DARE
By: Prathamesh Sitre



In this summer vocation,

Stay in isolation.

Don’t take tension,

You will get your pension.

As God is taking a dictation.

This is not a fiction

But a severe addiction,

In many nations.

Stay at home,

All alone.

Pray for being forbid

And to stop this covid.

Take all the safety tips.

Also clean your lips.

Wear a maskat face.

Ask your God to show grace.

 Gloves at hands,

And remember going outside is band.

Say corona GO,

And do all precautions you know.

And enjoy BRO-



 सभी मेरी बात ध्यान से सुनो ना ,

मौत का दूसरा नाम है ये  कोरोना ,

३१ मार्च तक सभी अपने घर पर ही रहो ना ,

अपने हाँतो को बार बार साबुन से धोना ,

अगर बहार निकलो तोह मास्क को जरूर पहनना ,

अपना काम घर से ही करोना ,

मूवीज , नेटफ्लिक्स आराम से घर बैठकर एन्जॉय करोना ,

बहार जाना अवॉयड ही करोना ,

दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों से बाद में मिलोना ,

सरकार की बात अच्छे से फॉलो करोना ,

ताकि दूर भाग जाये हमारे देश से कोरोना.

By-Ekta Sehra

Sketch By: Shameela Fatima Mirza

In the hope of unleashing someday

When a ray of light fell down my head

And a small jerk had me woke up

Unsteady and unbalanced,

Body shivering, and trying getting up

Could feel nothing, it was really nothing


Adjusting to stand on my own

Repeatedly shivering, falling down

Bouncing back again

Losing control all the way round

Was worthless, it was really worthless


Forcing and going back and forth

As if were to stand back again

Searching for similar hope through a ray of light

Holding mix of emotions down the heart

Felt numbness, it was really numbness

No guts to see it again

Not even to go back on my dream

How could you bear that?

If by chance, you’d been in that?

Not able to control, it was really uncontrolled.

Almost an entire day of 24hrs

As if you had been caged

Like a parrot who had nothing except

Having a glance around, trying to get out

Nonetheless it was emptiness, it was really emptiness.

Written by:  Susmita Aryal, Nepal

Sketch By: Priyanka Gogoi 


It’s 1.30 am,

 Outside my house, I can hear the chirping of the birds; something that I have never heard before. When we were younger, we often heard the term pin-drop silence, which was demanded by our teachers but most of the time we clamored like we were in a fish market. Today, while tossing in bed, I analyze what exactly pin-drop silence feels like. As people sit caged inside their houses, the human clamor has gone considerably down and nature is doing the talking.

In Noida, my friend could see stars in the sky, something that some days back wasn’t even imaginable because of the haze and smog enveloping the sky.

In Italy’s coastline, dolphins have reappeared as the otherwise crowded line with ferries came to a halt. In Venice, the world-famous water canals have become clearer than what they have been in nearly 60 years, with fishes becoming visible in the water and swans have returned. NASA shared images where there was a comparison shown in the dramatic reduction in the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions in China and Italy in the past few months. Researchers at Columbia University said that traffic levels in New York were estimated to be down by 35% and their research also suggested that there was a drop in carbon dioxide and methane levels all over New York.

Just pause to think, if the corona is so harmful and devastating for human life, aren’t humans harmful to this Earth?

 As humans lock themselves inside their homes to take a breather from the scare of the deadly virus, the Earth is also breathing a sigh of relief. What we are observing right now in the environment is something that we would never have witnessed; because like the virus, mankind likes to simply march forward trampling the environment in our stride.

 Are we much different to this virus; this virus is the size of a micron, and is destroying human lives by thousands; we humans are like a speck on this earth and we are destroying nature from centuries.

As the world gears itself in the fight against the coronavirus, Mother Nature is slowly healing itself from the years of exploitation and ravage we humans have subjected her to. Once this virus stops wreaking its havoc on human lives, can we, for a second pause and think about how we can stop the depredation on our environment.

By: Mobani Biswas, Uttar Pradesh

Sketch By: Palak Jain

Sketch By:M. Balavinisha 

Sketch By: Kamran Shafiq


I have always adored the ways in which the anatomies of various species are thought to be modified to best suit survival. Entire human race has forgotten the concept of coexistence and has started feeling superiority over other beings. We have recklessly destroyed the balance of nature around us creating various problems that questions the survival of our race ranging from natural disasters to disease spreads.

One among such challenge is the recent spread of pandemic covid19 claiming many lives of people all around the globe. This disease of current trend has proved that  “Out of all diseases, the most serious disease is Ignorance”!

In such a crisis, the only thing that our country demands from us is Self- isolation or Socialdistancing. But we the proud citizens of India are failing to fulfil even that tiniest part of such a duty. In spite, of constant efforts from the Government of India, We seem to be too ignorant about our own existence. Evidences of people hiding their travel history to affected countries, escapes from quarantine, avoiding social distancing by conducing marriages, and parties has brought shame to the entire nation. Even a one day Janata curfew could not shake our determined ignorance, after 5 PM. It has proved that we care less for both ourselves as well as our own loved ones.


When the entire health care system of India is busy treating the diseased not bothering about the possible threats to their own lives, we are only bothered about our own stock of personal protective wear. Masks are piled up for those who have no duty to perform other than sitting in home idly watching a meaningless show, while on the other hand each minute a heath care worker who is trying to help a diseased is being exposed to covid19. We enjoy throwing them out of their rented houses calling them dirty, not realising their sacrifices for our survival.

When the entire nation is asked to stay home stay safe, the police departments of various statesare tirelessly  tackling with all the covidiots with utmost patience. But yet we don’t seem to care. All they need is Empathy not our Sympathy!


We are very much keen in blaming the government  and enjoy finding faults in all of its crucial decisions.We debate over the economic crisis that could possibly arise due to a lockdown but we fail to realise that “one could earn money and support his family today, only if he is alive tomorrow. We question the decision of the government to bring our people from various affected countries but end up finding no problem if our loved one is one among them. Have we ever bothered to appreciate some sincere efforts from the government?


When western countries have started embracing our culture, traditions and food habits to stay safe, we still hesitate to follow our own form of living. Starting from a greeting gesture to the treatment of disease like pox, we have always followed the concept of social distancing.Then why hesitate now?


We have  given other nations a chance to question our survival because of our poor hygiene and denser population. But we don’t seem to worry about it! Have we  even realized that we owe  a big time to the country that has made us the proud owners of an identity-The Indians??



By: Anusha S, Theni,Tamilnadu
Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, 7 Years, Mumbai
Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, 7 Years, Mumbai
Sketch By: Khushi Joshi

A article on Corona Virus by Ayesha Shaikh, Pakistan

To read please click on the link 

“Pause and reflect”

It all began last November; in complete ignorance, the entire world have been functioning at their speedy pace non-chantingly with a complete faith that world is safe and we will remain healthy and haughty; in midst of all this something ugly was getting cooked in china, albeit practically everything gets cooked in China, from maggots collected from dead bodies to alive octopus everything. The news dropped in ears that chines were getting sicker and dyeing with virus called Corona. I also heard the Chinese government was cremating dead bodies and Hindu religion concept of cremation was the best way to deliver a dead body. Still we were going offices, attending yearly sports events and celebrating women’s day. Things got worst and messages started circulating in what’s-up like wildfire about people getting infected and dying in countries like Italy and then Spain and slowly to other European countries as well.  There were talks of work from home, I being a chemist never thought such thing can be possible how company can bear the loss of paying employees while they are not working, we can’t conduct experiments sitting at home. When Swine flu occurred I had started working but things never got this bad.

One fine day I got up and my body was not prepared for regular schedule of getting up, doing my morning chores and then going to office, I was dead tired and took off with thought I shouldn’t go with low immunity. Evening I got call from my manager informing me that only 50% employees will be coming to office and I should report on Monday, Tuesday and then on Sunday evening the government announce lockdown. And till date Iam at my home writing hoping the situation change , while there has been so many loses of life and so many got diseased and quarantined worldwide in all this a thought crept in my mind , why this is happening?

Answer to my question – human’s irresponsible behavior; human being gifted with brain and discrimination power has maximum responsibilitytowards life, biggest responsibility is act of compassion towards others. But humans greed for power, prestige and fame has led to barbaric behavior,whereby man could not tolerate man and episodes like World war I and II broke out, millions and millions of people died, the imperialist countries were busy colonizing the less modernized countries, who were unaware of new weapons, they were enslaved and vanity was displaced by countries blinded with newly gained powers, then revolution broke opened and many retaliated to this inhuman behavior and finally attained their freedom after bearing much loss but they did cause pain and agony to powerful people as well.

When I see people locked down at homes, I feel like world war III has started, it’s a revolt a , vengeance which nature has waged against human race being fed up of mass killing of innocent animalsslaughtered mercilessly in slaughter houses every day to combat palate of human tongue. Nature has provided us enough of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, green vegetables, spices, milk etc.. Which are abundant and fill everyone’s belly to full and one lives’ a very healthy life. But we want to taste Meat , kidney, liver, heart, blood and what not; taking the innocent animals for granted they are locked up and packed in uncomfortable cages , these animals are hanged upside down as if they are bunch of cloths then in front of customer they are slaughter mercilessly in various styles , either killing them instantly or half killing them allowing them to die with pain then packing it for the powerful customer who can pay its price to vendor but not to nature who have registered the screams of those dying animals, then it reverts towards human in form Saar’s, Swine flu , Ebola and now Corona.

I saw one of a videoin what’s up, which shows how Chinese police is catching people testing positive for Corona, and scene looked like people being treated like animals, they are caught by hands pulled to their back and their face was covered with a net and then heavy mask was tied to their face and were send in isolation something like acage. It’s high time to Question self as an individual because atindividual levelwe can contribute much, when every individual becomes serious and give up eating meat, we can make a difference! Don’t we see so many sports players even in western world becoming completely vegetarian, if people who need so much energy for playing their sports can become vegetarians why not the ordinary masses. People may say so many will lose employment but today we see people forced not to work and stay back homes no matter how genuine is their profession, rather than having such situations it’s better to give up something which will lead world to darkness. Few losses but for a cause for healthy future and defiantly good alternative professions will rise up. If we want to give a bright future to Next generation this is best gift we can give, Go Complete Veg!

By: Nisha Kanwar

Healing Touch

For the fatal outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the world the present situation is very much critical; physical and mental health is almost collapsed. So, the overall condition is stagnant now. No doubt, it is very sorrowful that many people have died already but it is the light of hope that many are surviving and well-wishers are coming forward with their benevolence. So, in this state, the urgent necessity is our mental strength;  with a new hope, we should be united and revived to save our world, to save our nation. Let’s sing together –          

Song of Aspiration

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Sing for The Fresh day,
Sing for The Bright ray,
Gradually, it will be appearing.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Take the precautions,
Make your creations,
And stay in your safety-ring.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Discard the darkness,
Overcome your sadness,
Again we will get back the spring.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Now,face the truth,
Please wait, Time will give its ruth,
Both evil-good exist in its own swing.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Let’s come and sing –
We must be ever in our fraternal bonding,
And stop just the self-thinking.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

   By: Prosenjit Mondal

Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, Years Old Mumbai

Indentify Yourself

The recent pandemic in our environment is the Coronavius-19. It is a deadly virus and has taken several lives. Coronavirus can spread from person to person. It can spread via sneezes and coughs. The main precautions taken by people during this period is social distancing which means avoiding socialising at any cost. During this tough time, I have come across a variety of people whose reaction to this virus has been quite insightful.

The first type being, THE GERM FREAKS: This involves, the individuals who are constantly wearing gloves, applying sanitizer every five minutes and are always attached to their phone on the lookout of a new update on the virus. These individuals have reached the level of paranoia and believe that if they come down with covid-19 there is no saving them.

The second individuals are, THE SUPERHEROES: they are the complete opposite to The Germ Freaks. They believe they are Superman’s descendants and nothing will harm them. They attend parties, travel abroad and jut believe that covid-19 will never affect them or their loved ones. According to my observation, these individuals use the technique of ‘deflection’ as they try to deflect the topic of COVID-19 as much as possible by not at all engaging in it.

The third type are, THE TRASH NEWS they are the ones who basically take up the job of the news but in a horrendously poor manner. These people, spread news without double checking it and in a nutshell freak everyone out with their half-processed data. These individuals use the technique of ‘projection’. The people stressing and going thorough major anxiety during any unforeseen event tend to use ‘projection’ as a coping mechanism. Projection is a technique in which an individual tends to project their feelings onto other individuals.

The fourth type are, THE SMART BUDDHAS: these are the people who are aware of the situation right now, are taking precautions and most importantly have not lost their calm as of now. These individuals are the rationalists. They are rationally behaving in the scenario and are not resorting to using a coping mechanism. Right now, most of the world has resorted to social distancing.

The Prime Minister of India, made a national announcement stating that at 5pm, on 22nd March 2020 the citizens of the country must come to their balconies and start clapping and cheering for the doctors and scientists who are working day in and day out to find a cure to this disease. Many citizens did resort to this and during this social distancing period, this cheering and clapping brought smiles to several citizens across the country. In this situation as well, I came across five types of people.

The first type, THE DRUMMERS: These individuals did not give a single damn about the noise they were creating, they got out vessels such as plates and ladles and played it like they were giving a performance at a concert. As a matter of fact, they tried to be in sync with their neighbours and were overall just having a gala time. For the Drummers, the cheering and clapping was more entertainment based than on actually appreciating the doctors and scientists.

The second type were, THE JUDGEMENTAL STRATEGISTS: These individuals were at their balcony judging The Drummers and did not clap a single time. They just constantly stared at everybody with a brooding look on their face as they believed that is was just a government strategy. They looked like the sceptical aunties who judge you when you step out of your house post 10 pm.

The third type, THE NATIONALISTS: Just like how we have The Judgemental Strategists, the same way we have the polar opposite who is The Nationalists who made this entire situation a nationalistic movement by singing the national anthem and singing religious songs.

The fourth type, THE CAREBEARS: These individuals actually care about providing their appreciation to the doctors and clapped like civil individuals and did not overdo it by clapping like a bunch of ignorant seals.

The fifth type, THE CLUELESS EXCITED: This category mostly involved tiny kids and dogs who entered their balcony and were welcomed with a round of claps and got super excited thinking it’s for them. My dog, a two-year-old golden retriever entered the balcony and furiously began wagging his tail as he thought all the claps and cheers were for him. Needless to say, his day was made.

Hence, to conclude with this essay, which individual do you as a reader think you are, the germ freak, the superheroes or the trash news?

By: Sanjana Pillai

Hindi Poem on Corona

चीन से आई एक बीमारी
जिससे सारी दुनिया हारी,
लॉकडाउन के चलते देश मे
छायी है भयंकर लाचारी ।
ना जाने कितने सेनिटाइज हुए
और कितने क़्वारनटाइन हुए,
लगता है देश मे सब
कोरोना के वैलेंटाइन हुए ।
घरों में अगर अब न बैठे
तो देश के तुम सच्चे भक्त नही,
ना माँ का तुमने दूध पीया
पिता का तुममे रक्त नहीं ।
कोरोना को हराना है
और लोगो को जगाना है,
मजबूरों की सहायता हेतु
सबको आगे आना है ।
इटली चीन और अमेरिका
अब भारत की बारी है,
इस बार दिखादो अपना ‘कौशल’
यह भयानक महामारी है।
By: Kuldeep Parmar

 The trouble with today’s framework is “people are not ready to be at home; and there is the only one solution to tackle this pandemic !!!!!

  Please support the government for your better future!

 By – Chanchal Dagur

Sketch By: Aswini Kumar Behera

This is a request that while cleaning your hands for 20sec (minimum time to neutralize Corona Virus) you should keep your water tap closed. 

By: Bhaskar Dutta

Sketches by: S Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha, 11 Years Old

Painting By: S Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha, 11 Years Old

Always wash your hands and sanitize them. Reflection of Dettol and lifebuoy sanitizer in eyes. This shows fear and precautionary measures as well

By: Shilpa Rg

Open Letter to All

Hi guys,

These past few days have been so unprecedented, but our efforts to overcome the situation have been prodigious. We cannot let this contagion take control of us. It can never exceed humanity. Have faith in mother nature, she’ll redress everything. She’s going to heal everything, though we’ve been hurting her by our actions. Just remember after all this is over, we’ve got to ask her for forgiveness and not repeat mistakes we have been doing. We should stop exploiting our nature and resources. But for now just believe, mother is going to kick it because no one messes with her kids.
#stay safe #stay home

Yours truly,
Believer, Jandhyala Manasa


This poster give the message that every nation of the world is together in fighting against Covid 19 virus. Every nation work hard to protect the mankind and it’s our duty to take all the measures strictly.

“You’re not stuck at home,

You’re safe at home.”

Sketch By: Sourav Bhowmick, Bokaro

Sketch By: Debraj Bhaumik, Class-VI

“Beautiful morning”

Being women, I have no time for myself, getting up early morning, starting day with small prayer, then rushing through my chores cleaning house, cooking breakfast and lunch dabba, completing everything in hurry and then driving to office to make sure I punch biometric on time.  Once I reach office I accommodatemyself on my office desk, sipping some hot milk served to me by office boy immediately after I have reached. And the day starts off with laboratory experiments, meeting, assignments etc… Rushing back home, I get my dinner ready, thanks to my mother in law, and then with a prayer I go to bed.

My husband you know the lucky onegoes every morning for frisk jogging, if no lunch dabba he don’t mind eating out, it’s me alone who bother so much about home cooked food. From time of 21 days lock down he’s at home, so he explored his means to be out, his search ended once he figured out our building terrace. One morning he shared his every day site of sun rise which was few steps up on Terrace. He invited me upstairs.

I love mornings, before getting married I use to go to “Mango garden “ located close in vicinity it was beautiful garden , with tall trees, lush green grass and hilly and plateaued region alike, with locals coming for morning walk , meditation etc. forgotten are those days after getting married. I have indulged myself so much in saga of responsibilities that I have time just enough to peep out of my window for few minutes and then kick start my hussh hussh… work.

Today I woke up and rushed up on terrace, it was 6 am. As I reached terrace, my husband still in bed and I alone on terrace my eyes became wide opened in excitement, it was awesome! To my surprise cool breeze was blowing, it was such a beautifulfeeling, at a distance amongst building there was a tall tree boring pink flowers or leaves, I am not clear what it was exactly but it was sopink,in fact baby pink, I slowly whispered to myself a pink tree, it was moving slowly with its pinkish leaves hustling among themselves, three parrots from nowhere just came and sat on it,kee kee.. Kind of voice they made as if they were enjoying day as well, they kept perching and then flying around the tree for long completely oblivion of me observing them. As I moved to other end I witnessed a beautifulmountain, it must be at a distance of 3 km from our building a temple stood there , now in silence, looks like it was locked down , limiting just to its inhabitants there. As I moved further I saw the most beautiful sight of the entire event, a red ring, slowly appearing through the clouds it was sun and clouds having early morning game , it appeared as if it was rising, since it was morning, sun appeared pinkish orange with a haze of bluish red halo around it, it gave orange outline to clouds, sun’srays were cutting through the clouds exactly the way we draw it on chart, sun and the line around it, the lines indicating as if they are ray’s; I never imagined that the drawing I saw in childhood was actually depicting the truth. I stood there breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful sight provided absolutely free by nature. I did my morning prayers on terrace, thanking God for his beautiful gifts, praying for forgiveness for our carefree behavior towards nature, I aspired for world free of covid 19 or any kind of danger, which was possible only if humans become more aware of their responsibilities.

By: Nisha Kanwar


Sketch by: Puja Rustum Daund

Essay On Corona

Globalisation was meant to be the ultimate key for economic prosperity and global unity but unfortunately its looks more like a mesmerizing fairy tale rather a realistic idea. It’s astronomically visible enough that countries are taking things into their own hands without implementing a well-coordinated regional or global action. This Covid-19, had been going around like an acid test for the whole world, 195 countries, 7.7 billion earthlings and quintillions of organisations. Let’s be clear that the world was never prepared for a pandemic or whatever planet-wide crisis. Poverty, climate dystopian, inequality, or to be modern, technological regulation are still being unsolved despite how deafening the alarm is. Hopefully, post-Covid 19 the world will learn its mistake and do whatever it takes to ensure our planet is safer, sustainable and prepared. Thus, let’s discuss some critical measures that need to be in place at all costs to win the invisible war against all type of communicable diseases. A communicable disease is defined as an infectious disease transmissible by direct contact, water-borne, air-borne or through indirect means (as by a vector). 

First thing first, a clear, consistent and strong message from the government or world bodies is always paramount. Don’t panic and endanger your own citizen by circulating unclear or unproven messages. To illustrate, if our body’s command system sent inaccurate impulses to its receptor then things could go really life-threatening and awry. Terrifyingly, the world of Internet is packed like a factory of ideologies masked with misinformation that needs to immediately regulated and eliminated before costing a person’s lives. Sadly, the human civilisation needs to admit the toxicity of our social media and authorities must monitor round the clock to ensure only accurate and correct information are being posted. Our Ministry of Health (MOH) truly deserves credit for its effectiveness and seriousness in dealing with this pandemic comparative with other modern counties namely, US, UK and Israel. From the beginning they asked fellow Malaysians to practice social distancing, wear protective equipment, washing hands, disinfecting hot zones, covering coughs and stay at home. It has been like a motto that have ingrained into its people of all ages and background. The implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) was also timely and urgent to flatten the curve. Who knows millions of disease transmission and mortality rates can be mitigated through this easy step. 

Furthermore, focusing on controlling the factors of the spread of communicable diseases is pivotal to break the chain of infection. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), these are categorized into four types which are infective agent, source of infection, mode of transmission and host susceptible. Incentives to encourage the masses to stay at home must also be multiplied as keeping people at home could is a must to reduce the chances of infection drastically. 

All countries from this moment must try to attain Sustainable Development Goal 3 which demands universal health coverage (UHC), so that the healthcare infrastructures are not overstretched and always sufficient. Systematic assessment, streamlined updating, standardization and notification tools promotes public health and improve the quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease. 

Not to mention, pandemics recognize no national borders or races and are a common enemy of humankind, thus by making a collective response we can defeat the spread of communicable disease. ASEAN, NATO, EU, G7, G20 and many others must act swiftly by sharing experience on COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment without reservation, accelerate cooperation in scientific research, improve global health governance and providing as much support and assistance as it can for countries in need. The health departments and medical experts of neighbouring nations must also maintain communication over the global pandemic situation and strengthen multilateral anti-epidemic cooperation. 

Last but not least, we should always exploit the power of technology in combatting disease. Technological giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Alibaba and others must join the race to offer smart tech-based solutions like fast diagnostic kits, real-time tracking and apps development. Inevitably, telemedicine and teleconference had become an invincible communication tool to constantly inform thousands of individuals and stop panic and runs on health centres and hospitals. In countries with a less robust health care infrastructure, smartphones are often critical for gathering information about emerging infectious disease and formulating action. 

To sum up, no more lives should loss due to structural unpreparedness, inaction and lateness. Those aforementioned measures must be implemented without any delays. Regardless of the choice selected by governments, it is up to us to do our parts to attenuate the danger to ourselves, our families, and our community.

Now go wash your hands and obey the Movement Control Order. 



Sketch By: Hrishita Patnaik

Sketches By: Chanchal Dagur

Letter to Health Professionals

By: Chanchal Dagur

Facts about Corona

As we know that our world is facing global pandemic of corona virus which had began its journey from Wuhan in China. It has almost spread like forest fire that nearly 1 crore people are dead. Government are taking many preventive measures to protect the remaining people almost all the states in India have got 144  which means that we cannot step out our house for any unnecessary things.  But some are disobeying the rules and laws framed by government. Since its spreading like a fire all over the world the government has made it more strict rules that they can get life imprisonment. So we are talking vigorously about corona virus. We do get lots of doubts and our mind arises many questions.  What is corona virus? When it has before?  Where it has started? Why it’s spreading so fast?  What are the symptoms? How can we control it?  How can we avoid it?  We get many questions and we do have to find the answers for it.

Typical symptoms:

 COVID-19 primarily causes flu-like symptoms initially followed by symptom like pneumonia. However, after a week, Covid-19 may lead to severe shortness of breath, which is dangerous and may need hospitalization. According to the report published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology following facts are noteworthy:

  • About 81% cases are mild with only flu-like symptoms which could recover at home only.
  • Approximately 14% are severe resulted into pneumonia & shortness of breath.
  • 7% cases were found to be critical with multi-organ failure.
  • Approximately 2% cases were found to be fatal.
  • Risk was found to increase with age
  • Very few cases were registered for children.
  • Coronavirus Incubation Period was reported to be : 2 to 14 days (This is why 14 days quarantine is mandatory)

Ways to prevent infection from Corona Virus

  1. HANDWash them often
  2. ELBOWCough into it
  3. FACEDon’t touch it
  4. SPACEKeep safe distance
  5. HOMEStay if you can.

Additional Tips

  • Sanitize your hands frequently for minimum 20 seconds (because it takes minimum 20 sec to neutralize the Virus), with soap or sanitizer.
  • Cover nose and mouth using a tissue or cover with flexed elbow while sneezing to avoid contamination
  • Avoid any close contacts preferably more than 1 meter
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Stay at home. Go out only in the case of urgency
  • After coming from outside, try to take a bath or atleast wash hand, and face thoroughly. Remove your dress. It is recommended to wear shirts with buttons so that you can avoid contact of your nose/eyes with contaminated dress while undressing.
  • Do not attend any social gatherings
  • Sanitize the door, door handles, switches etc regularly
  • Avoid touching your eyes/ nose/mouth
  • Do not panic
  • Do not spread rumours

We can use homemade medicines like Neem, turmeric, pepper, clove, ginger.  These all are natural antibodies, which helps in developing our immune system.  If our immune system is strong enough, we can be able to fight our diseases, including corona virus. Many socialists and non government workers are taking many preventive measures to protect people from this danger alarming virus. We have many Indian employees who don’t have their basic income. Think before you step out of your house our country will go 21years back.  Though Italy and many countries are developed country they still can’t save the lives of many people. India is still a developing country we don’t have any high cost of medical facilities to treat lakhs of people from this corona virus. Corona has begined its journey from china let’s end it in India. Let’s put our feet together to fight against this covid-19. You have only two choices either to stay in home or stay in peace.

Break the chain: Stay at home!

Written by:  S.  Fateena kawthar

Sketch By: Bitupan Gogoi 


Earth was born for all creature to live in with peace and harmony . Mother Earth always told us to maintain balance but we couldn’t listen her amidst the chaos and howling of city life . Human beings started to gain strength, power and superiority , tried to control the world. Focused more on chaos , fightings, religion and politics . But in the end it doesn’t matter.

  # Every pandemic brings crisis and makes us realise that :-

 *We are just a small creature on earth . We may progress with science and technology but can never overpower that superior energy ( or almighty) .

* We are all helpless in front of mother nature.

*We are sharing homes with millions of other organisms.

                    Today we are getting the opportunity to reunite with nature .Now we have time to cherish the little things that once made us happy when we were child. There is no competition or fear of failure , as if the time has stood still.

                             Oh , it gives me so much joy to listen to the chirping of birds, to see the clear night sky with twinkling stars, to watch the glowing sunset , to understand values and priorities of life , to connect with families and loved ones.

                       Hope, unity and resistance capacity is above anything and everything.

1)Do not lose hope and we shall overcome.

2)Let us fight together. Unity has greater strength.

3)Resistance power comes from mental and physical strength. The ones who have the capacity to adapt to any adverse environmental condition is fit for survival.

              We will survive , but the path will not be an easy one . It will have ups and downs. Life is a game. You make one mistake and you die . Nature ( virus)  doesn’t discriminate among age ,sex,caste,creed, religion or even non – smokers .It can happen with anyone irrespective of age or gender. It only teaches us to fight and grow immunity for resistance.

Don’t panic but be aware because ignorance has no place to fit in. So stay indoor ,break the chain and maintain hygiene . The earth is healing and so are we.

  We will fight and will get over from this crisis one day. Yes we can do this and we can do this  together……

Written By: Angana Nandy, Kolkata

Reflection to “Covid Reality”

Look, all these missions have ruined our vision,

One virus has ruined our destiny’s decision.

Well, do you even got the information?

That one day you will think of your own evasion.


One who thought to rule the world?

Has been quarantine in his central.

Those who dreamed to be on the moon,

Are wondering when they will see the clear noon.


A clear land, a clear sky, a clear drink,

Iswhat everyone dreams.

God heard our prayers,

And bless karma in our regime.


We, who thought to master the world.

Entertain its string with our fingers.

Never thought that destiny would show us,

The one, who in reality master us.


We who never bowed and asked help from others.

Cut corners to help others.

Are now helpless in front of him,

Had nothing but regret filled in.


We, who thought have surpass everything.

There is nothing that can stop us to achieve something,

No war, no trolls, no dream, no heights,

Have fail in front of quarantine.

    By: Shameela Fatima Mirza

 Invasion of microorganism- Corona virus

These days a microscopic, tiniest, invisible organism has caused an unprecedented topsy-turvy in the world. Except tiny islands, almost all the countries of the world have been affected by this novel organism. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), out of 247 countries/territories/areas of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected 202 countries/territories/areas so far. This organism was first reported to cause influenza like illness and breathlessness problem in the people of Hubei province of China. The Wuhan city of Hubei province became the epicentre of the disease outbreak. Approximately, 3300 people died in Wuhan city and affected almost 85000 people by causing pneumonia like disease. The whole city was lockdowned for almost three months. A microscopic organism forced the macro organism like human beings to confine in the room. It is claimed that Corona virus originated from an animal meat market in Wuhan city and shrimp seller lady is said to be the ‘patient zero’. Due to authoritarian and strict rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), the Chinese government controlled the situation going out of control and Beijing, the political capital city of China and Shanghai, the commercial city of China remained unaffected even though these cities are located at less than or almost at 1000 kilometres from Wuhan city. A conspiracy theory is going on in the world that the Chinese authorities are hiding the real figure of the victims. There are many speculations that the Chinese authorities used extra ordinary powers to curtail the Corona virus disease to spread its tentacles in other parts of China.

The virus, which is causing havoc and trying to annihilate the world population, belongs to Corona family. Corona family is already mentioned in the Virology, Microbiology, Botany and Zoology books of the world, authored by the different writers. This virus has different structure, shape and character from the already existing corona virus and hence it is called novel Corona virus and the disease caused by it is called Covid-19 as it emerged at the fag end of the year 2019. The Covid-19 has been declared as a pandemic by the WHO, the apex UN body on the health.

   I accept that I should not comment or write about the specific food habits of a country/community. It depends on their choices. But there are certain limitations. The food consumption must depend on the edibility of the item. The absurd and extra peculiar things should be avoided to consume. The Chinese consume anything they can lay their hands on. Be it maggot from the dead body, cockroaches, pangolin, ants, snakes, bats, rats, wasps, grasshoppers, locusts, dogs, everything is cooked and consumed. This absurdity in the food habits may create problem at any time and at anywhere. There is one theory that eating of pangolin meat started the spread of Corona virus which was being sold in the Wuhan animal meat market.

The novel Corona virus that has caused extreme fear psychosis and anxiety in the people is a mutated form of Corona virus. Mutation is a sudden change in the genetic character of the organism. There are various factors like environmental, physical, genetical, chemical etc which catalyze the mutation in the organism. Some mutations are beneficial and some are harmful. Mutation in corona virus is proving to be highly malicious for the human beings. The human beings have themselves caused immense alterations in the nature of the earth for their own comfort and luxury. We want to spend luxurious and easy life at the cost of ecosystem of the earth. Be it air, soil, water, forests, wildlife animals, plants, topography, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, hills, valleys, earth’s crust, streams, deserts, even the space (in the form of satellite debris) all have been exploited to the maximum extent by the mankind for their comfortability. They forgot the sustainability index of the nature. Beyond a certain limit, everything collapses. If we respect nature, nature will respect us. Otherwise, the consequences will be catastrophic as we all are observing now. Few years back, no one has heard the names of Ebola virus, Nipah virus, Zika virus, Dengue, SARS, MERS, Bird flu, Swine flu, Hanta virus etc. Now the novel corona virus. These are becoming a thing of commonality.

 Climate change is the reality now. But the most powerful president Donald Trump of the USA refuses to accept this truth. He shruggs off the shoulder on hearing climate change. In fact, no one wants to live in the natural condition. Everyone wants to create the artificial condition to remain in the comfort zone. The artificial condition causes immense damage to the natural system. There is irreversible change in the environment which is causing unprecedented harm to all the creatures. The lungs of the earth ‘ Amazon forests’ is burning. The last year fire fury devastated the Amazon forests. One of the consequences if this is the lungs of Covid-19 patient is being destroyed causing breathlessness leading to painful and unbearable death of loved ones. If we play recklessly with nature, nature will play with our lives, too. The highest peak of the world, the mount Everest is getting filthier due to trash left over by the mountaineers. The deep sea is getting dirtier because of poly bags and other undecomposable items. The lists are endless.

The novel corona virus pandemic has affected the most powerful nations of the world like USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Sweden, UK, Germany, China, Australia, France etc. After China, the epicentre of Covid-19 shifted to Italy, which has one of the best health systems in the world. Italy is the worst affected country till date. The prime minister, the princess, sports icons, Hollywood stars, the minister, and other celebrities are getting infected by the novel corona virus. The world has entered into economic recession worst than that of 2008- 09. Millions of jobs are getting lost. Growth rate of GDP of each nation us declining. A German state finance minister committed suicide fearing economic mismanagement. The sensexes everywhere is going on downward trend. Factories and industries are closing down. Service sector is hugely impacted. Staffs and workers are being laid off. Salaries are being cut or reduced. The superpower of the earth, the USA, is reeling under the impact of Covid-19. The nation which rules on every country directly or indirectly is being kneeled down by a weak and invisible enemy. The nation which has the fastest, most accurate, very precise and the heaviest missile system is being bombarded by the tiniest particles on the earth. Mega super power is helpless before a micro power.

As this is a new virus, there is no definite treatment of Covid-19. According to WHO, vaccine development will take at least 12 – 18 months. Social distancing is the only option to control this disease. Mask, hand cleaning with soap, hand sanitization with alcohol based sanitizers, keeping a safe distance from the patient, isolation etc are the precautions to be taken. Cautions during sneezing, coughing, spitting must be taken seriously. Stay at home at any cost should be our main motto.

India is not immune to this Covid-19 problem. 21 days lockdown has been imposed, which is quite essential to check the spread of this virus. India is going to be severely impacted by this virus specially on economic front. There is reverse mass migration of workers from the cities to the Indian villages. This might defeat the very purpose of 21 days lockdown. As it is said ‘ history repeats itself’. So is the case of mass migration now. Similar scenes were seen in 1947 when the unfortunate partition of India took place. The common people are facing untold miseries. Workers are stuck in many cities, far from their homes, without food and lodging. Buses, trains, flights have been closed down. They are not able to reach their homes. They have no ration stock to stay where they were working earlier. Few have died due to journey exhaustion.

 Behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining too. There is huge-huge economic, social and individual loss due to corona virus, but there are many environmental positivity too. Due to worldwide lockdown, there is drop in the air pollution, drop in the nitrogen di oxide level, drop in the carbon di oxide gas level, improvement in air quality around the world as there is no movement of vehicles, aircrafts are grounded, industries are closed down, factories have been shuttered down. Venice canal in Italy has got cleaned because of reduced movement of motorboats, skies are more clearer, beaches are neat and more cleaner, nature has moved into spaces left by human beings.

Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us a great lesson specially in the Indian context. Italy is facing acute health infrastructures shortage as the number of Covid-19 patients are surging even though it has a robust health system. Over-aged patients are being ignored to accommodate younger patients. In India, there is a significant deficiency of health infrastructures. God forbids, if Italy like situation arises, India will not be able to cope with the problem. Politicians must ponder over this. Instead of spending a big sum of money on statues and monuments, money must be spent on creating health infrastructures. India has one doctor for every 1457 citizens which is very less as compared to other developed and developing nations. Policymakers must revise its policies towards health systems.

We hope that Covid-19 will be defeated by the combined efforts of all nations and policymakers will think positively for the welfare of the people.

By: Afzal Ahmad, Nabha, Punjab.

Quiz on Covid-19

Q1. Why is it called “Novel” Corona Virus?What signifies the term “Novel”?

Q2. The first identified covid positive Indian came from which country?

Q3. Who prepared the first test kit in India?

Q4. Why does the virus get neutralize in alcohol?

Q5. What chemicals are used for making sanitizer?

Q6. Can normal detergent solution be used for sanitizing the objects?

You can answer in the “comment”. It will be updated twice in a day.

How to deal with lockdown situation

It seems like a nightmare when the lockdown was announced , but it took me while to accept the lockdown slowly but surely I have to adapt to the lockdown.

1) As The term lockdown means to be completely indoors 24/7 .The first Idea is to clean the space in which you live. Cleaning your house will give you so much of motivation to live in the same area.

2) Calculate the amount of food you have in your house , I have literally removed all the food out of their shelves and calculated wisely how much will I need for atleast 45 days(just in case if the lock down is extended)  .

3) Take appropriate preventive measure before going outdoors like wear a mask , cover your eyes with mask or goggles and use hand gloves. Keep a sanitizer in your bag.

4) With atleast a week of lock down I have learnt that panic shopping will just add to the wastage of money and resources , the best option is to do rationing and plan your meals wisely with less shopping.

5) Prepare a weekly chart of your meals (with nutriious diet plan), hold chores (divide workload it with other members of your family as well).

6)We always regret the times we missed with our families, this is the best time to accomplish your wish spend quality times with your loved ones plan activities at home .

7) If you really lost hold on your hobbiescalling, review your hobbies

 for instance, I really wanted to write my dairy for a long period of time but I was unable to do so. Now I have started to update my dairy all over again.

8) Create a new hobby , there are many online courses which you can learn sitting at home. For instance, my new hobby is to prepare a cooking recipe book. It is so much easier to buy groceries and do rationing due to this habit.

9) Calling your friends and family once in a day, As I am nearby to my family I call my friends who live in different location , I ask them about their lockdown situation like the availability of food the amount ,Their thoughts on corona virus , The number of positive cases found in their town 

10 ) Pray to god, I have been missing my prayers due to my studies , then my job and then all the household responsibilities I am struck in. but in such situation only miracles are our savior . Praying to god regularly is kind of introspection. The frustration , the unanswered questions all can be done as a word vomit during the prayers.

11) Grow a plant 

There are many house hold items like pulses ,wheat etc. which you can grow at your home and keep a track on the plant growth , its really a source of entertainment to watch the plant grow when you are lock down in your house

12)Skin care and hair care routine .

Yes , it is a must to maintain your hair and your skin on the daily basis

Step one- oil your hair atleast twice a week, keep it overnight and then wash it in morning apply conditioner and shampoo whichever is available to you at your home.

Apply a hair mask once in a week , to be creative you can try a home remedy like apply curd or egg whatever is essential to you .

Step two –you can apply face mask on regular basis but what about a  body mud pack . you can prepare a homemade pack and apply on the body atleast once in a week.

Another great idea will be applying d tan body mask which is easily available in market

13 ) prepare a life plan .

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or you are old the life plan can be prepared at any stage of your life. Some of the prompts to prepare a life plan will be :-where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

What is the ambition in your life ?

If you are still confused , there is method by which I prepare my entire year. Take your cell phone and scroll on to the image history from your gallery , the images will suggest you what you have been doing in last one two year , accordingly when you study your work flow in the past , you will be able to track the work flow in the present and plan your year accordingly .

14) Plan on purchasing or selling a asset

Yes, I can totally understand that these are the time of crises, but never the less this phase to shall pass and after that we have to step into same old routine. The prices in the market will be at extreme edges. Some of the assets will be in high demand to cope up with the lack of supply the rates will reach its hike . Where as, on the other hand some of the assets rate will drop down as to encourage the customer to purchase the assets. Whatever the situation may be I guess it is the best time to start keeping a track on the assets and plan on the investment after the lockdown is over.

15) learn a new language.

Well I can see English used as a widely used language , but here in Maharashtra (India)more focus is on the regional language as well, the competitive exams also test the fluency of the regional language, my challenge is to learn the writing and the grammar usage of the regional language.

16)Prepare a lock down dairy.

I would suggest to make a lockdown dairy and post it online, I guess it will be useful for the people in general to be aware of the lock down situation in your city.As well as you can keep a record and read out to your future generation. Share your own experience and opinions in your dairy and most importantly share how you  were able to cope up with the lock down situation .

17) Work from home

The show must go on and I guess that there is no one who can live without work , few may work for wages and I guess this is one of the big reason to work . but me and my most of the friends work for passion. There are various application on the playstore which you can arrange work related conferences and keep the ball rolling. The work from home is the best strategy to cope up with the lockdown situation.

Read a book 

There are atleast 3 books which I have purchased on my own and wish that I would have read it , but never was able to do so. My all timefavourate books are

1 The power of now

2 The anne frank dairies

3 The war of art

4 The art of war

5 The harry potter series

My current reads are

1 The subtle art of not giving f*ck.

2 The life map.

 You may or may not be an person who reads books but always remember best place to invest is mind.

Watch a movie 

I think watching movie is addictive but I look at movies in terms of art , a brilliant masterpiece. Being found of movies , I have watched many of the pointless movies as well that brings me to the conclusion that I mostly watch movies explained on youtube , The entire two hour movie is explained in 15 minutes by this method I can explore more movies and if a movie is worth watching then I will like to invest my time in movies.

Play indoor games with families

As a mature adult I am completely running out of the game boards to play at home my brother suggested me for online games which I could play with my family , playing games kind of rushes your adrenalin in your head. I like the adventure of the games.


The two things that worked out for me for exercise is the famous exercise app and the zumba. Currently I am not doing zumba at home but sometimes Iike to put my hands on the trending online moves .


No matter we the part of the world we live in, the most important thing for us to remember  is to never leave hope. The time will pass sooner or later but the important thing for us to remember to build good memories by living the small moments . It actually becoming a habit to check my cell the corona updates the time I go to sleep and the time I wake up. Every moment I can’t live my life with the panic of death, lets accept the lockdown as one of the best solution and develop a lifestyle to deal with isolation.

Written By: Alfa Golandas

Back to Vedic times

Veda’s are the backbone to the Hindu community, which teaches about religious aspects and Human lifestyles. There are basically 4 major Vedas which are known. And they are Rigveda, yajur veda, sama veda and Atharva veda. Amongst this four Veda’s, Ayuveda was originated from sama veda. Ayurveda is the ancient medicine system which is still practiced in India. Samaveda even preaches about the religious practices which help to maintain disease free and balanced environment.

And some important religious practices are:-

  1. Practice of Homa (The religious fire)- This religious practices is performed by placing bricks in the four side forming a square. Inside these bricks the tree logs are placed. By Burning these logs, there is a cosmic atmosphere created such that, the dreadful microorganisms present in the atmosphere are eliminated because of the smoke which is created by this Religious practice.
  2. Reason behind placing cow’s gobar outside the home- the gobar acts as the disinfectant for the insects and microorganisms and does not allow them to enter inside the home.
  3. The power of lord Dhanvantari- Dhanvantari is God of Medicine and health according to Hindu Mythology. Continuous chanting of hymns on lord Dhanvantari helps to maintain balanced health and at this critical stage where, the whole world is under the threat of corona virus (COVID19), it would be helpful to chant hymns and pray lord Dhanvantari to cure the affected citizens worldwide.

It is difficult to practice the first two religious practices but chanting the hymn can be done anytime.

Written By: Sudhruti Rao

A Request

The main theme of this matter is do not let the street dogs and needy people starve. The nation lockdown in the times of corona has not affected the lives of only our country residents but also street animals. Since the curfew was imposed on March 22, there has been a rise in the number of dog bite cases in the country. Animal welfare bodies say dogs are relocating in search for food and dogs are very particular about their territory,so when they enter some other dogs territory, there is a conflict and chances are they may harm passer by. Animal Lovers Association a Chandigarh- based NGO are feeding 250 dogson Punjab University Campus. So it is my humble request that if you are capable then please feed these animals. Gandhi ji also once said tbat a countrys pride can be judged by seeing how the animals of their country are being treated.

Help the needy people as well. The real heroes who are still working to fight against corona virus war such as garbage collectors, newspaper distributes and our maids are still working for cleaning surroundings and spreading awareness. We should provide them with sanitizers and masks so that they are able to protect themselves. We should also provide them with food if they are unable to get it. We have to fight against this disease now.

Thanking You,
Written By: Ishita Nara, 15 years old.
Sketch By: Anushka singh, Delhi

Corona की एक — अपील देश से….

अरे ! सुनो देशवासियों ज़रा मुझे देख लो…
छोटा है नाम बड़ा है काम
आया हूँ  मैं तबाही फैलाने 
रहो तुम घर अपने – अपने
मुझे भेजा गया है तुम्हारे वतन
वो तेरा दुशमन वो तेरा  exporter
ये भी तो है उसी का आविष्कार
 Corona नाम से बनाया तेरा काल
चीनी गलती भुगत रहा जमाना 
अरे ! अब तो China-China मत करो..
आँखें खोलो बस आँखें ही खोलो
सोचो की ये कैसे हुआ
क्या खात्मा करना है उसका
तो सुनो , सुनो तमाम लोग
इस देव-भूमी को बचा लो
अपना लो ये 
‘The way’ stategy
छोड़ो सब यहाँ-वहाँ की बातें
और इस्तमाल करो स्वदेशी goods
तुम ही मुझे करोगे खत्म 
Corona को बनाउँगा 
 जीने की वज़ह
सबक पैदा करूंगा मैं
लड़कर तुम्हे बचाया जिसने
  डॉक्टर है वो डॉक्टर है
काम है इनका जीवन देना
अब वक्त है मेरे जाने का
मत करना अब China से दोस्ती
वरना लौटकर मैं वापिस आऊँगा 
अरे ! सुनो देशवासियों ज़रा मुझे देख लो 
मैं Corona हूँ  मैं Corona हूँ
तुम मुझे रोकोना रोकोना रोकोना
तुम मुझे रोकोना रोकोना रोकोना रोकोना….
By: Khanak Upadhyay
Sketch By: S.A.V.B. Saravanan, Dindigul

Covid 19, corona virus is rapidly spreading virus. People are getting afraid of this virus. Many people are posting/sharing fake news and because of by this large scale sharing of fake news, many people across world are getting panic. So, please stop spreading rumors about virus. Doctors and scientists are trying to find medicine for the virus.

To prevent this virus we have to take precautions like,

*Always washing hands

*Always maintaining social distance, 3 meters from person to person.

*Don’t allow new person into your area.

* Stop spreading rumors. Normal people also get panic because of the false news.

* Eat always cooked food.

* Maintain hygiene conditions.

Everyone in the world has to work combined and fight against this virus. People from different countries should join hands to save the whole world. Many people are thinking that the virus will not affect them and their family. However, the fact is that anyone can be infected. The virus can spread from foods too. So, wash your food properly before cooking or eating. Drink hot water daily because hot water is good for your health. The numbers of casualties are increasing day by day. The government is trying to stop the spread of virus and wants to save the people’s life by locking down. We should thank doctors who are always trying to save the people across world. The doctors and cons are doing their duties perfectly. We have to maintain social distance. Many are supporting the government by not coming outside the houses.

Written By: Sirigiri Rajesh

Corona corona….. Mere sathio tum daro na.. Daro na… Corona corona…. Tum India se bhagona bhagona…. Corona corona…mere satyeo tum daro na.. Daro na.. Corona corona.. Tum India se vapus China jaona jaona… Corona corona k dar ko tum sab apne dil se nikalona nikalona…… Stay home save from Corona corona.. Ab tumhara anth nikat hona hona… Kyoki ab sab khegae milke “corona gone, life on” 

By: Blue Fish


  • Iconic “Hotel Taj” extends its hand to help health workers with FREE stay at their facilities. Thanks TATA group. 
  • Indian test kit in the form of paper kit is developed by CSIR lab which would give result very fast.
  • Mahindra Group is producing ventilators at their factory to compensate the demand.  

Frontliners Appreciation Initiative

Submitted by: Ting Heng Chieh, MALAYSIA

Hindi Poem on Covid

Written By: Atal Kashyap

Aerial View of Mumbai during Lockdown

(Source: Taken as it is from YouTube)

Written By: Tanisha

कोरोना वायरस का खौफ

इस समय अस्पतालों में लग रहा मरीजों का मेला।
सबको रहना पड़ रहा है घर में दूर-दूर और अकेला।
रोड पर नहीं लग रहा गरीब व्यक्ति का ठेला
करते थे जो लोग धंधा, पुलिस ने भी उनको मारा डंडा।
जो बनाते थे समोसा, कचौड़ी, चाट पापड़ी और आलू की टिक्की, आज हो गई उनकी भी छुट्टी।
जो उड़ाते थे जुल्फें शाम से आज लौटकर आ रहे नाई की दुकान से।
जो टंकी भर भर के बेचते थे दूध, आज उनको भी लग गया कोरोना का भूत।
जो चलाते थे बुलेट और हीरो पैशन, आज यह स्थिति आ गई कि सूने पड़े हैं रेलवे स्टेशन।
जो ड्राइवर चलाते थे ट्रैक्टर, ट्रक,जिप्सी देश में
आज पकड़े हथियार काट रहे फसल अपने खेत में।
जो पुजारी जाते थे मंदिर दौड़ दौड़ कर,
आज बीमारी के डर से घर बैठे हैं, हाथ जोड़कर।
आजकल नियम इतने सख्त हैं,
माता के भक्त घर पर मारते मच्छर हैं।
जो भक्त मंदिर पर हर साल नारियल फोड़ते हैं,
आज घर बैठेे बार-बार अपना हाथ निचोड़ते हैं।
जो नौजवान शाम को निकलते थे बुलेट से घर से बाहर,
आज वह भी भूल गए अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड से करना प्यार।
अमेरिका ने अपने आप को दुनिया में सबसे शक्तिशाली देश बोला,
आज उसने भी इस बीमारी के आगे घुटना टेका।
जितना आदमी नहीं मारा तलवार और तब से,
उससे कई गुना मर गया इस रोग से।
इटली, अमेरिका और चाइना में अभी भी मुसीबत है इस रोग से
भगवान के मंदिर खाली हैं फूल, प्रसाद और भोग से।
ऐसी कोई दिवाली नहीं जब हमने फटा कपड़ा ना हो
और ऐसा कोई देश नहीं जहाँ इंसान ने दम तोड़ा ना हो।
वैज्ञानिक कोशिश कर रहे पूरी ताकत, दिमाग और दम से,
डॉक्टर बी परेशान दिख रहे कहते, यह मरीज नहीं ठीक होता हमसे।
बिस्तर पर ज्यादा सोना नहीं,
बीवी के लिए कभी रोना नहीं
गरीब बच्चों के पास समय तो है
पर खेलने के लिए खिलौना नहीं।
यह समय अनमोल है, इसे फालतू खोना नहीं।
Written By: Ankit Sahu, Founder of ankitstories.com

Bengali Creatives

Many of followers of Monomousumi.com participated in this novel campaign by submitting Bengali Creatives. To read Bengali creatives in Bengali language,please follow this link 


  COVID-19 the biggest ghost scaring the world today ,but there are many changes in life of common man keeping aside the LOCKDOWNone can see difference in lifestyle such as a busy business man got time to spend with family with all the saving and a daily wage earner is finding a penny for survival a middle class family is having calculated lifestyle with minimum expenditure.

 As declared by WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION), for LOCKDOWN to avoid spreading of this virus but many of us are unable to follow the protocols and procedures announced by the government and at one thing we need to thank our leaders or the government for taking such a care and the doctors and the policemen who is sacrificing everything and allowing that dare for society to secure ones life and the workers at hospitals and other responsible people where these people are sacrificing so much for the society it is the duty of every citizen to follow the protocol given by the government.

  Now , a question arises how to spend the time or how to schedule time which was actually running from busy hours many of them publishing on YOUTUBE saying that one can spend time by a timetable or scheduling some home works and so on .It would not be a more change for a HOME MAKER but for the children or students or the men who always stay out or one who want explore the world . Is it actually possible  to pass the time easily where there is a saying “EMPTY MIND DEVILS ROOM” and the fact is 70 % of the people are turning lazy just doing one work that is eat ,sleep, wake up and in between few of them by playing games or something many of them motivate saying one can spend time by learning things or gathering new knowledge is it actuallypossible ?

The opposite person who is trying to advice for to do so and so work  would be thinking that he showing some way for beneficial time but one should realise here is it would only be possible when one can motivate themselves and find his/her interests to work so the better thing would to STOP BOTHERING ABOUT FURTURE AND START LIVING IN PRESENT many of them say this but one thing to remember its never late to start a day.

                Well through this LOCKDOWN we can think it is better opportunity we got to think or dig our interest all away from busy life or targets of earning and a break from pressures and it got be only possible when we stop bothering about the time getting wasted and start thinking for the thing we want to us for today it might be personal or professional finding a route to set our where it makes a perfect for a perfect life.

Written By: Palagiri Rohini

How to Utilize your time in Lock down

As all Indians are aware of the crucial decision taken by the Government of India on 24 March 2020 against the virus named COVID-19 or commonly called the Chinese virus. To avoid the patients of Coronavirus in India the only way is to maintain social distancing, so to maintain it the government has announced 21 days lockdown in the whole country in which only the doctors, hospital staffs, grocery shops and the shops which provide us in our daily life are allowed to come out of their home and people can only come out of their houses just to fulfill their daily needs. In this, people who were so busy in their daily life started getting more than usual time and they have started getting bored. So I have come with ideas which will neither waste your time nor bore you.


If you are a student then start preparing for your upcoming challenges since I am a student I know the advantages of doing that this would awake your interest in the classroom and you would able to perform more than usual you do in your exams. Some schools have to also start online classes, this is the best way to utilize your time. Just listen to teachers with full attention as the time would never going to come again and the lectures wouldn’t be taught again so make the best use of your time. Aside from this now you have more time to do self-study. Self-study is the golden way to score well in your academics. Further from your studies, you can take part in online competitions that would help you in your further life such as taking part in monthly writing essay competitions organized by monomousumi.com. It is performed every month on their website and every month they come up with wild and wacky ideas. Beyond this, you can also take a step towards your fitness and you can start doing things at your which would keep you fit physically and mentally. I think to do all the above-mentioned things in a student’s life would be more than enough for a step towards success. As I have mentioned earlier that I am a student and I have performed all these things in my daily life and I am very happy to say you all this that it works.


You might have been started getting much more time than before & you can now do many more things except scrolling over the feed on your phone. Firstly the corona thing has something great for you, has given to spend some happy time with your family and you can utilize it, utilize it and make some great memories. Other than this you can do many other things such as you can contact your old friends and you can plan to meet after the whole world get rid of this corona thing. You can watch movies and can read novels which were on your list for a long time. DD national has also started re-telecasting Ramayan and Mahabharat. This would pass away your time and in fact, you would get to know about your ancestors and rich culture. It doesn’t have any religious thing, they both have such a great story that the people from another religion would start admiring it. Aside from this you can also start maintaining your body and start working out at home. You can also help with household things.

Playing Board Games and Cards

This is one of the best things to do in your boredom. It would somewhere refresh your mind and would fulfill you with enjoyment and excitement.


You all are aware of the situation of laborers who used to work daily and used to pay by the days they use to work. In this lockdown situation, they are not getting any work and no wages have been given to them as there is no work to be given to them. They can’t feed their family and themselves. In this critical situation, they have started going to their villages, which violates the rule of lockdown due to this the government has started providing them with free food but still many are not able to get this facility so I request everyone that if you can do any kind of help to such type of people then please help them this would cost you some money but not more than charity. By doing this it would give you immense pleasure.


Written By: Abhinav Kumar, New Delhi


We Indians do have a great habit of sharing, but this inborn quality of ours is restricted by the 21 days nationwide lock down declared by our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ,which is to save everyone’s lives.  Covid -19 is a disease having an alien origin, which has enabled the victims of Corona virus ruin lives by sharing what’s unnecessary.  Let’s restrict our unnecessary roaming out of our house and Contribute our little but great contribution towards the police officers, doctors, nurses etc.  Who are always there to save the lives of their fellow citizens by putting their own lives at risk. So please let’s all of us become aware , alert and help India fight Covid-19 and defeat it on our very own mother land. 
Written by : RIVA NORONHA , Goa

Written By:  Shradha Agarwal

The Impostor of Devil- Corona

‘Corona’ , the most infamous word of the year 2020. Some may say it is the ill work of the Chinese. Some may say it is the wrath of God upon the human race. Some pantheist may say it is the nemesis sent by Mother Nature which is here to do justice to the unsophisticated and innocent animals whom we, humans have tortured cruelly. Whatsoever it might be, this is for certain that Corona is a despot and has made the Earth pandemonium.
This fight is a difficult one to win as right now, we only have social distancing and lock down as our primary weapon. The world is standing together to ostracize this virus from the ‘human society’. Doctors and nurses have proved their semi divine nature by standing for the weak and deceased. True colors of politicians and demagogues are now in front of the public. Their goods as well as their bad are judiciously judged and respectively appreciated by everyone. Thousands of Robin Hoods have come out  to help humanity rise again from the ashes. We all know that the cumulative count of cases all around the world has startled and is depressing for every sections of society. In order to fight such depressions, tik tokers, you tubers and such professionals have made an important contribution by bringing chortles on the countenance of people of all ages. We should salute heroic souls of social workers like policemen, sweepers, cleaners, doctors and nurses who are helping the world to fight this pandemic. We should also appreciate people who believed in their respective governments conscientiously by following the guidelines. There are also a few who have intentionally put the lives of their fellow men at stakes.  Right now, we all posses this power of changing our society. We must understand that “With powers come great responsibility”.
 This is a very crucial time and we must understand the adversity of the circumstances and must solemnize our duties. Truly, social workers are manifestation of Angles of God who have sacrificed their social life rich of luxury and comfort of their families and friends. Let’s be mentally and emotionally strong with winning against this imposter of devil as our main objective. 
Written By: Yuvraj Singh

Be Patient

Be patient as we will altogether fight this outbreak

Time is difficult, but situation will break

If we learn perseverance, we’ll never see failure

Which will happen if our soul does not slumber

So, wake up and give your best       

And stay home, save all the rest

Don’t wander anywhere

Try to aid the healthcare

Making good use of time

We can make our lives sublime

In this broad field of battle

Don’t make others rattle

The virus offered us a chance to live by nature’s will

Like muffled drums, our brave hearts are still

Listening, reading, creating, learning new ways of being

And we realized that earth is healing

With a heart for any fate  

We should learn to labour and to wait

Let us, then, be up and doing

Still achieving, still pursuing

Looking after one another

Especially remembering the poor and tender

With whatever the safest ways we can

Making it a successful plan

Weeping might endure for a night

But joy will come in morning flight

With glory we shall overcome this obstacle

Teaching us every ways to tackle

We’ll rest, relax and grow stronger

For sorrows will last no longer

And holding on a little tighter

Tomorrow will be beautiful and brighter

Written By: Harleen kaur


Dear soul rise and shine!

Mother Earth’s love is thine.

‘A Good Citizen’

Be your qualification.

‘A social worker’and not mob among many men

Be your occupation.

Dear soul rise and shine!

No more be an assassin.

Ay! that an unforgivable sin

No heart you could win

Depose legally ‘leach’ politician

Unto that lay a novel, fruitful foundation.

Dear soul rise and shine!

Purity and serenity marr’d in our generation

Thousand tales of lamentation

Ancient pomp and glory’s degradation

To harvest tremendous transformation,

Sow good seeds, remove the weeds.

Dear soul rise and shine!

Be a non conformist and individualist. So?

Thine life should never be a fiasco

Come you YOUTH-possessor of precious treasure

Unlike people so senile with blood pressure

A true nation ‘s future

Rise and shine.

Written By: G Vijalakshmi


Distance, will hurt u

Far from crowds

Breaks u down

Yet, your family is enough

To rejoice

To feel close

Remember, millions without a family

Without anybody to share their pain

Remember to fill the hole of loneliness

With the support of your family

Written By: Santa Sunil Kumar

A few Tips

With only a week left of the 21 day lockdown period, it is crucial to formulate a common exit strategy as this curfew like situation cannot continue for an indefinite period of time. Beforw assuming professional role, all doctors took an oath to treat the ill irrespective of the circumstances. But in the wake of the pandemic crisis, some private medical practitioners are sitting at home afraid of the covid 19. On the other hand, government doctors are working round the clock to treat patients some even without proper protective kits. They are the main warriors in this battle and we all should salute them. 

Around 30% of our population has every reason to light candels, as even during such a severe crises tgey got their full salaries and pensions.  Let us all hope for the best. You now have much time to spend with yours family and polish your talents. You can make new hobbies and can instill in yourself.

You should help the needy in these times as they are the once who are suffering the most. Salute doctors and policemen who take risk of their lives so that we all are safe that is why we should obey all rules of the lockdown and maintain social distancing. Eat food which is good for your immunity and exercise daily. This is my humble request that please dont let the street dogs starve. Wear masks before going out of your homes.

Written By: Ishita Nara

Sketch By: Sudesna Sahoo


Enough of Addition and Multiplication

Now it has to be reduced

By Division and Subtraction.

Corona Virus has done a lot of action

Now it’s time to show reaction.

Virus must be feeling Proud

By doing the whole world Lock Down.

But our minds are not locked

Virus will soon get all paths blocked

To enter our lawn.

With enough of gambling ,

Virus also did a good thing

Even though unknowingly,

Made our nature and atmosphere wealthy.

It made our minds open

Making hobbies reopen.

 This lock will soon get shifted

From the whole world

To Corona virus.

Written By: Shruti Lad

Created By: Shilpa Gote

Created By: A. priyanka 

  COVID 19: Socio-Economic Challenges

In the year 1720 Plague, 1820 Chloera, 1920 Spanish flu and now in 2020 world faces one of the biggest problem named as COVID-19 (Corona Virus Diseases). It seems that once in 100 year the whole world is devasted by a dangerous pandemic. On the 100th Anniversary of the Spanish influenza, humanity is facing a new potential pandemic called as Corona virus which affects socially and economically  the world. Although, Chinese authorities have made their official statement appealing for the calm in  this situation, the situations have deteriorated rapidly.

In January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of this virus, COVID-19, to be a public health emergency of international concern. Economically, lockdown, ban of people gathering,  small shop owners and factory workers will suffer losses reminiscent of recession. Families which depends on daily salary wage earning have been forced into proverty, work into unemployment and children into malnutrition

The unemployment rates highest in 45 years,India ranking in the global ranking at 102th position, and economy has slow down.Unless plan for the equity epidemic can turn into economic catastrophe insidiously killing more people than Covid-19.Mitigating the medical, social, economic aspects of the epidemic will require multi-disciplinary efforts.The marginalised and vulnerable, both rural and urban, must be at the core of policy design. Learning should be adopted from the epidemic management in the similar low-resources setting.

The global output would contract by 0.9 % instead of growing by 2.5 percent in 2020.                                   

Study conducted by different IITs, it was found that residents of  Tier 1 cities are more aware of Corona viruses outbreak than people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. A majority 93% of respondents said that private mode of commute is safer than public mode.

Health minister on Tabligi jamat said that 9000 have been quarantined, 1,300 foreigners have been also identified. Contact tracing of Tabligi jamat is being done. A total of 400 have tested positive in different states, and numbers are increasing. The total number of active coronavirus cases in country stand at more than 2000 in the  country while death tally is on average 50, according to  the latest information on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s websites. Superpowers like the US has also been badly affected by the pandemic as it records the highest single day deaths in single day. The UK also reported around 550 deaths. A squad of 40 motorcycle equipped policemen will patrol the district to punish the lockdown violators. They are also been instructed to help those in distress and spread awareness about the pandemic.

Certain Bollywood celebrities have also joined hands  with Art of living foundation for #iStandwithHumanity to help 1 million daily wage workers families facing troubles in times of coronavirus outbreak. Local adminstration authorities like BMC and other organisations have also tentatively joined the initiative. The Ministry of Home Affairs  publicise the penalties on violation of the lockdown. Indian railway is converting 5000 coaches to coronavirus isolation wards. India might change testing guidelines. ICMR has recommended rapid tests in hotspot areas. Government launch the Aarogya setu app to track coronavirus infectives.This app available in 11 different languages.

Corona Virus has changed the world economics drastically

Kevin Warsh , current economics lecturer at Stanford University has highlighted the intensity of the pandemic by demonstrating the changes that would take place in household consumption, global consumption and international trade chains.

The economy worldwide has changed drastically. Predictions are that the global economy could shrink by 1%. It is been warned by the United Nations that if similar situations continue for more time, this stats could touch a new low.

Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) that this pandemic has devastated international trade. Almost 100 nations by now have sealed their boundaries for safety reasons from March, the tourism industry also has been hampered as no one wants to step out of their house and neither international flights are been allowed.

The fashion industry also seems to be hampered due to corona virus as there have been simultaneous shut down of huge fashion week shows throughout the globe. Small industries in the fashion capitals of Italy and Spain had to shutdown resulting into unemployment to all workers.

The strata of the society most effected by the outbreak of the corona virus are the daily wage workers. Due to government guidelines to all the factory owners, all the factories manufacturing non important goods are shutdown resulting into no bread for the daily wage workers. These people are now forced to search for different means. However Indian government has decided to give advance pensions to those receiving, advance food grains to all ration card owners. This decision may relieve these workers.

Written By: Gaurav Manglaprasad Prajapati



Isn’t there something really pretty about the night?

The blinking stars, the staring moon with soft music of sky,

The non-stop chortling and a gentle delight,

The warmth of home, the love of families where lie.


The empty streets with no chaos and grief,

The steady pebbles seem no less than a tomb,

But, the pink and white blossoms give us some relief,

The melodic dew and the sunrise brings hope.


The nature sheds tears after seeing sundry moist eyes,

The earth is healing in tranquility and people within their homes,

The zephyrs will soon call the caged butterflies,

When again the figures will be seen in the streets to roam.

Written By: DIYA BEDI

Sketch By: Sirigiri Rajesh

Sketch By: Rahul



Far from Wuhan leaks the Corona virus rumour

Made our mind gloomer.

Minds with great anxiety

Initially preventive measures were of poor quality.

All in utter tension

Flopped are our routine function

Few fair recommendations_prayer petition.

Indeed a mild corruption

Just for soul satisfaction

Truer it comes,left many in isolation

Few for consolation

Few escapes further lamentation

Few unfortunates left for fermented preparation

Among gifted souls survival.

All experienced a kind of TIME TRAVEL.

Indeed life confined INDOOR is also healthy and new.

Practiced social distancing,

Typical type of hand washing.

IT let our family bonding to flourish

Let greed from us be banished.

Before it get vanished

We are in the GOD’s kingdom.

The whole world experienced this wisdom.

Written By: G. Vijayalakshmi


COVID19, an infectious disease,. Caused by severe acute respiratory system corona virus 2 (SARS-Cov2). This disease was identified in the month of December, in the year 2019. It was identified in the wuhan city of china. It is now spreading globally. People, whole around the world are very much scared about it. Symptoms of COVID19 – fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue muscle pain, diarrhea, sore, throat, loss of smell, abdominal pain etc. Till date 1.44 million corona affected people are identified from the whole world from which 83,400 people are dead and more than 308,000 people are recovering.

          According to the survey we got to know that this viris spreads only by having close contacts with others and by small droplets of those cough and sneeze. But generally it is not spread in the air up to long distance. It is investigated that the virus can survive in the surface for 72 hours.         


 * Washing hands with soap and sanitizer.

*Maintaining social distance.

*Covering nose and mouth using coughing and sneezing.

*Not to touch face with hands without washing or cleaning them with sanitizer.

*Each and everybody is recommended to wear the mask.

-Till now no medicine or vaccine or specific anti viral treatment for COVID19 is being found. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) has declared PHEIC- public health emergency of international concern on 30 the January 2020 and a pandemic on 11th March 2020.

       There are two official names for COVID19 :- 

*Corona virus (COVID19)

*severe acute respiratory syndrome

  ( Corona virus – 2)


Why the viruses and diseases have different names??

 The diseases that are caused by the viruses and the viruses itself often have different names, for example the disease AIDS, caused by the HIV virus. Generally people are able to know the name of the disease but they do not know about the virus due to which the diseases are caused .

There are different processes and different purposes to name the diseases and viruses.

Basing on their genetic structure the virus names are named to facilitate the development of diagnostic tests, medicines and vaccines. These work are done by virologists and scientific community and therefore viruses are named by “International committee on Taxonomy of viruses (ICTV) .

 Similarly the name of the diseases are given for the discussion of severity, treatment, prevention, spread, transmissibility. The diseases are named by WHO in the international classification of disease (ICD) because the preparation and response of the disease is WHO’s role.


If we will be aware then only we will be able to protect ourselves and protect others by stopping the virus to spread . Still now no vaccine is found for the prevention of COVID19. 

Steps that we should follow for prevention of COVID19 :- 

*We should wash our hands continuously for 30 seconds in every 15-20 minutes with soap, water and sanitizer.

*We should cover our nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing.

* We should not come in close contact with I’ll people, we should maintain distance upto 1 meter or 3 feet.

*We should stay at home and self-isolate from others in the households if we feel unwell.

*We should not touch our eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands.


Wash hands thoroughly and clean them with sanitizer and soap and water , because washing hands with soap, water or santizer will kill the viruses which may be in our hands. 

Secondly we should maintain distance of 1 meter or 3 feet between ourself and the other sick one ; because when somebody coughs or sneezes small liquid from their nose and mouth sprays which may have viruses in it. If we will be closer to that coughing or sneezing person then we will breath in those droplets containing viruses.

We should not touch our eyes,nose and mouth , though our hand touches many surfaces in it might be picking up viruses with it. If we will touch our eyes, nose or mouth with those hands then the viruses can be transferred and make us I’ll by entering to our whole body.

We should practice respiratory hygiene and should notice people around us are also following a good respiratory hygiene ; which means covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing because the droplets spread viruses. By following good respiratory hygiene  we can also protect the people around us from viruses such as cold , flu and COVID19. 

We should seek medical care early if suffering from fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. We should stay informed and we should follow the advices adviced by healthcare provider.

Diagnosis of COVID19 :-

We should contact our doctor if we feel symptoms of corona virus within us.  Tell the doctor about where we have travelled and if we have travelled with ongoing community spread of COVID19 according to CDC and WHO. We should also let the doctor know if we have come in close contact with anybody who have been suffering from COVID19.

Treatment :-

Currently for COVID19, no antiviral medication is recommended. Treatment is directed as relieving symptoms and may include :-

 Pain relievers , cough syrup and medication, rest and fluids intake.

In the current situation, the most helpful and important prevention way for the virus COVID19 is none other than maintaining social distance and staying safely at home. 

Stay home, keep a safe distance, wash hand often, cover you cough and sneeze, if sick then call the helpline.

So ‘STAY HOME , STAY SAFE’ and the help the government, doctors, police to fight against COVID19 and making the world free from it.

Written By: Ipsita Mohanty

Corona Poem

Written By: Shradha Agarwal

Sketch by: OM KAVATHKAR, STD:8

How to fight the corona pandemic?

  • COVID -19 : COVID-19 is a disease caused by the “novel corona virus”.
  • Corona Virus: Corona Viruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds and some causes diseases. A newly identified type has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness now called COVID-19.
  • Start Of Corona Virus: This disease was detected in Wuhan, China. The outbreak was declared a public health emergency of international concern on 30 Jan, 2020. A new name for the new corona virus disease was COVID-19, which was announced by who on 11 February , 2020.This disease was declared as a pandemic disease on March 11 by
  • Corona Virus Spread : Corona Virus is a communicable disease. It can spread within a large number of people very easily and quickly. When a person is infected by COVID-19 and when he sneezes or coughs, the droplets from his nose and mouth spread and infects the other person. These infected droplets fall in surroundings and objects like mobile phone, tables, chair, door knobs etc. and when we touch these objects, we also get infected by corona virus.
  • Symptoms Of Corona Virus: The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, aches. Some people report losing their sense of taste or smell. The elderly people with some medical problems like BP, heart problems, diabetes etc. are a greater risk of serious illness from Covid-19.Children and people having less immunity are also affected by this virus.
  • Affected Areas: This virus was born in CHINA but now it has spread all over the world. Till now 203 countries have been affected by this virus. Now it has arrived in our country INDIA also. China, Italy, America and Spain are mostly affected by this corona virus. Till date 8,00,000 people have been infected across the globe. In India positive cases have crossed 1637 and death toll is over 38.

   How to fight the corona pandemic?

  • Social Distancing:- To date there is no vaccine and no specific medicine to prevent or treat Covid-19.So we are the medicine to ourselves .As we know that “ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” so social distancing is the best weapon which can kill corona virus. In this situation we have to be united by heart but not to meet others. If we have to go outside we should stay more than 2m apart from anyone. It is necessary to flatten the corona virus curve and prevent the current pandemic from worsening. This will help in breaking the chain. This will be quite difficult for us but we must follow the rules. So we all should stay at own homes. This is a war between we people and corona. In this war we should stay in our homes and fight against corona.
  • Hand wash:- We should always clean our hands regularly and throughly . We should clean our hands with an alcohol based hand rub, sanitizers. We should wash our hands regularly using soap, liquid soap and water for 30 secs.
  • We should wash our hands at the following terms:-
  1. After blowing our nose, coughing, sneezing.
  2. After visiting a public place.
  3. After touching surfaces outside homes.
  4. Before and after eating.
  5. After using the toilets.
  6. After touching animals , pets.
  • Hands touch many surfaces and pick up viruses. Once contaminated hands can transfer the virus to our eyes, nose, mouth. The virus can enter our body and can make us sick. So the virus will be killed in our hands only. We should keep our surroundings clean and we need to wash our hands regularly.
  • Face mask:- We should wear a face mask when we are around other people. This will protect us from virus. When we sneeze, cough we should cover our face using a mask or handkerchief. This will reduce the spread of virus .This is the best help to others. We should also not touch our eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Stay home:- We should stay in our homes. We should avoid going to schools, colleges, shops, malls, offices etc. This is a small help for our family. We should stay home to stay alive.
  • If anybody in our family or neighbourhood is having symptoms, immediately he should be sent in hospital . Isolation is also a good method. We should follow the government rules. Govt. and media is also helping us a lot.we should thank them. We should also thank doctors, policemen and cleaners.
  • Food:- We should always eat food which boost our immunity . We should wash fruits and vegetables before eating. We should avoid eating junk food and outside food. We should cook the food well and eat healthy food. We should eat vitamin C, D and which are good immunity boosters. Avoid raw food, cold food like ice-cream, yogurts etc. We should exercise daily in our homes.


Written By:  G.Sreya, Class : 8th

Sketch By: G. SREYA, VIII


Lessons from the past: Some key learnings relevant to the coronavirus crisis

The current topic that is burning the world alive is the deadly coronavirus. Let us first understand what this coronavirus actually is. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus disease which is called the COVID-19, is an infectious disease which is caused by the newly discovered Coronavirus. The COVID-19 virus is a virus that affects different people of the world in different ways. The COVID-19 disease is a respiratory disease and most of the infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms and recover withouteven  requiring special treatment.  The people who already have underlying medical conditions and those people who are over 60 years old have a higher risk of developing severe disease and death.

Common symptoms include:

  • fever
  • tiredness
  • dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath
  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • anda very few people in the world will report diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.

The people living in this world who have only mild symptoms of this deadly disease but are otherwise healthy should self-isolate and contact their medical provider or a COVID-19 information line for advice on testing and referral. The people who have fever, cough or difficulty breathing should call their doctor and seek medical attention.

Some key lessons from the deadly disease Coronavirus: In the last 3 months, there has been a drastical change to the human lifeall around the world. The coronavirus outbreak happening in the world is no more just an epidemic but it is also considered as a global pandemic now. The people everywhere in the world are being asked to stay home and stay away from other people so as to reduce the risk of infection.

The deadly disease Coronavirus has brought with it a wave of negative outcomes, terrible illness and death, but at the same time it has also highlighted some important life lessons. Some of them are as follows:

  1. You should be willing to trade some your freedom for the greater good of the public: There is no doubt for anyone that it has been difficult for everyone in the world staying at home. Many people complaining about feeling bored and aimless. Some people may even have the feeling that it is a breach of their individual right, being made to stay home. However, when it comes to the greater good, one should always be willing to sacrifice a little bit of that freedom. A balance between individual rights and public safety is an ever changing thing. Trade a little bit of your freedom for the greater good of the public.
  2. You should wash your hands, whether there’s a virus or not: General hygiene is always important. Not just when there is a virus. You should know the drill by now. Wet your hands. Lather them with soap. Scrub for 20 seconds. Rinse off. Dry with a clean towel. Washing hands on a regular basis is really the best way to keep safe, because soap is a very effective way to kill viruses.
  3. Working from home should be an option for many: In this time of global outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, many people have learned that their jobs were possible to do from home. Most jobs have certain amount of work that can be done remotely. Without the virus in place, there should still be some system in place that will promote work-life balance.
  4. Taking that sick day from the work could save lives:If you are feeling sick at any day in this situation, it is highly beneficial that you just stay home. It is a common feeling among lots of people that their office environment does not encourage taking sick days. Many people want to appear like martyrs to their managers. This mentality needs to stop. If you are sick, just stay home.
  5. The Internet should be a basic right:According to a study done by the University of Birmingham, the right to Internet access, also known as the right to broadband, should be considered a human right. Many people from all over the world are unable to get online, particularly the people who live in the developing countries, and so they lack meaningful ways to influence the global players shaping their everyday lives. In addition to this, during the times like these, it is especially important to be able to contact family, friends and work from home if necessary. Internet is the only way to do so.
  6. The doctors and the researchers need to be paid better: If this scary time has taught us anything, it’s that doctors and researchers will be the ones who get us out of this mess. The doctors and the researchers are the only ones who are working day and night to drive the recovery of the world. At the moment, hundreds of scientists scramble to find a coronavirus treatment. It is high time for us that we need to re-evaluate how much money Hollywood actors, pro-athletes and politicians make and instead pay the scientist and the doctors the salary they deserve.
  7. Everyone should know how to cook: The situation that has forced everyone to stay at home has forced many people to learn, re-learn or re-ignite their love for cooking. To learn how to cook is to have one of the most important skills in life. You depend on yourself. It teaches you self-sustainability and you save a lot of money. These days, hundreds of people sharing social media posts of their delicious meals. They are re-discovering the wonders of eating in.
  8. The importance of talking to friends every day: Now that we can’t go out and keep busy, the best way to combat loneliness is to be in regular contact with friends and family, by chatting over the phone or video chatting. This is the time to have long talks and deep conversations. Don’t forget human connection during these crucial times. Call your grandma!
  9. Learn to appreciate nature: If you live near a spacious outdoor are, like the desert or an empty road lined with trees and you realise it is the only safe, surface-less space to take a walk in, then you start to realise how beautifulthe nature actually is. The point is not to remain indoors, but to avoid being in close contact with others. When you do leave your home, whether it is for a walk in the desert or a run on your street, make sure to wipe down any surfaces with which you come into contact with and at the same time also avoid touching your face and frequently wash your hands.
  10. Learn how to be content alone: It is so hard for some people to just be still and do nothing. Being alone, especially for extroverts can be exhausting and lonely. Social distancing can be very difficult, but it can also teach you a lot about yourself. You learn how to keep yourself busy. Your body and mind is your home and you have to learn how to love it and live with it.

Conclusion:It is rightly said that it is important to learn from the past. The deadly Coronavirus disease that is taking the lives of so many people across the world, has taught so many life lessons to the people living in it.These lessons are not meant to be forgotten but is to be remembered by the human beings in order to make the Earth a beautiful place to live in. Lastly, I would like to conclude by mentioning that “Stay at Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives”.



Sketch By: R. Yogalakshmi 

Created By: R. Yogalakshmi 

Created By: R. Yogalakshmi 

Sketch By: Axmedova Marjona Rashidovna 

Sketch By:  Jagrit


Created By : Divya 


 A venomous virus is  causing disease to decease.

Is it incarnation of Satan from hell?

Upon mankind its effect is so unkind.

Boastfully blowing a disastrous death knell

Is it God’s wrath?

Affecting all in the East, West, North th and South.

With dry cough, high fever, difficulty to breathe,

So far more than a lakh were given wreath.

Ceaselessly active is the disease to decease,

The crowned, middlemen and paupers enslaved,

Our ego, desparity, meaningless strife in our life,

Lackadaisical acts against mother nature.

IT is the best preacher and teacher.

Humanity, charity, is ITS vital lesson

To follow our hearts and passion with devotion.

All are well at home some are not, for they roam.

Victorious is India’s Hydroxychloroquine.

So called SUPER NATIONS of occidental use it to win.

Let us  stop all kinds of sin. Love friends, family, all kith and kin.

Written by: G. Vijayalakshmi


With the outbreak of COVID-19, the spread of the deadly novel virus has now forced large parts of the world and many countries to go under lockdown as a preventive measure. The pandemic is affecting our everyday lives in multiple ways and things are changing at such a rapid pace that it is impossible to know what to expect next.

With this uneasy state of lockdown, a lot of future oriented uncertainty and concern about the health and safety of family; the outbreak of corona virus has taken a big toll on the mental health of the people and definitely isn’t helping with anxiety. Some people might be faced with practical concerns like threat of job loss, lack of social contact, financial quandary or availability of supplies and medicines. Others might be worried about balancing working from home or the possibility of contagion. For all, being alone with thoughts may be more distressing than ever.

Ergo, it is important to take a minute and check in with yourself and acknowledge your emotions and fears. Sitting with your emotions and to allow any feelings to exist alongside whatever actionable steps you are taking is necessary, as conceding and thus facing your fears in times of disquietude instead of ignoring and letting them build up will provide a sense of relief.

Feeling anxious, irritability, lack of concentration as well as fear due to uncertainty is a valid response. Whenever you feel yourself getting caught up in these emotions and fear, which might happen a little too often; focus your shift to things you can control. Washing hands, maintaining good hygiene, ensuring you have enough and correct information, eating healthy and following all possible preventive measures can help prevent health anxiety to a large extent. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about the worst case scenario, shift your focus onto manageable, doable, solution-focused things which can help with anxiety and also help establish a consistent routine.

The lack of structure in the face of uncertainty can cause you to feel anxious. So, create a schedule and incorporate healthy activities into your day. It is essential that while creating a schedule you do not compare your productivity to that of others but try to do activities that you gain joy from. Take time out for activities that you relish. Find some time to add value to your day. Read a book, watch a comedy, play a fun board game or videogame, exercise, clean your room, take a long bath, meditate, practice yoga, learn a new hobby like origami, have a solo dance party, do gardening, sing your heart out, make something- whether it is a new recipe, a craft, or a piece of art. Even take a nap if you want to. Stay active- as physical activity can reduce stress and also keep the body and mind fresh. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it takes you out of your worries and makes you feel joyous.

During this time of a pandemic, it is also important to stay informed but don’t obsessively check the news. Stay informed so that you can follow advised safety precautions and do your part to slow the spread of the virus. Howbeit, sensationalistic coverage only feeds into fear. Continuously watching the news about ‘death tolls’ or ‘rapid spread’ every few minutes is likely to keep your anxiety in a heightened state. Stick to discerning about the content you consume. Do not fall for rumours and stick to trustworthy sources only. Schedule breaks from watching, reading and listening to news including social media content. It is paramount that you stay up to date about the immediate developments but resist the habit to check the news every minute, all day long as constant monitoring can fuel your anxiety.

Social distancing and thus lack of social contact is an effective measure to slow the spread of the virus and for safeguard public health. However, anxiety can get amplified during this isolating time. Thence, having a good social support system is beneficial. Focus on building a relationship with a few close people. Spend time with your parents, help them with their work, talk to your siblings, and stay connected with your friends. Watch a television show or movie with them, share stories and experiences over tea, engage in the same activities and discuss about your feelings. Add interactions with them to your daily routine. If you are living alone, stay virtually connected with the people in your life. Have long conversations over the phone with friends you lost touch with, talk to someone about how you feel, video call your friends or join a book group online. Isolation and loneliness can exacerbate anxiety, therefore it is important to stay connected and have social support.

While taking applicative steps as you go through these stressful times, know that it is okay to feel every emotion that you may be feeling. It is okay to try and figure it out little by little each day. You are not alone. The world is in this together and we will get through this time by following advised safety precautions, staying home and keeping in mind every human on this planet.

Written By: Ayushi Gupta

TITLE: 👼🏻Mere Sath 👏🏻HANDWASH 🙌🏻karona and Stop ❌CORONA🦠
#1yearOld #LittleHANDS🤲🏻 #SpreadingAwareness #PositivetoSTOPCORONA🦠

Video Submitted By: Dr. Nitika jain

दिल्ली भाग रही

पहुँचा दिल्ली, देखा नजारा, दिल्ली भाग रही। 

मुंँह पर मास्क, हाथ मे गैजेट, कुछ सहमे, कुछ डरे, 

कुछ चिंतित और कुछ विचलित दिखे। 


कोरोना तुने क्या है खेल रचा,

तू दुनिया और दुनिया तुझे करने को है खत्म यहाँ। 

कोरोना तुने क्या है खेल रचा।


वुहान कि धरती पर जन्मा, कुछ महीने मे पला-बडा,

बिना पंख के, देश विदेश की सैर करने लगा, मित्रगण भी साथ आने लगे,

जैसे मनुष्य से हो दुश्मनी पुरानी कोई, रंजिश में दिखे सभी।


इकट्ठे होकर वार वो करने लगे, 

मैदान ए जंग मे वो एक जैसे  दिखने लगे, वार भी वही, सोच भी वही,

कुछ अंतर बस ताकत ए वार मे दिखा।


कोरोना तुने शायद अपनी माँ को था वचन दिया,

मैदान ए युध से खाली ना लोटने का वादा था किया। 

ऐ कोविड, तू रुक, तुझे अब रुकना होगा, खौफ ए मंजर को अब ढ़कना होगा। 


ये मिट्टी ए हिनदुसतां है, यहाँ फिरंगी का हुआ दाह है, 

भारत नहीं आना था तुझे, अपनी माँ को दिया वचन ना गवाना था तुझे,

भारत नहीं आना था तुझे।


इस देश से ही नहीं, पुरी दुनिया से तुझे अब जाना होगा, 

तुने जो किया उसे हमें सँभालना होगा, साथ देंगे सबका,

मनुष्यता है धर्म अपना। 


कोरोना कि चाल समझो, सब एक साथ चलो, खुद को और अपनो को साफ रखो,

कुछ महीनों की बात रही, तुम ठहरो, मै ठहरु, सब ठहरो,

कोविड से अपने ही घर में लडो़।


गर ना पहचानी इसकी चाल, तो समझो हो गया मनुष्य विहाल,

ये जंग है-विश्व जंग कोविड और इंसान मे, देशभक्त बनो कुछ महीने घर पर रहो,

जीवन मिलेगा इसी तरह वरना समाप्त है समय। 

घबराने की नहीं, सोचने की है जरूरत पडी, 

गर फैलने से इसे रोक पाये तो अपुर्णकवि कहे इससे बडी नहीं विजय जंग कोई।

कवि: डाॅ जितेंद्र सिंह , प्रिंसिपल एवं डीन, स्कूल आॅफ फार्मेसी , कैरियर पवाइंट विश्वविद्यालय, हमीरपुर, हिमाचल प्रदेश। पता:  डाॅ जितेंद्र सिंह पुत्र श्री बिशम्बर दयाल, गाँव बिहाली, तहसील अटेली, जिला महेंद्रगढ़, हरियाणा।, ई-मेल: jitender.kuk@gmail.com

Note: This poem is awarded as the Best Poem in the Creative Writing Contest.


A Quote

If you feel for the people who are dead,

Enter this one key point in your head,

To stop the coronavirus from being spread,

Just stay at home and cut going outside instead.


Solidarity shines brighter than the horror of virus

( By: Antara Purkayastha)

It’s been months since the deadly virus has started its voyage around the world, ruthlessly and mercilessly taking lives and bringing the human race to its knees. Everyday news of lost lives and the stories of agony makes us mourn and fill us with horror. We don’t know when this all will end, what future holds but if anything, this testing time has taught us, that it is a lesson for all of us not to take anything for granted ever in life.

This moment of crisis brings out either the worst or best in men, and I’m here to recount the best side of it. From our frontline workers putting up a fight to little kids and people applauding from their balcony to send out their best wishes and appreciation to the frontline warriors. From people extending out to help out the elderly in their neighborhood to a 99 years old war veteran, Tom Moore, walking in his garden and raising money for health workers. It’s heartwarming to see how people around the world are looking out for each other, we know we are in this together and we also know the distance, not division, love not hate, patience not panic will keep us going. This amazing spirit of human solidarity is more infectious and shines brighter than the horror of the virus and the devastation it has caused.

There are stories of people distributing food and essentials to needy and poor because they are at the end of grave consequence as the virus has shut down the economy and snatched their daily wage. A man named Pankaj Shah of Indian-origin, a safari operator fed 24,000 Kenyan families, he has also volunteered mother Teresa. When asked about it, he replied: “ I think about what mother Teresa would do, that’s the inspiration for the rest of the life”. Like Pankaj Shah, many heroes around the world are reaching out and helping in every way they could.

And how can we forget to the innumerable sacrifices our frontline worriers are making. Doctors, nurses, hospital workers, police, cleanliness workers. It’s been long since they had a good time with their family or even seen them properly. And at the face of terror and uncertainty, all they have to say is it’s their duty and they are staying out for us to stay in. Find me a more pious and greater resolution than what they are doing every day to save millions around the world. Yes, we’ve read stories of death and despair but we’ve also read the story of recovery. Connie Titchen, a Woman of 106 years old, from the UK is believed to be the oldest recovered patient of COVID-19. She has lived through two deadly world wars and now she has been successful to defeat this deadly virus as well. Every recovery story is a message for all of us that we will reach the other end of the tunnel soon, and light will be visible.

Even the world has come together to seek comfort from each other in every way possible. We’ve seen the videos doing round few days from Italy where people came into their balcony to have their little concert, they sang songs and played music. We’ve seen videos from around the world where people came into their balcony to cheer for our frontline heroes. We’ve seen people from my country, India, lightening Dias and sending out their hopeful wishes for the workers. We’ve also seen deserted roads and public places as we diligently quarantine ourselves, doing our bit. This indomitable spirit, this tale of collective solidarity, being apart, I know for one, we will recount in years to come.

We’ve also seen nature healing as the world goes into lockdown. Birds have started to singing more, dolphins have returned, pollution has decreased. I hope when we will return into the picture, having learned the lesson of how fleeting life is, we will be gentler towards mother nature. More compassionate towards each other, we won’t waste our time complaining but by spreading joy and making a change around us.

 When Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and Matterhorn mountain in Swiss alps projected flags of Countries hit by the virus, it was an assurance of solidarity, strength, and resilience. When the war is long and tedious, when uncertainty makes us tremble and a long way to walk what eventually prevails is hope, what eventually soothe us is the promise of days will get better and the world would gain normalcy. We will again hold hands and celebrate festivals together.

In the words of Tagore “When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with a shower of mercy. When grace is lost from life, come with a burst of song.” Let this be our guiding spirit in this tough time.

This too shall pass!

  Written  By: Antara Purkayastha


Sketch By:  Jayatri Chakraborty

Is Quarantine Bringing Us Together While Keeping Us Apart?

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Often the most expected things happens at the unexpected time. It is hard to believe that there is a silver lining to the all-consuming cloud-Covid19. Scientists are revealing the magical ways in which the earth is healing. It is reported that these subtle changes that is happening to the environment is because of the changes in the day to day human patterns of life. There are evidences of reduced carbon dioxide emissions leading to relatively lower air pollution levels, significant changes in the water resources due to a sharp decline in tourism. But this does not mean a complete positive impact on the environment as the consumption of basic domestic resources have markedly increased. We can positively influence the reduction of carbon footprint and our utility bills by adopting simpler techniques that can both save energy resources and money.

  • It could begin with turning off the taps when not needed, removing dripping taps and ensuring that the washing machine load is full. These simple techniques reduce pressure in the sewage and prolongs the lifespan of rivers and lakes.
  • Switching of the lights and all kinds of electronic devices when not needed can save electricity significantly. Usage of energy efficient bulbs, dialling down AC, using power strips to reduce energy at times when we do not use devices are some ways.
  • The efficiency of appliances can also be checked by defrosting the freezer before ice builds up, dusting the filters of various appliances, turning off the stove or microwave a little before to utilize the residual heat efficiently, not allowing phones to charge overnight, sealing cracks and adding insulation to gadgets are some efficient ways to cut down energy expenditure and costs.
  • With the extension of lockdown there are problems related to the affordability and accessibility of vegetables. In such a situation,” blessed are those who have their own little backyard garden or a terrace garden”. With the balanced and healthy organic choices at home one need not worry about a healthy diet and failing immunity. Adoption of kitchen wastes for organic manure and less harmful household-based waste water are some of the smarter ways to have one’s own energy efficient garden. People can start using these techniques to select plants that grows at a faster rate to develop a new energy efficient garden and can start spending the quarantine period productively.
  • With the adoption of organic farming in the household we can effectively restore the carbon content into the soil rendering it structural capacity and the ability to hold water during rainfall and release it during drought. It can also prevent erosion during flood. Therefore, an energy efficient organic garden can serve as a excellent tool for soil resource conservation
  • If one is living in a residential building, by having collaborative links with the neighbours one can save energy resources by picking up several groceries at one go. This can continue in rotations. One could also purchase utilities required for an entire week or month depending on the nature of the product at one go instead of riding to the stores on a day to day basis. These techniques can help save money and fuel resources.
  • One could also use cheaper and healthier food alternatives according to the seasonal availability and accessibility. Example: Wecould use mangoes instead of tamarind based on the local seasonal availability. Such alternatives can help us save money without compromising the health benefits. At times we tend to cook beyond our necessity and end up wasting food not realising the amount of resources and hard work put into it.In such situation’s food can be cooked only in quantities really needed or excess could be given to the needy.
  • Out of all the resources available on planet earth, the most important renewable energy resource is manpower or human energy. On event of such a global crisis, instead of wasting such tremendous energy one could engage in activities for the betterment of mankind. These activities include making masks for the police and healthcare departments, engaging in social and monetary support services for the needy. Such a positive energy transformation could reduce our country’s dependence on other countries.
  • Considering people of different economic standards, blessed are those who have enough comforts and resources to live. But we often fail to appreciate the comforts that we have and do not bother about the amount of resources we waste. If our future generations are to remember us with gratitude, then we must leave them a glimpse of all the comforts that we have instead of narrating them the stories of comforts that we had. We do not have the right to rule and decide the nature of environment in which our future generations are supposed to live. We are responsible to leave behind a planet that is habitable to all the species. These responsibilities require the contributions of the entire human race in the day to day life.
  • During the quarantine period, saving energy resource is not only about cost cutting but it is a stone of hope in a mountain of despair. To save is to believe in tomorrow! Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so let this hope be ours!

 Stay home, staysafe, Gogreen.

If not for you, then let it be for the people you love!

Written By: Anusha S

How to Get Rid of COVID-19 with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Written By: Jennisha Agrawal

Fight Corona, Not People

Written By─ Mobani Biswas

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How to get rid of Covid19

Covid19 or corona virus is a pandemic disease with flu-like symptoms that has seriously affected the world. Millions have died from this virus, making many countries go on lockdown and resulting in an economic crisis form an example patrol. Older people with underlying health problems and children are at higher risk of getting infected by this dangerous disease.

 In this horrible situation, there is a big question that how to get rid of covid19? first of all cleanliness is our perfect weapon to fight with covid19. Be clean, clean your personal and professional space and always wash your hands properly, especially wash your hands before and after eating and also after use restroom. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth and ears when your hands are dirty. Eat clean food and drink  clean water, preferably warm water. Bath and brush your teeth three times everyday. If you are outstation use sanitizer.

     Apart from that, do not leave home without any reason. If there is an important work or emergency, then only we are permitted to leave home. But if there is any medical reason we can leave our home once more than one person. Always remember, keep at least 6 feet distance from each others, specifically from those who are not felling well. Be safe at home, do any innovations, projects and play Indore games to ease up your mind.

     In addition, we must wear face mask and gloves to steer clear of this murderous covid19. Whenever we touch anything we are not sure that it is save. It may conceivably get contact with corona virus even it is our car’s or house door. Therefore, when you get inside your house wash your hands and legs. It will reduce the chances that we get contacted with corona.

     Not only that, positive thoughts and positive energy is very important as a safeguard to preserve us from this pathogen. Think positive don’t be fear of it because it might generate bad energies at your home. Pray to the god and think that we are safe and healthy. Positive thinkings will make us felling safe, happy and well. We must keep our mind free because that is the super way to reinforce our body.

     Moreover, we must also vitalize the immune system in our body to prevent covid19. We should get enough sleep and rest. In our daily life we should sleep 8 hours at night. Do exercise and inhail fresh air, do not smoke or expose ourselves to cigarette smoke. Take periodic health examination and eat food that escalate our immune system. For an instance garlic, turmeric, ginger, broccoli, spinach, yogurt, almonand and citrus.this is very important in now days as a precaution.

     Other than that, if there is anyone that feeling under the whether should be isolate from others for 14 days to make sure that the person is healthy. We also have to keep a distance from people who are sick, coughing or flu. They might be effected by covid19. we should do periodic health examination if we have symptoms like flu, coughing, high fever and also breathing problems. Unforgotten, cough to your shoulder, cover your sneeze with handkerchief and control intake a lot of sugar and oily food.

     However, if you have such symptoms do not be panic, take early treatment and do not delay at last if it cross the limit we can’t do anything. So, `ready an umbrella before rain’ and `protect is better than cure’ are the vote of scripture in now days. Try to avoid, if cannot take early action. Being sad and tension are normal in this crisis time. Talk to the person you trust and reduce your stress. Relax and spend your time in good ways by doing such activities like reading, dancing or watching TV.

     Last but not least, please stay at home carefully. Take early actions and adherence to my advice that I pointed out just now. In this present time it is very important to listen to our local government and rules. Let’s fight this horrifying covid19 together.

Written By: Thurga Shri Suresh


To beat this worldwide pandemic,

The world has to,must come together.

In the fight to end this crisis,

We truly cant afford to lose anyone behind.



It is very challenging

But also an amazing opportunity

to unlearn,relearn and test capabilities

and our value system.

These are unprecedented times that

require unprecedented efforts



Battling The Invisible Enemy: Lockdown, Personal Narrative, Recipe And More


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How to make your life interesting during the current scenario of lockdown ?

In today’s world, most of the people are tired of being lockdown at their places or frustrated by simply being at home for all day long. People are bored out of their daily routine as they nothing to do with outdoor locality.

So, in this case people should come out with their different ideas or methods to make their life more fascinating. Having a daily habit helps to organise your time during the day because you are having a specific routine throughout the day. One should prepare the to-do list for the day and try to accomplish it by the day itself. Most of the time you may take much time to follow your routine but with time you can develop the habits, and see what works best for you.

Try something entertaining for yourself which will help you to divert your mind from sitting idle to utilising it in a productive way. Like, you can give a try to article writing online on several themes or headings. This will improve your vocabulary, writing habits and moreover, you will also help in staying updated about various scenarios of life. Moving on further, we can several other things like ;

1). Learn through online courses, like, improving your speaking and listening skills as it will dynamically help you in upgrading your own personality. This will boost your confidence and also helps in overcoming the problem of stage fear.

2). Spend time with your family . As a youth, they should spend most of the time with the family as this is age where you would have ample amount of time to live with your family as in near future you will also get indulge in your job life routine. So, try to make these moment memorable one by playing indoor games like ludo, snake & ladders, carrom, etc. You will not get these moments back in your life ever again.

3).Helping in household works. It’s never a bad idea to help your mother in the kitchen, by filling the empty bottles and brooming the every corner of your house. This will melt the heart of your mother.

4). Plantation or grooming of plants and trees. you can plant armfuls of colorful flowers or grow veggies and herbs in the indoor pots.

5). Improve your photography skills. Get new creative ideas of clicking the pictures of item kept at home. You can also Google the techniques of trying different clicking methods.

And at last, you should make a note what you concluded from what you did all day long and appreciate yourself that you made up to this much level of consistency by trying and trying each day.

Written By: Ashutosh Bhargava


How to deal with pandemics of global repercussions in future?

Written By: N. Gurumoorthy

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कोरोना को हराना है

चीन से आया भारत में, भारत से बैठा रथ पर,
जनमानस में छाया अभय खबर चर्चा है हर छत पर!
अखबार के हर पन्ने पर छाई महामारी है,
सतर्क हो जाओ सब नर हो या नारी है!
वायरस से बचने के लिए मुंह पर लगाना मास्क है,
स्वच्छ साफ रहना है कोई नहीं बडा यह टास्क ह!
हाथ मिलाना नहीं अब अब तो करना नमस्कार है,
समय-समय पर हाथ धोना हर बार है!
कोरोनावायरस मारी तो है परंतु इससे हमें बचना है,
भारत विश्व गुरु है इसका इतिहास फिर से रचना है!
भारत कोरोना को हराएगा इसको हमने ठाना है
कोरोना से क्यूं डरते हो इसको तो हराना है!
सुरज पोरे 

Lockdown Days (An Abecedarian poem)


All around silence prevails

Buzz of activities have died down

Chirping of the birds can be heard clearly

Danger is lurking all around

Easy is it to sit at home?

Fashionably lethargic the days go by

Going outside isn’t a choice

Hampered are lifestyle, economy and activities

Interaction with humans is not a matter of rejoice

Just by sitting at home we could save lives

Kind of the apocalypse movies out of the archives

Lives are being lost everyday worldwide

Micron sized virus has caused mayhem in human lifestyle

Nature all the while is repairing itself

On the brighter side, we have cleaner air!

Pandemic like this hasn’t visited in a hundred years

Quarantine is now a popular word in our English jargon

Rendering their services some humans are helping societies

Salute to the heroes who do not were a cape or covet trophies

True are the stories of strive when lives are at stake

United we’ll have to be in our efforts for the chain to break.

Vacant are the roads, cities wear a deserted look

World waits with baited breath for some miraculous cure

Xyster, scalpel wielders are whom the world looks up to

Year like this is something no one would ever have dreamt

Zapped into a life of turmoil, to which we are now condemned.


Written By: By Mobani Biswas

Sketch on Corona

Sketch By: G.Sreya


2020 is here with a challenge for the whole population, staying at home during lockdown because of the deadly corona virus. We see parents working from home and children sleeping till afternoon and then roaming around as pain in the neck for parents. There is a question in every parents mind how to keep the kids busy? How to make them get rid of boredom? Well there are end number of things children can learn in this free time of stringent lockdowns.

Let’s start with the skill that would need very little investment, improving your culinary prowess on starting from scratch with cooking is simple. Teens with keen interest in photography should be encouraged to sharpen their skills. Missing your best friend? Why don’t we let books replace them by developing a good reading habit?And parents should narrate stories to small children while tucking them in the bed. Tiny tots should be taught to paint or draw, learn art and craft by watching tutorial videos online. The easiest craft is Origami where we can make numerous things just by folding paper.


Why don’t we utilise this time being a linguist, learning different languages online? The idea of writing a novel may seem daunting. Writing can be incredibly therapeutic practise and one which can help to pass our time. Is there a guitar that you got as a present on your birthday? Retune that guitar you have had for god knows how long and begin to fill your quarantine days with mellifluous music. Teenagers should let their creative juices flowing by starting a blog or writing a journal with lots of doodles, cartoons and quotes by famous personalities which will help them get inspired.


If you are sick spending all time indoors, you should transform your garden into a tranquil space with the help of your parents so you can venture outside. Kids should be encouraged to become techno savvy by getting introduced to different soft wares. Improving your calligraphy skills can also done. We can also have playtime with family, playing interesting board games like ludo, cluedo and business.


Besides this, children should regularly attend their online academic sessions. They shouldcomplete their work on time. Learning with teachers in a new way seems really interesting. Also spending quality time with family than ever before makes everyone connected to each other in this era of hustle bustle. Children should participate in various online competitions organised by different organisations. Parents should also explore different websites that enhance moral values, mental ability and thinking of their child.

There should be a habit of taking a glance at the daily newspaper which makes their general knowledge very strong which will help later for children those who have dreams to crack the UPSC examination and become an IAS officer or any government employee. Kids should be shown inspirational movies like Dangal, Sultan, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom etc. that teach us, it doesn’t matter how many difficulties you face but if your determination is good, no one can stop you from being successful in life. Performing these activities regularly, will keep your child busy and enjoy staying at home. By getting engrossed in such activities you can develop better skills besides you will not get to know about time and we will get back to our normal work routine. Till the time each citizen should follow the rules of the government and stay at home and stay safe.

Written By: AVNI MUNJAL, 13 Years, GURUGRAM

यह लड़ता हिंदुस्तान है!

आज इस कलम को उठाते हुए रूह काँप रही थी! 
मान को झंझोरने वाली इन हालातों को डायरी में लिखने का मन किया! साथियों गौर से सुनिए गा-
यह सड़के यह चोराहे हर गली गली सुनसान है; 
आज हवा में उड़ रहे पंछी और पिंजरे में बंद इंसान है! 
मत घबराओ मेरे साथियों;
यह उगता हिंदुस्तान है यह बढ़ता हिंदुस्तान है 
यह लड़ता हिंदुस्तान है!
आज ना मंदिर में ना मस्जिद में ना गुरुद्वारे में भगवान है;
 श्वेत लिबास में दर्द मिटा रहा वह मेरा भगवान है
देखो तुम्हारे लिए युद्ध लड़ रहे हमारे वीर जवान हैं; 
अपनी भूख प्यास को छोड़ ऐसे भारत के वीर महान हैं! 
यह कैसी महामारी विचित्र बीमारी काली घटा बनकर छाई है;
 दर्द में तड़प कर मर जाए मनुष्य ऐसी पीड़ा लाई है! 
क्या अमेरिका क्या इटली पूरे विश्व पर शामत आई है;
सब मिलकर लड़ो साथियों यह नर्क की परछाई है! 
आज हमारी जन्मभूमि पर ना कमल ना हाथ है;
बन गया यह देश कुटुंबकम हर बच्चा बच्चा साथ है! 
 हम सिर्फ एक नहीं हर दिन थाली शंख बजाएंगे.. 
इस दुख की घड़ी को भूल खुशियों के गीत गाएंगे…. 
 जल्द खत्म हो जाएगा यह दिन मिलकर जश्न मनाएंगे उठो साथियों हम योद्धा बनकर इस मिट्टी को बचाएंगे! 
हाथ जोड़कर विनती है लक्ष्मण रेखा पार ना करना
 वक्त लगेगा थोड़ा तब तक अपने घर में रहना; 
घर के अच्छे मुखिया बनना नहीं तो पड़ेगा सबको सहना! सब लड़ेंगे तुम मत डरना जड़ से मिट जाएगी यह बीमारी विचित्र करोना! 
क्योंकि मुझे इस देश पर अभिमान है मत डरो साथियों….
यह उठता हिंदुस्तान है! 
यह बढ़ता हिंदुस्तान है! 
ये लड़ता हिंदुस्तान है!
In English-

 This is fighting India !!(Corona)

Today, while lifting this pen, the spirit was shivering!
I felt like writing these situations in the diary which annoyed heart! Friends, listen carefully.
This street, this road is deserted every street;
Today there are birds flying in the air and humans are in cage!
Do not panic my colleagues;
It is a growing India, it is a growing India
This is a fighting India!
Today there is God in neither the temple nor the mosque nor in the gurudwara;
 He is my God, alleviating pain in white clothes
Look, our brave soldiers are fighting for you;
The heroes of India are great except for their hunger and thirst!
What kind of pandemic disease has become black and white;
 Man has brought such pain in pain after dying in pain!
Has America or Italy joined the whole world;
Everyone fight together, this is the shadow of hell!
Today there is no lotus or hand on our birthplace;
This country has become a family with every child, child!
 We are not just going to play thali conch every day ..
Forget this moment of sorrow and sing songs of happiness….
 This day will end soon, we will celebrate together and get up, friends, we will save this soil by becoming warriors!
Laxman begs not crossing the folded hands
 It will take some time to stay in your house;
Everyone will have to suffer if they do not become good heads of the house! Everyone will fight you, do not fear, this disease will disappear from the root!
Because I am proud of this country, do not be afraid, friends…
This is a rising India!
This is a growing India!
This is a fighting India!
Written By: Anchal Nalwaya 
Address- Badi sadri darwaza,  Chhoti sadri, Pratapagarh, Rajasthan.

Making of face masks from old t-shirts and cloth 

“Be astute
Be hygienic
Be shielded
Be well prepared
Be all set to fight
COVID19″ __Trandali Kashyap
Introduction : Due to the growing impact of the CORONA VIRUS , the world has seen a quantum jump in the demand for surgical face masks and N95 respirators. There has been a sudden shortage of face masks in the market. So, we can start to make our own face masks at home with articles that are easily accessible and are readily available at our respective homes. Articles like old t-shirts and any other old cloth can be used to achieve this goal. This process is very easy and doesn’t require any sort of sewing. So it can be prepared by anyone very effortlessly. 
Materials required: For preparing face masks at home we need old clean fabric or a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, rubber ties and a tape measure. 
Procedure:  Firstly we need to put the piece of fabric or t-shirt on an even surface and start measuring up to 8-9 inches from the bottom side. Then, we need to cut the fabric from down to up and then across with a pair of scissors. We will then get a rectangular piece of fabric which needs to be folded twice, once from bottom to the middle portion and then again from up to the middle part. Then, we need to attach two rubber ties to the folded piece of fabric about two inches from the two ends. Lastly, 
we will fold the right side of the folded fabric towards the middle and again turn the left side of the folded fabric towards the middle. The two folds should intersect. And now, our face mask is ready to be used. 
Step by step process to wear a face mask :   Before wearing a face mask we need to wash our hands properly with hand wash or alcohol based hand rub(ABHR)for about twenty seconds.While wearing face masks, we need to keep in mind that only the ear loops can be touched. We need to avoid touching the fabric of the mask. We should wear it in such a manner that it covers the whole of our mouth and nose. We should cover our chin too. 
 Proper sanitation: The homemade masks should be washed after every use with warm water and needs to be dried properly. We should not wear the same mask on a regular basis without proper sanitation.In fact, a person should keep with him/her an extra mask so that they can wear it when the other one is being disinfected. 
General guidelines to wear a face mask:  Masks should be worn all the time while in public places and the front part of the mask should not be touched. This guideline is being formulated by CENTERS OF DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) and WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO). The intention of wearing a face mask is not to protect you but rather to protect those surrounding you. Even after wearing face masks it is mandatory to follow social distancing. Those people who have breathing problems should avoid wearing face masks. 
Conclusion: Wearing a face mask is becoming a basic necessity these days due to the COVID19 pandemic. So, we should play our role as active citizens and wear face masks while going to public places and community settings. It will help us to stop the spreading of germs. 
Written By:  Trandali Kashyap

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