War Against COVID-19

Source: ICA Edu skills
Source: ICA Edu skills

Hope we are all united for the war against Corona Virus. Amid this critical situation we have started a chain of creativity to utilize the stay at home creatively.

We are launching a thread to spreed awareness for COVID-19. For this, we are inviting anything creative which you want the world to see/read. Any painting, drawing, (self made), essay, quotes, flow chart, poem, statistics, preventive measures, any social issue, any good/bad gesture in your neighborhood etc. There is no word limit. IT SHOULD NOT BE FORWARDED MESSAGE. IT SHOULD BE ONLY YOUR OWN CREATIVITY. Please mail us at monomousumi@gmail.com. we shall review and post as soon as possible. Please note that we shall not publish any political texts. No rumors. no medical tips. As medical tips only should come from a doctor.

There will be ONE Prize for the best post in this  thread in the form of a “Travel Box” sponsored by www.wanderquest.in. The result will be announced in the first week of MAY. 

Break the Chain..Stay at home


Sketch by Mayur Thapa


Interesting Facts

# Bangladesh transformed its only liquor making factory in to hand-sanitizer making plant to fullfill the demand.

By Bhaskar Rao

The power of a micron:-

The corona virus ( COVID19) , hit the planet in the late 2019. As this virus was discovered in the year 2019, it has got its name as COVID19. This virus first infected the citizens of China, and as days passed by this started to spread throughout the world. And now, the whole planet is under the custody of the micron sized organism; which has shut down the world transactions, transportation and social interaction among the human community.

People all over are advised to protect themselves using the mask, to wash their hands regularly using the sanitizers. As sanitizers act as disinfectant and help to kill the virus. Free treatments have been provided to the infected patients in some regions of the country . Amidst this, treatment and vaccines have been developed to cure the pandemic disease. But still the world count has gone up to 3lakhs as per the present statistical report.

The writing is based on the creative idea which can be implemented on the infected people so that, the virus can be killed inside the body of the human and can be controlled before spreading.

The technique here is simple, there should be use of the biosensors with some electrical activity , which may have the capacity to kill virus in humans. This idea is similar to the mosquito bat which is used in everyone’s home. When the mosquito bat is kept near the mosquito it dies due to the electric shock. Likewise,  the biosensors with electric activation must be implemented to kill the virus .

By: Sudhruti Rao



The sketch depicts that,
In satyayuga, there wasn’t any fear to go out of the house as there was harmony with animals. But now, ie., in kaliyuga, we fear to go out because of Covid-19 which is waiting at our doorsteps to tale our lives.
Sketch by: Bhargavi.K.M.


It all turned scary in the midst of a daily routine,

Everyone were Barrie residing in their bailey.

They had to carry their belongings to not be a Wally,

Stopping all the intermarry and going dollaly 😀

Go corona go!

Moving on with ease accepting the change was an arduous task,

With excepting the fact regarding the disease being contiguous.

Modi intercepting from the promiscuous contamination,

As we know he is consistently getting better in being adept.

Go corona go!

My heart in my mouth looking at routh disasters,

Keeping apart facts getting along brooking from the blaster,

Being smart and looking forward and constructing a raster.

Lived eating a tarte we had to unfortunately plaster our gaster.

Go corona go!

Having faith in doctors is all that matters in the end,

All the proctors had shut their chatters due to the factors.

Going in reach of scattered actors with reactors.

We wear the mask that grins and lies,

It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,

Brides us up with pride asides all the collides,

Glides into us like a monstrous plight.

Go corona go!

Celebrate yourself and sing to yourself,

What the fuck to even do, all by yourself?

Struck in the destruction of blare,

A tuck in the air sounded splendid remained a questionnaire!!

Keep reminding yourself to not lose hope,

Winding everything that comes by your phase.

Diligently putting a stop to the gaze,

By not keeping yourself in a maze.

There could be certain delays as the world lacks in pace,

Do not let the rays of misconception affect you at any case.

Go corona go!

All we had until now is discrimination in race,

But now due to space something grace has given raise.

Let’s join hands and shoo this disgrace away from our place!!

Everyone remain in a misogyny against this virus,

Let’s campaign about this condensed retrovirus.

It’s time to let go off the panicky and being trippy for a while,

And let your sweat off the body wet offset but not a cigarette.

Do anything which makes you forget the gadget,

But play safe staying by the by your magnet.

Go corona go!

All we ask for now is the earth to recover from this game,

And stop this shame which is being mislead in being tamed.

Staying back home is not such a bad rule framed,

Stop with the quarantine named blame!

It’s for your betterment proclaimed.

Enough with the unnamed flame being reclaimed!

Go corona go!

Put an end to rona dona and watch Barcelona instead,

Arizona Verona Pamplona need to be greeted with Ilona!

Krona isn’t the key to stop apocalypse,

It’s high time you be cognizant of this, shona!

Stay asylum, stay snug,

At least until May, lay down in grey, don’t delay.

Do not say anything and just stay this way!

Free from harm, today.

Go corona go!

Stop with the boredom and start working on being productive,

An end to Fordham isn’t an end to everything.

Cells in our brain can be used constructively,

As for instance getting seductive and being reproductive goes hand in hand.

Hobbies could be emphasized in your lobbies,

Dance or doodle or make some noodles.

Give a glance to all the chances in advance,

But never step out, even if you’re pepped.

Go corona go!

Forget the irony and wholly accept it’ll be okay,

Could be slowly, until then have some ravioli and play Holi,

But stay jolly, within your coley.

No goli, but adjust with the rolly and play lowly.

People less privileged than us,

Nevertheless obviously have success but jus don’t know how to impress.

The one’s who don’t have access to information at their fingertips are in stress,

Must be assessed and given significance,

This wouldn’t happen unless we raise ourselves and get into process!!

Go corona go!




Illustrated by: Khushi


If you want to take CARE,
Then always be AWARE,
Overcome your FEAR,
And tell corona don’t DARE
By: Prathamesh Sitre



In this summer vocation,

Stay in isolation.

Don’t take tension,

You will get your pension.

As God is taking a dictation.

This is not a fiction

But a severe addiction,

In many nations.

Stay at home,

All alone.

Pray for being forbid

And to stop this covid.

Take all the safety tips.

Also clean your lips.

Wear a maskat face.

Ask your God to show grace.

 Gloves at hands,

And remember going outside is band.

Say corona GO,

And do all precautions you know.

And enjoy BRO-



 सभी मेरी बात ध्यान से सुनो ना ,

मौत का दूसरा नाम है ये  कोरोना ,

३१ मार्च तक सभी अपने घर पर ही रहो ना ,

अपने हाँतो को बार बार साबुन से धोना ,

अगर बहार निकलो तोह मास्क को जरूर पहनना ,

अपना काम घर से ही करोना ,

मूवीज , नेटफ्लिक्स आराम से घर बैठकर एन्जॉय करोना ,

बहार जाना अवॉयड ही करोना ,

दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों से बाद में मिलोना ,

सरकार की बात अच्छे से फॉलो करोना ,

ताकि दूर भाग जाये हमारे देश से कोरोना.

By-Ekta Sehra

Sketch By: Shameela Fatima Mirza

In the hope of unleashing someday

When a ray of light fell down my head

And a small jerk had me woke up

Unsteady and unbalanced,

Body shivering, and trying getting up

Could feel nothing, it was really nothing


Adjusting to stand on my own

Repeatedly shivering, falling down

Bouncing back again

Losing control all the way round

Was worthless, it was really worthless


Forcing and going back and forth

As if were to stand back again

Searching for similar hope through a ray of light

Holding mix of emotions down the heart

Felt numbness, it was really numbness

No guts to see it again

Not even to go back on my dream

How could you bear that?

If by chance, you’d been in that?

Not able to control, it was really uncontrolled.

Almost an entire day of 24hrs

As if you had been caged

Like a parrot who had nothing except

Having a glance around, trying to get out

Nonetheless it was emptiness, it was really emptiness.

Written by:  Susmita Aryal, Nepal

Sketch By: Priyanka Gogoi 


It’s 1.30 am,

 Outside my house, I can hear the chirping of the birds; something that I have never heard before. When we were younger, we often heard the term pin-drop silence, which was demanded by our teachers but most of the time we clamored like we were in a fish market. Today, while tossing in bed, I analyze what exactly pin-drop silence feels like. As people sit caged inside their houses, the human clamor has gone considerably down and nature is doing the talking.

In Noida, my friend could see stars in the sky, something that some days back wasn’t even imaginable because of the haze and smog enveloping the sky.

In Italy’s coastline, dolphins have reappeared as the otherwise crowded line with ferries came to a halt. In Venice, the world-famous water canals have become clearer than what they have been in nearly 60 years, with fishes becoming visible in the water and swans have returned. NASA shared images where there was a comparison shown in the dramatic reduction in the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions in China and Italy in the past few months. Researchers at Columbia University said that traffic levels in New York were estimated to be down by 35% and their research also suggested that there was a drop in carbon dioxide and methane levels all over New York.

Just pause to think, if the corona is so harmful and devastating for human life, aren’t humans harmful to this Earth?

 As humans lock themselves inside their homes to take a breather from the scare of the deadly virus, the Earth is also breathing a sigh of relief. What we are observing right now in the environment is something that we would never have witnessed; because like the virus, mankind likes to simply march forward trampling the environment in our stride.

 Are we much different to this virus; this virus is the size of a micron, and is destroying human lives by thousands; we humans are like a speck on this earth and we are destroying nature from centuries.

As the world gears itself in the fight against the coronavirus, Mother Nature is slowly healing itself from the years of exploitation and ravage we humans have subjected her to. Once this virus stops wreaking its havoc on human lives, can we, for a second pause and think about how we can stop the depredation on our environment.

By: Mobani Biswas, Uttar Pradesh

Sketch By: Palak Jain

Sketch By:M. Balavinisha 

Sketch By: Kamran Shafiq


I have always adored the ways in which the anatomies of various species are thought to be modified to best suit survival. Entire human race has forgotten the concept of coexistence and has started feeling superiority over other beings. We have recklessly destroyed the balance of nature around us creating various problems that questions the survival of our race ranging from natural disasters to disease spreads.

One among such challenge is the recent spread of pandemic covid19 claiming many lives of people all around the globe. This disease of current trend has proved that  “Out of all diseases, the most serious disease is Ignorance”!

In such a crisis, the only thing that our country demands from us is Self- isolation or Socialdistancing. But we the proud citizens of India are failing to fulfil even that tiniest part of such a duty. In spite, of constant efforts from the Government of India, We seem to be too ignorant about our own existence. Evidences of people hiding their travel history to affected countries, escapes from quarantine, avoiding social distancing by conducing marriages, and parties has brought shame to the entire nation. Even a one day Janata curfew could not shake our determined ignorance, after 5 PM. It has proved that we care less for both ourselves as well as our own loved ones.


When the entire health care system of India is busy treating the diseased not bothering about the possible threats to their own lives, we are only bothered about our own stock of personal protective wear. Masks are piled up for those who have no duty to perform other than sitting in home idly watching a meaningless show, while on the other hand each minute a heath care worker who is trying to help a diseased is being exposed to covid19. We enjoy throwing them out of their rented houses calling them dirty, not realising their sacrifices for our survival.

When the entire nation is asked to stay home stay safe, the police departments of various statesare tirelessly  tackling with all the covidiots with utmost patience. But yet we don’t seem to care. All they need is Empathy not our Sympathy!


We are very much keen in blaming the government  and enjoy finding faults in all of its crucial decisions.We debate over the economic crisis that could possibly arise due to a lockdown but we fail to realise that “one could earn money and support his family today, only if he is alive tomorrow. We question the decision of the government to bring our people from various affected countries but end up finding no problem if our loved one is one among them. Have we ever bothered to appreciate some sincere efforts from the government?


When western countries have started embracing our culture, traditions and food habits to stay safe, we still hesitate to follow our own form of living. Starting from a greeting gesture to the treatment of disease like pox, we have always followed the concept of social distancing.Then why hesitate now?


We have  given other nations a chance to question our survival because of our poor hygiene and denser population. But we don’t seem to worry about it! Have we  even realized that we owe  a big time to the country that has made us the proud owners of an identity-The Indians??



By: Anusha S, Theni,Tamilnadu
Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, 7 Years, Mumbai
Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, 7 Years, Mumbai
Sketch By: Khushi Joshi

A article on Corona Virus by Ayesha Shaikh, Pakistan

To read please click on the link 

“Pause and reflect”

It all began last November; in complete ignorance, the entire world have been functioning at their speedy pace non-chantingly with a complete faith that world is safe and we will remain healthy and haughty; in midst of all this something ugly was getting cooked in china, albeit practically everything gets cooked in China, from maggots collected from dead bodies to alive octopus everything. The news dropped in ears that chines were getting sicker and dyeing with virus called Corona. I also heard the Chinese government was cremating dead bodies and Hindu religion concept of cremation was the best way to deliver a dead body. Still we were going offices, attending yearly sports events and celebrating women’s day. Things got worst and messages started circulating in what’s-up like wildfire about people getting infected and dying in countries like Italy and then Spain and slowly to other European countries as well.  There were talks of work from home, I being a chemist never thought such thing can be possible how company can bear the loss of paying employees while they are not working, we can’t conduct experiments sitting at home. When Swine flu occurred I had started working but things never got this bad.

One fine day I got up and my body was not prepared for regular schedule of getting up, doing my morning chores and then going to office, I was dead tired and took off with thought I shouldn’t go with low immunity. Evening I got call from my manager informing me that only 50% employees will be coming to office and I should report on Monday, Tuesday and then on Sunday evening the government announce lockdown. And till date Iam at my home writing hoping the situation change , while there has been so many loses of life and so many got diseased and quarantined worldwide in all this a thought crept in my mind , why this is happening?

Answer to my question – human’s irresponsible behavior; human being gifted with brain and discrimination power has maximum responsibilitytowards life, biggest responsibility is act of compassion towards others. But humans greed for power, prestige and fame has led to barbaric behavior,whereby man could not tolerate man and episodes like World war I and II broke out, millions and millions of people died, the imperialist countries were busy colonizing the less modernized countries, who were unaware of new weapons, they were enslaved and vanity was displaced by countries blinded with newly gained powers, then revolution broke opened and many retaliated to this inhuman behavior and finally attained their freedom after bearing much loss but they did cause pain and agony to powerful people as well.

When I see people locked down at homes, I feel like world war III has started, it’s a revolt a , vengeance which nature has waged against human race being fed up of mass killing of innocent animalsslaughtered mercilessly in slaughter houses every day to combat palate of human tongue. Nature has provided us enough of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, green vegetables, spices, milk etc.. Which are abundant and fill everyone’s belly to full and one lives’ a very healthy life. But we want to taste Meat , kidney, liver, heart, blood and what not; taking the innocent animals for granted they are locked up and packed in uncomfortable cages , these animals are hanged upside down as if they are bunch of cloths then in front of customer they are slaughter mercilessly in various styles , either killing them instantly or half killing them allowing them to die with pain then packing it for the powerful customer who can pay its price to vendor but not to nature who have registered the screams of those dying animals, then it reverts towards human in form Saar’s, Swine flu , Ebola and now Corona.

I saw one of a videoin what’s up, which shows how Chinese police is catching people testing positive for Corona, and scene looked like people being treated like animals, they are caught by hands pulled to their back and their face was covered with a net and then heavy mask was tied to their face and were send in isolation something like acage. It’s high time to Question self as an individual because atindividual levelwe can contribute much, when every individual becomes serious and give up eating meat, we can make a difference! Don’t we see so many sports players even in western world becoming completely vegetarian, if people who need so much energy for playing their sports can become vegetarians why not the ordinary masses. People may say so many will lose employment but today we see people forced not to work and stay back homes no matter how genuine is their profession, rather than having such situations it’s better to give up something which will lead world to darkness. Few losses but for a cause for healthy future and defiantly good alternative professions will rise up. If we want to give a bright future to Next generation this is best gift we can give, Go Complete Veg!

By: Nisha Kanwar

Healing Touch

For the fatal outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the world the present situation is very much critical; physical and mental health is almost collapsed. So, the overall condition is stagnant now. No doubt, it is very sorrowful that many people have died already but it is the light of hope that many are surviving and well-wishers are coming forward with their benevolence. So, in this state, the urgent necessity is our mental strength;  with a new hope, we should be united and revived to save our world, to save our nation. Let’s sing together –          

Song of Aspiration

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Sing for The Fresh day,
Sing for The Bright ray,
Gradually, it will be appearing.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Take the precautions,
Make your creations,
And stay in your safety-ring.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Discard the darkness,
Overcome your sadness,
Again we will get back the spring.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Now,face the truth,
Please wait, Time will give its ruth,
Both evil-good exist in its own swing.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

Let’s come and sing –
We must be ever in our fraternal bonding,
And stop just the self-thinking.

Sing   Sing   Sing –
We are The Human Being.

   By: Prosenjit Mondal

Sketch By: Aadhya Paul, Years Old Mumbai

Indentify Yourself

The recent pandemic in our environment is the Coronavius-19. It is a deadly virus and has taken several lives. Coronavirus can spread from person to person. It can spread via sneezes and coughs. The main precautions taken by people during this period is social distancing which means avoiding socialising at any cost. During this tough time, I have come across a variety of people whose reaction to this virus has been quite insightful.

The first type being, THE GERM FREAKS: This involves, the individuals who are constantly wearing gloves, applying sanitizer every five minutes and are always attached to their phone on the lookout of a new update on the virus. These individuals have reached the level of paranoia and believe that if they come down with covid-19 there is no saving them.

The second individuals are, THE SUPERHEROES: they are the complete opposite to The Germ Freaks. They believe they are Superman’s descendants and nothing will harm them. They attend parties, travel abroad and jut believe that covid-19 will never affect them or their loved ones. According to my observation, these individuals use the technique of ‘deflection’ as they try to deflect the topic of COVID-19 as much as possible by not at all engaging in it.

The third type are, THE TRASH NEWS they are the ones who basically take up the job of the news but in a horrendously poor manner. These people, spread news without double checking it and in a nutshell freak everyone out with their half-processed data. These individuals use the technique of ‘projection’. The people stressing and going thorough major anxiety during any unforeseen event tend to use ‘projection’ as a coping mechanism. Projection is a technique in which an individual tends to project their feelings onto other individuals.

The fourth type are, THE SMART BUDDHAS: these are the people who are aware of the situation right now, are taking precautions and most importantly have not lost their calm as of now. These individuals are the rationalists. They are rationally behaving in the scenario and are not resorting to using a coping mechanism. Right now, most of the world has resorted to social distancing.

The Prime Minister of India, made a national announcement stating that at 5pm, on 22nd March 2020 the citizens of the country must come to their balconies and start clapping and cheering for the doctors and scientists who are working day in and day out to find a cure to this disease. Many citizens did resort to this and during this social distancing period, this cheering and clapping brought smiles to several citizens across the country. In this situation as well, I came across five types of people.

The first type, THE DRUMMERS: These individuals did not give a single damn about the noise they were creating, they got out vessels such as plates and ladles and played it like they were giving a performance at a concert. As a matter of fact, they tried to be in sync with their neighbours and were overall just having a gala time. For the Drummers, the cheering and clapping was more entertainment based than on actually appreciating the doctors and scientists.

The second type were, THE JUDGEMENTAL STRATEGISTS: These individuals were at their balcony judging The Drummers and did not clap a single time. They just constantly stared at everybody with a brooding look on their face as they believed that is was just a government strategy. They looked like the sceptical aunties who judge you when you step out of your house post 10 pm.

The third type, THE NATIONALISTS: Just like how we have The Judgemental Strategists, the same way we have the polar opposite who is The Nationalists who made this entire situation a nationalistic movement by singing the national anthem and singing religious songs.

The fourth type, THE CAREBEARS: These individuals actually care about providing their appreciation to the doctors and clapped like civil individuals and did not overdo it by clapping like a bunch of ignorant seals.

The fifth type, THE CLUELESS EXCITED: This category mostly involved tiny kids and dogs who entered their balcony and were welcomed with a round of claps and got super excited thinking it’s for them. My dog, a two-year-old golden retriever entered the balcony and furiously began wagging his tail as he thought all the claps and cheers were for him. Needless to say, his day was made.

Hence, to conclude with this essay, which individual do you as a reader think you are, the germ freak, the superheroes or the trash news?

By: Sanjana Pillai

Hindi Poem on Corona

चीन से आई एक बीमारी
जिससे सारी दुनिया हारी,
लॉकडाउन के चलते देश मे
छायी है भयंकर लाचारी ।
ना जाने कितने सेनिटाइज हुए
और कितने क़्वारनटाइन हुए,
लगता है देश मे सब
कोरोना के वैलेंटाइन हुए ।
घरों में अगर अब न बैठे
तो देश के तुम सच्चे भक्त नही,
ना माँ का तुमने दूध पीया
पिता का तुममे रक्त नहीं ।
कोरोना को हराना है
और लोगो को जगाना है,
मजबूरों की सहायता हेतु
सबको आगे आना है ।
इटली चीन और अमेरिका
अब भारत की बारी है,
इस बार दिखादो अपना ‘कौशल’
यह भयानक महामारी है।
By: Kuldeep Parmar

 The trouble with today’s framework is “people are not ready to be at home; and there is the only one solution to tackle this pandemic !!!!!

  Please support the government for your better future!

 By – Chanchal Dagur

Sketch By: Aswini Kumar Behera

This is a request that while cleaning your hands for 20sec (minimum time to neutralize Corona Virus) you should keep your water tap closed. 

By: Bhaskar Dutta

Sketches by: S Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha, 11 Years Old

Painting By: S Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha, 11 Years Old

Always wash your hands and sanitize them. Reflection of Dettol and lifebuoy sanitizer in eyes. This shows fear and precautionary measures as well

By: Shilpa Rg

Open Letter to All

Hi guys,

These past few days have been so unprecedented, but our efforts to overcome the situation have been prodigious. We cannot let this contagion take control of us. It can never exceed humanity. Have faith in mother nature, she’ll redress everything. She’s going to heal everything, though we’ve been hurting her by our actions. Just remember after all this is over, we’ve got to ask her for forgiveness and not repeat mistakes we have been doing. We should stop exploiting our nature and resources. But for now just believe, mother is going to kick it because no one messes with her kids.
#stay safe #stay home

Yours truly,
Believer, Jandhyala Manasa


This poster give the message that every nation of the world is together in fighting against Covid 19 virus. Every nation work hard to protect the mankind and it’s our duty to take all the measures strictly.

“You’re not stuck at home,

You’re safe at home.”

Sketch By: Sourav Bhowmick, Bokaro

Sketch By: Debraj Bhaumik, Class-VI

“Beautiful morning”

Being women, I have no time for myself, getting up early morning, starting day with small prayer, then rushing through my chores cleaning house, cooking breakfast and lunch dabba, completing everything in hurry and then driving to office to make sure I punch biometric on time.  Once I reach office I accommodatemyself on my office desk, sipping some hot milk served to me by office boy immediately after I have reached. And the day starts off with laboratory experiments, meeting, assignments etc… Rushing back home, I get my dinner ready, thanks to my mother in law, and then with a prayer I go to bed.

My husband you know the lucky onegoes every morning for frisk jogging, if no lunch dabba he don’t mind eating out, it’s me alone who bother so much about home cooked food. From time of 21 days lock down he’s at home, so he explored his means to be out, his search ended once he figured out our building terrace. One morning he shared his every day site of sun rise which was few steps up on Terrace. He invited me upstairs.

I love mornings, before getting married I use to go to “Mango garden “ located close in vicinity it was beautiful garden , with tall trees, lush green grass and hilly and plateaued region alike, with locals coming for morning walk , meditation etc. forgotten are those days after getting married. I have indulged myself so much in saga of responsibilities that I have time just enough to peep out of my window for few minutes and then kick start my hussh hussh… work.

Today I woke up and rushed up on terrace, it was 6 am. As I reached terrace, my husband still in bed and I alone on terrace my eyes became wide opened in excitement, it was awesome! To my surprise cool breeze was blowing, it was such a beautifulfeeling, at a distance amongst building there was a tall tree boring pink flowers or leaves, I am not clear what it was exactly but it was sopink,in fact baby pink, I slowly whispered to myself a pink tree, it was moving slowly with its pinkish leaves hustling among themselves, three parrots from nowhere just came and sat on it,kee kee.. Kind of voice they made as if they were enjoying day as well, they kept perching and then flying around the tree for long completely oblivion of me observing them. As I moved to other end I witnessed a beautifulmountain, it must be at a distance of 3 km from our building a temple stood there , now in silence, looks like it was locked down , limiting just to its inhabitants there. As I moved further I saw the most beautiful sight of the entire event, a red ring, slowly appearing through the clouds it was sun and clouds having early morning game , it appeared as if it was rising, since it was morning, sun appeared pinkish orange with a haze of bluish red halo around it, it gave orange outline to clouds, sun’srays were cutting through the clouds exactly the way we draw it on chart, sun and the line around it, the lines indicating as if they are ray’s; I never imagined that the drawing I saw in childhood was actually depicting the truth. I stood there breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful sight provided absolutely free by nature. I did my morning prayers on terrace, thanking God for his beautiful gifts, praying for forgiveness for our carefree behavior towards nature, I aspired for world free of covid 19 or any kind of danger, which was possible only if humans become more aware of their responsibilities.

By: Nisha Kanwar


Sketch by: Puja Rustum Daund

Essay On Corona

Globalisation was meant to be the ultimate key for economic prosperity and global unity but unfortunately its looks more like a mesmerizing fairy tale rather a realistic idea. It’s astronomically visible enough that countries are taking things into their own hands without implementing a well-coordinated regional or global action. This Covid-19, had been going around like an acid test for the whole world, 195 countries, 7.7 billion earthlings and quintillions of organisations. Let’s be clear that the world was never prepared for a pandemic or whatever planet-wide crisis. Poverty, climate dystopian, inequality, or to be modern, technological regulation are still being unsolved despite how deafening the alarm is. Hopefully, post-Covid 19 the world will learn its mistake and do whatever it takes to ensure our planet is safer, sustainable and prepared. Thus, let’s discuss some critical measures that need to be in place at all costs to win the invisible war against all type of communicable diseases. A communicable disease is defined as an infectious disease transmissible by direct contact, water-borne, air-borne or through indirect means (as by a vector). 

First thing first, a clear, consistent and strong message from the government or world bodies is always paramount. Don’t panic and endanger your own citizen by circulating unclear or unproven messages. To illustrate, if our body’s command system sent inaccurate impulses to its receptor then things could go really life-threatening and awry. Terrifyingly, the world of Internet is packed like a factory of ideologies masked with misinformation that needs to immediately regulated and eliminated before costing a person’s lives. Sadly, the human civilisation needs to admit the toxicity of our social media and authorities must monitor round the clock to ensure only accurate and correct information are being posted. Our Ministry of Health (MOH) truly deserves credit for its effectiveness and seriousness in dealing with this pandemic comparative with other modern counties namely, US, UK and Israel. From the beginning they asked fellow Malaysians to practice social distancing, wear protective equipment, washing hands, disinfecting hot zones, covering coughs and stay at home. It has been like a motto that have ingrained into its people of all ages and background. The implementation of Movement Control Order (MCO) was also timely and urgent to flatten the curve. Who knows millions of disease transmission and mortality rates can be mitigated through this easy step. 

Furthermore, focusing on controlling the factors of the spread of communicable diseases is pivotal to break the chain of infection. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), these are categorized into four types which are infective agent, source of infection, mode of transmission and host susceptible. Incentives to encourage the masses to stay at home must also be multiplied as keeping people at home could is a must to reduce the chances of infection drastically. 

All countries from this moment must try to attain Sustainable Development Goal 3 which demands universal health coverage (UHC), so that the healthcare infrastructures are not overstretched and always sufficient. Systematic assessment, streamlined updating, standardization and notification tools promotes public health and improve the quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease. 

Not to mention, pandemics recognize no national borders or races and are a common enemy of humankind, thus by making a collective response we can defeat the spread of communicable disease. ASEAN, NATO, EU, G7, G20 and many others must act swiftly by sharing experience on COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment without reservation, accelerate cooperation in scientific research, improve global health governance and providing as much support and assistance as it can for countries in need. The health departments and medical experts of neighbouring nations must also maintain communication over the global pandemic situation and strengthen multilateral anti-epidemic cooperation. 

Last but not least, we should always exploit the power of technology in combatting disease. Technological giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Alibaba and others must join the race to offer smart tech-based solutions like fast diagnostic kits, real-time tracking and apps development. Inevitably, telemedicine and teleconference had become an invincible communication tool to constantly inform thousands of individuals and stop panic and runs on health centres and hospitals. In countries with a less robust health care infrastructure, smartphones are often critical for gathering information about emerging infectious disease and formulating action. 

To sum up, no more lives should loss due to structural unpreparedness, inaction and lateness. Those aforementioned measures must be implemented without any delays. Regardless of the choice selected by governments, it is up to us to do our parts to attenuate the danger to ourselves, our families, and our community.

Now go wash your hands and obey the Movement Control Order. 



Sketch By: Hrishita Patnaik




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