Fight Corona, Not People


‘United we stand, divided we fall’

This adage is something we have constantly heard since our childhood days. We didn’t even know that while we were welcoming the New Year 2020, this year was going to make us implement this maxim like never before. A virus, invisible to the naked eyes, of the size of a micron, has brought the world to a grinding halt. Economies are tumbling, lives are getting lost, new policies and strategies are being brainstormed.

Now is the time when humans should take a united stand, although not by locking hands in hands, as we have to follow the social distancing norms!

By becoming united actually implies being united in thoughts and actions. All across the globe, we have just one enemy to fight─ Corona. Various issues of different countries have taken a back seat, even the global topic of terrorism hasn’t been discussed for a while, Why? Because the human form of terrorism is nothing compared to the terror this virus has unleashed.

Corona hasn’t adhered to borders and boundaries; neither has it been any lenient on people of any particular religion. We all are in this mess together and only by staying together can we get out of it.

This is not the time to hold on to grudges and animosity, nothing is greater than the gift of life and here millions of lives are at stake. Blaming a country or pointing fingers and marking out people following a particular religion won’t help the cause. This storm has ravaged the whole world and only by putting up a united front can we weather the storm.

This pandemic has brought up so many issues worth highlighting and people should sit back and analyze, are we different from the other humans? Sure we have different interests, different aspirations, different thought processes, we even follow different religions but internally we all are the same; the blood in our veins is red in colour, we breathe the same air and have the same set of organs. The supreme power that created this universe and created us, made us all the same. Then why cannot we put our differences aside?

Conflicts at times like these would only make our opponent stronger. We just have to realize who our opponent is─ the people or Corona. 

Health care workers, policemen, sanitization workers, everyone is working hard to secure the lives of the masses. They also have homes, they could easily have laid back and let others do the work but they chose duty over relaxation, they are prioritizing their duty every day. They are helping people without even knowing their names, why, because they know and recognize their enemies are not the people by the virus. It was heart-wrenching to hear the news of attacks on the health care workers; how can people hurt them who are risking their lives to save us?

The news that we see every day reaffirms the belief that our only way forward is to be united in this crisis. It’s easier to break the chain at the weak link and we cannot afford to become that weak link because we’ll not only be endangering ourselves but even our loved ones.

The debates as to who is responsible, the criticism, the liabilities, the grudges, all of this can wait. Human beings have a great gift of prioritizing things and the pandemic and its control is the priority of the entire world right now. We should learn to recognize our enemies. Humans can become friends even if they were foes but this virus is a friend of no one.

It’s high time we realize that we are all in this together and it’s not the time to fight people, our fight should be against corona because we cannot afford to lose this fight at any cost.

Complaining about others won’t help the cause,
You’ll need to bring the negativities to a pause.
Make your heart the place where tenderness resides,
Do your part in standing united, so that the world survives.

Author: Mobani Biswas


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